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Great school, great staff. Would highly suggest looking into here. I'm using them as a graduate student and they were actually personable and responded quickly to any questions. The support and help is wonderful. If you're looking at graduate level or undergrad classes, give them a look.
In my opinion, I really enjoy the college environment at Hardin-Simmons University, the nature and people are very welcoming to others and the community. I am now a senior in High School, so far I've only toured the college site which was an experience that was so great and memorable where I couldn't forget.
The Financial Aid office has really been there for me and helped me in every way possible. The school having a 12/1 student/teacher ratio is really great, all my Professor’s know who we all are. There is weekly tutoring available if needed at no extra cost, which is very helpful! The food options are really great in my opinion. The Freshman year FYSM class is perfect for new college students; you get to know other students, the school, they give you pointers on the library and other important lessons you can only learn on campus. The different student committees and groups always have things going on around campus. So you can be active or just hang out and get to know others. **We have our own bowling alley!**
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Hardin Simmons University is a wonderful school. It has such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone there is so sweet and makes you feel like family.
Hardin Simmons is a very free campus. There are so many comfortable areas to spend time in. The only issue is that there should be more diversity on the campus.
People on campus are very friendly & there is always something great to be apart of! This university not only carries out the trait of loving an Almighty God, but carries out the true meaning of hard work as well. You'll love the people, you'll love the atmosphere & most importantly you'll love the journey.
I honestly love Hardin-Simmons University. One of the best choices I made was coming to this school. I am going on my third year at HSU, and I have noticed a few things that made me give HSU four stars instead of 5. One of the things that I believe could be improved is how the school sees the LGBTQ community. The school's discrimination against the LGBTQ wasn't something I noticed immediately. It was something I saw in classes and during lecture. Whether a student was being singled out or it came up in lecture, the professors were not open minded and pushed a negativity about the LGBTQ community openly. I am not apart of the LGBTQ community, but I do believe they deserve to be treated equally. That is the only change I would make to this wonderful school.
Hardin-Simmons University is like Disneyland to me! I have had so much fun this first year and i’m excited to see what else is in store!
Hardin-Simmons is a wonderful place to go to college. The professors are great and try to get to know each of their students.
My visit to Hardin-Simmons was simply amazing. The faculty and students were extremely welcoming. They definitely treat you with kindness and respect and want to see you thrive.
What I like about Hardin-Simmons is the sense of community and friendless that everyone genuinely shows. I am a transfer student who got the opportunity to go to campus and see how everything works, and so far the transition for me doesn't seem as intimidating than I thought it would be. All in all, Hardin-Simmons is a great university with great people and I would recommend anyone considering on applying to go ahead and do it!
Very thrilling, colorful, and full of energy. Hardin-Simmons is a place where one wishes to find themselves both socially and spiritually. The christian university offers a vast amount of opportunities and activities to explore. Hardin-Simmons is a recommendation for those who pursue their careers not too far from home and to whatever they desire.
Great faith based university, has a small college feel that makes the experience feel family-like. Plenty of events to attend and students feel safe to practice christian faith with chapel, bible study, and faith allowed in classroom environments. Many work study opportunities for students, and a great school for all military and dependents.
I attended HSU from 2013-17 & I loved being an HSU student!

The class sizes are small so I got to know my peers and professors well. I felt like I could ask questions/reach out for help if needed. I told people that I cared for & known as a student.

At HSU, I felt like I received opportunities that I wouldn’t have at other universities. The student life, athletics, & campus community are great. As a student, I was in several organizations while keeping a job & my studies. Our campus organizations always had events for students to attend. Organizations would hold events that met the needs of every type of student on campus. HSU athletics is awesome! Students & faculty are supportive of our athletes!

Abilene is a fun city! Abilene has food trucks, bakeries, coffee shops, local restaurants, theaters, dance halls, & more! The community is student friendly & provides free food, discounts, & job opportunities for college students!

I wouldn’t trade my experience at HSU for the world.
I came here during my 3 Years in Highschool for Early Medical Classes. It was a nice environment. Teachers will help you go through the toughest of times... finals!! Very sportive community and all around excellent school.
What I liked about Hardin Simmons was the family like atmosphere on the campus. I toured the campus about four times and every time I was there the students and faculty were very nice to me and my family. I wouldn't change anything about Hardin Simmons.
As a 2017 graduate of HSU, I can't say anything but the best about the school, teachers, and campus life. I transferred to HSU after being at a junior college for two years. My first few weeks of being in Abilene and being around school, I felt very welcomed by peers and staff. Professors truly want you to succeed and do good in class; all while they are creating personal relationships with you. Sports are a very close-knit group at the school. Everyone wants everyone else to do good and succeed. Although I did live off campus in my two years, I enjoyed being apart of campus life through refereeing/umpiring intramurals and other social events. Within 9 Months after graduation, I have found a career in the field I studied and, it was all because of specific connections I made through Hardin-Simmons.
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I've been to Hardin-Simmons University only 2 times and I loved it both times. The people there are very nice, very warm welcoming and I would love to go to that school and play basketball. I didn't get a chance to eat the food but I know if you are hungry you will eat it. I believe that everyone should go there and it would be a great area.
Hardin-Simmons is fun, safe place to attend. The Student/teacher ratio is low and the school spirit is great. You have so many different opertunites to serve your community also.
My education has been enlightened by faith. The professors have challenged my faith in a positive way. They have provided me different lenses to read the Bible with. For student life, it is amazing. They have late pancake study breaks, Christmas parties, and have puppies on campus during finals week. They are genius in how they interact with students by providing them plenty of events to go to and meet new people.