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Harford Community College offered me a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow personally as well as academically by providing an engaging and safe environment full of people who share the common interest of learning from others and furthering their academic and professional careers.

As a small, 2-year institution, HCC gives students more opportunities personal interactions with each other and teachers, while encouraging more participation and discussions.

I also need to make a point to praise the instructors at HCC--almost all of whom (I've taken classes with) lent a great helping hand to my academic success and personal growth.

Without HCC, acting as the stepping stone to attending a four-year institution, I would not be the student and human I am today. As an HCC student, I have faced challenges, won victories, and made relationships that have shaped me into the compassionate, motivated and resourceful intellectual that I am today. I am proud of myself and HCC for that.
Harford Community College provided a managable transition from high school to college. I learned a lot here and met many wonderful professors along the way. In fact, I wish I would have utilized my time here participating in more of the events. The library is a wonderful place to study.

The only improvement would be better parking of course!
Students always feel welcome. Instructors are friendly and nice to talk to. They help to make students succeed. They have the best programs and it cost less to attend the school. Overall, Its a very good school.
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Harford Community College is a two year accredited institution. Academically speaking, the professors are amazing at what they do. They are extremely dedicated to helping students out during office hours and through email. The course content itself is appropriate and the expectations are reasonable. As well the campus has a learning center with tutors to help students with any class. The best part is the learning center is free to use for enrolled students, its paid for through your tuition. The librarians are also very helpful with reviewing any paper you have written and help you find credible sources. The campus is rather small since it is a community college, which makes it rather easy to navigate. There are numerous clubs on campus for a diversity of students on campus. Financially, the college is very cost efficient for Harford county residents. The only thing I would recommend is that the college put in more study room in the library.
The professors have helped me find my passion, and helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my career path!
Harford Community College is a great college. The staff are all friendly, and there is a lot to do on campus. The professors are mostly great and put information in a way that is easy to digest. The other students are often interested in college and make great study buddies, but not always. The library is great for studying too.
Due to my difficult course load full of all math classes I didn't have much time to experience the other aspects of college life. However, I do know they had a lot of activities open for all students to join.
I had an amazing experience at Harford Community. The people there are really nice and the experience was just really fun honestly. I was never one to make friends at college, but I actually really did enjoy talking to people in class and learning from very enjoyable, fun, easy going teachers. It was a great run, and I wouldn't hesitate to take classes at Harford in the future.
I liked how understanding and patient my instructors were. I also liked how much financial aid the college has to offer students in need.
Harford is a very good community college. It is very welcoming and very easy to navigate. The professors are all very good at what they do. I enjoy coming to class and learning. It is a nice school to help a student adapt to the college workload without the distractions that a 4 year university brings.
It is a small school, which iss good for me and other people that are imilar to me. If I could change something about HCC, it would be that they should make their activites and all more noticable to the students.
This campus is beautiful and the people are so amazing!!! I loving coming to learn and grow with my peers!
I am a current freshman and have had a great experience. I am a full time students and all of my professors have been very helpful with my transition to college from high school.
I am a freshmen at Harford Community College and I have to say that my semester here so far is going great. It's a nice college with small classroom size and different majors to apply. In HCC there is 35 clubs and so many student activities events where you can participate and get involve with the schools. The schools has an app where you are updated on the school's event, what university is visiting, games, clubs and etc.
HCC is a great and affordable way to start your college career. The classes are flexible and the instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. Most of all, it's very affordable and prepares you for transferring to a 4 year university.
It is a great place that allow me learn at my own pace. The lecturers are great and take you along with them every step of the way.
I attended here while I was in between four year colleges. It was nice because of the price, and I didn't have to commit a large amount of money to exploring different majors that could interest me.
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Its a typical above average community college. There is not really anything too outstanding about it but the resources are very good. Then have modern, well-functioning computers and labs. The professors are helpful but could be better.
I am a single mother of 2 and currently expecting my third. Harford Community College makes it really easy to work around my availability. Be it all online classes, hybrid classes or night classes. Attending HCC gives me the knowledge and security that I will be able to provide for my family with the education I receive from this college.
Wonderful place to learn! Great instructors. Everyone is very helpful. The only concern is rude administration at registration desk.
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