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Beautiful campus, small classes, friendly professors who want you to see you succeed, great community on campus. However, the community that surrounds the campus is a poor, small town with some things to do, but not much as a big and busy city. The cafeteria is certainly not the best if you are used to really good meals at home, but it's still food.
I loved my time at Harding! The relationships formed with professors have been a huge blessing in my graduate and professional career, as well as in my personal life. Academically, I was well prepared for grad school. The friendships formed last a lifetime!
People come here for the Harding experience! It is truly life changing! I wish that it was more available for others.
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I have absolutely loved my time here! I did not like the "Advance" Program which is for those who didn't make a 21 on the ACT are FORCED to be a part of. They baby you and they say the classes count toward your degree. THEY DON'T. You have to take several hours to graduate in 4 years. But aside from that your professors truly care about you. If you show them you care and they will bend over backwards to help you pass. They are also willing to make friends with you. My favorite mentors are my professors. I also have a diverse group of friends. I also participated in a club my 1st 4 years and I met some of my best friends in there. Great way to meet a lot of people. Connect with a local church too to build connections with others. I also met some people I would have never gotten to know if I wasn't involved in a church. Harding is what you make it.
Literally the greatest place on earth...there are students from all 50 states and over 30 countries. The only thing I rated "terrible" about HU is the party scene, because you're encouraged by like-minded people to focus on the ultimate goal of getting an education and furthering God's Kingdom whereas the "party scene" distracts from that goal. But if you really wanted to party, you can find it anywhere.
Great for people who are Church of Christ. Daily chapel and bible classes. Even for people who are not Christians or not Church of Christ, it's still a great school for academics, sports, and community.
Harding is a great school and very well respected in the community. People actually say a diploma from Harding can get you a job anywhere. It's an expensive private christian school, though and an overbearing amount of rules that even extend to the surrounding towns. If you are looking for a Uber conservative, christian favoring education, and you have enough money, or qualify for scholarships/grants/etc., this is a great choice. If you want independent living and to expand and explore your way of thinking while learning unbiased information, this would be a difficult place to thrive.
Harding University has been a great experience so far. I love the classes I have been able to take. I enjoy being on the beautiful campus and getting together with friends. Harding also provides a fun environment for a christian inspired lifestyle.
The way they push you to become something more than you could ever expect from yourself. They want to see you succeed in life they want you to graduate from here and make a name for yourself which I think is awesome. The professors here are so nice and they are willing to help you with anything, they take their time out of there day just to help you or just to be there for you just in case you need someone to talk to which is also the best thing about Harding University.
The policies regarding not allowing other Christian denominations to work specific jobs. I also want to see some radical bible professors out. No need for them to stir up trouble and bad feelings.
It's pretty good. Lots of Christian encouragement and stuff, but some of the rules are pretty dumb. It's certainly not for everyone, and the food is mediocre at best.
I'm still currently at Harding University. I loved it from the moment I went to Bison Days. When I found my friend group, that was when it got even better. I love my social club, and I love the campus. There are things that can be improved, like parking. The parking at Harding is the worst.
I have been at Harding for one semester and I already feel at home here. Everyone from students to staff are all polite, friendly and will go out of their way to help you in anyway your need it. I feel very safe here and do not worry about security.
Harding university is a great school that creates a good atmosphere for learning. The teachers here are professionals in their field of interest and most of them have an open door policy. Class sizes are small which makes for a great learnimg environment. The city is fairly small and there is not much to do here, but it does help you focus on what is important (education).
At Harding everyone is one big family that helps one another. The professors love to help students and are easily understood because they do not have any foreign accents.
I spent 2 week during the summer at HU for the summer Institute. I had a fantastic time, learned a great deal and got college credit.
I am a high school senior right now, but i have been connected to Harding since before i could walk. To me, Harding feels like home and i love it! The area is absolutely gorgeous! It gives you a wonderful college experience and as they say, "It's Great To Be At Harding!!"
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Harding has a college environment that is like no other. When people say "It's Great to be at Harding," there is no lie when it comes to that!
I loved the challenging academic environment and how much the professors and support staff care about each student. The education received while attending Harding University is of the highest quality.
Harding University is a very studious and friendly school. The campus itself is absolutely breath-taking. The only complaint I would have is how much the school actually cost but its a private school so that is expected.