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I absolutely love Harding. Harding's president, Bruce Mclarty is the greatest man you will ever meet and is always talking to students when he is walking across campus. Harding has been so wonderful and I would not trade my time here with the world.
Harding is a beautiful community of mission-minded people with a dedication to their spirituality and education. When people say "It's great to be at Harding!"..they mean it.
The people of Harding university are over all some of the nicest and most genuine people i have ever met in my life. I started off at a state school and transferring was the best decision i ever made.
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I like the Christian atmosphere, with a family-oriented community. The student body is unified and welcoming. The campus is beautiful, and you are able to form deep connections with the people you are surrounded by.
Harding University is a small, private-Christian university. It's home to students the come from inside and outside of the bible belt. If you want college experience full go structure the it is a go to college.
Harding University is a great place for higher level education! The community is fantastic and the campus is stellar; especially for a smaller university. With being a smaller school we have smaller size classes which results in a more personalized experiences with each of your professors. Searcy is a small town; however, it is growing tremendously and there are many things to do that are fun with friends!
Harding itself is a wonderful school full of activities to help one grow mentally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. However, I must warn you that the town itself is small compared to other universities. You need to go to Little Rock an hour away for serious shopping. Harding is a Christian university and while you do not need to be Christian to attend you must abide by rules such as curfews and the prohibition of alcohol. It's in a dry county anyway. I personally loved these rules because they encouraged a focus on learning and pushed us to be creative in our social endeavors.
I've had a generally great experience here at Harding! The small-town environment was perfect for me to get my feet wet in the real world and it helped my grow socially, personally, and spiritually. I would highly recommend Harding to anyone looking for a great education and a great campus.
I love being at Harding. Social clubs do an okay job at replacing greek life. The people here are really great. I wish it was easier to live off campus.
My experience at Harding University has been a good one with many more memories to come. The campus atmosphere is a great one with everyone smiling to others as you by, lots of activities to attend, and helpful teachers assisting you along the way. The academics are challenging and equip you for life. The campus is really safe and the dorms make sure of that. The local area is a small town so you can help out in the community. While the campus food could be better in the caf, the stu options are good. I am on the soccer team and it has become my family.
It's a great place. Loving wonderful people that care. Teachers and coaches that care and want to be in your life, and help you succeed in life. Beautiful campus
Harding University in my opinion one of the most prestigious christian universities in the country. I have had many friends attend the school along with many older mentors. They all praise Harding's great staff, their amazing student inclusion, and their christian focuses. I've seen all of them become better students, teachers, and leaders after they've left Harding University. It's God centered surroundings create a caring and helpful environment for any upcoming freshman who is thinking of applying.
I am still attending Harding University and coming here was one of the best decisions of my life. I love the Christian atmosphere and all the people I get to interact with. I meet people from all over the world, I even had the opportunity to travel the world through Harding. It's a great place with amazing people and faculty who really care about you.
Harding is a great place to spend your college years. The president, professors, staff, and students create an atmosphere that is so welcoming to all who step onto the campus. Even though there are obviously groups of different people who naturally draw together, as you will see anywhere you go, the student body sticks together through school-wide sorrows and celebrations. Since it is a Christian school, most professors try to incorporate the faith into their lectures. Not only does this give a different insight to the subject matter, but it also helps the professors seem more approachable. There are many opportunities to get involved in something around campus: band, sports, clubs, devos, etc. Harding offers multiple ways to meet people and grow in yourself.
Harding University is a spiritually uplifting community that grows together and stands firm in faith.
Harding University is a wonderful school for students want to deepen their faith, as well as apply themselves to the community and world.
Although I have only been at Harding University for one semester, I cannot imagine attending a better school! The community is amazing, and the teachers genuinely care about their students. I am confident that I am getting a great education that will prepare me for the next level of my studies. Most importantly, Harding provides the unique experience of learning academically while also growing in your faith. Through bible classes, chapel, and the amazing students who attend this school, my relationship with The Lord is growing everyday. Harding has a lovely campus and is beautiful on the outside but what makes it the best is the students and teachers on the inside!
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It is the best school. The teachers work with you and want to help. Everyone is friendly. The classes are hard but that only prepares you for the future.
Harding is the perfect place to establish your independence while receiving a top-notch education. The campus is safe, students are friendly, and the faculty are incredible--many teachers will even give you their home address and cell phone number. At Harding, everyone is family.
I absolutely love the faculty of my department. They are some of the most intelligent, loving, and accepting people I have met on this campus. Unfortunately, those great qualities often put them in a countercultural space when compared to the majority of Harding's student body.

I would like to see more transparency regarding the reasoning behind many of Harding's rules and regulations, as well as increased diversity and increased sensitivity to the unique issues faced by minority students at such an overwhelmingly white, southern school.
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