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Students will be treated differently if they are not church of Christ and LGBTQ+ students will be bullied for sure. Spoken from experience. A lot of entitled people in clubs are rude and prejudiced. They will hurt you.
I could not imagine spending my college career anywhere other than Harding. The students and faculty truly do form a amazing community full of love. The teachers really care, not just how you do in class, but beyond the classroom. Social clubs are a great way to get plugged in and find some people who you’ll be friends with for the rest of your life.
Harding has a great atmosphere that draws you in and makes you want to be a part of the great things taking place there.
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I loved my time at Harding, however there were some problems I had with policies due to its religious nature, as well as its lack of diversity.
Harding is a frat school. I like the intimate setting for face to face format. Online the professors are excellent with responses.
Harding is a great school with many fantastic professors in all departments. The campus is beautiful and the people on campus, both students and faculty are kind, helpful, and friendly, even if you don't know them well. Our sports programs are usually in the top of our division every year, and our other competing teams for things such as debate and engineering have won many awards in their own respects. I think Harding is a great place for anyone no matter their field of study or background to come and study in a community like no other.
I like the christian environment, which affects student life and the classroom. Most other students are kind, and teachers are always understanding and willing to help. The one thing I would change is parking space and the quality of most male dormitories.
I love Harding so much! I am so blessed to be able to go to this wonderful institution. I have made so many friends during my time here and now that it is Summer I miss them so much.
Beautiful campus and nice people! Professors are wonderful! Athletic program is amazing!! Chapel is one of my favorite things to go to every day because I get to connect with god and become closer with him!!
It has been great so far. I was expecting it to suck cause of all the rules but it has been wonderful.
Harding is a fantastic place to be. All professors are respectful and genuinely care about not just how well you are doing in the class but you're well being. The other students and staff are also highly respectful.
Their "break one rule and you're out" policy is in direct conflict with the mercy and compassion Jesus taught.
I would rather see HU offer help before kicking someone out. Go to the rule violator and say, "This violates our rules and we can't accept this happening again. However, we also know that humans make mistakes and we want to help in any way that we can. What can we do to help you make sure this doesn't happen again?" In this way, you hold the student accountable, but you also demonstrate mercy and compassion.
The adulterous woman in John 8 was about to be stoned because she had "broken a rule." Jesus COULD have said, "I forgive you but there are still consequences" or "If I show you mercy, I have to show everyone mercy. So, what’s the point of having laws?"
HU administration needs a more compassionate and merciful side. In the real world, people struggle, Christians make mistakes and Harding sets a terrible example when it comes to how we respond to those who make mistakes.
Great Christian environment. Very strict on program rules. Instructors are very approachable and most will work with you if you have an issue.
Harding University offers great academic programs. The professors truly care about their students' well being and want to see them succeed. There are always things going on at campus that provide great ways to meet new people and find some really good friends. The opportunities are really diverse, everyone has the ability to find a place for them.
I loved it when I visited the college. I have not actually attended it for a degree because I am in high school but the tour was very enjoyable and it is a beautiful campus. The university has the major I want to get and I know a bunch of people who go there. It just seems perfect!
Beautiful campus, small classes, friendly professors who want you to see you succeed, great community on campus. However, the community that surrounds the campus is a poor, small town with some things to do, but not much as a big and busy city. The cafeteria is certainly not the best if you are used to really good meals at home, but it's still food.
I loved my time at Harding! The relationships formed with professors have been a huge blessing in my graduate and professional career, as well as in my personal life. Academically, I was well prepared for grad school. The friendships formed last a lifetime!
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People come here for the Harding experience! It is truly life changing! I wish that it was more available for others.
I have absolutely loved my time here! I did not like the "Advance" Program which is for those who didn't make a 21 on the ACT are FORCED to be a part of. They baby you and they say the classes count toward your degree. THEY DON'T. You have to take several hours to graduate in 4 years. But aside from that your professors truly care about you. If you show them you care and they will bend over backwards to help you pass. They are also willing to make friends with you. My favorite mentors are my professors. I also have a diverse group of friends. I also participated in a club my 1st 4 years and I met some of my best friends in there. Great way to meet a lot of people. Connect with a local church too to build connections with others. I also met some people I would have never gotten to know if I wasn't involved in a church. Harding is what you make it.
Literally the greatest place on earth...there are students from all 50 states and over 30 countries. The only thing I rated "terrible" about HU is the party scene, because you're encouraged by like-minded people to focus on the ultimate goal of getting an education and furthering God's Kingdom whereas the "party scene" distracts from that goal. But if you really wanted to party, you can find it anywhere.