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My education has been enlightened by faith. The professors have challenged my faith in a positive way. They have provided me different lenses to read the Bible with. For student life, it is amazing. They have late pancake study breaks, Christmas parties, and have puppies on campus during finals week. They are genius in how they interact with students by providing them plenty of events to go to and meet new people.
It is a wonderful place to be, and has a very put together campus and society involving students and professors. I suggest everyone give Hardin Simmons a chance, because it will change their life just like it did mine.
I love HSU. The largest class I've had is about 30 students. The professors know you on an individual basis and go out of their way to help you succeed. I've even been in classes where the professor invited the class to dinner at their own home. It's a small campus, yet it still has the amenities and standing of a much larger school. It's situated in a convenient area and Abilene is an easy town to learn to navigate.
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HSU is a small knit school where everyone holds the door for you and and says hi to you on the way to class. Professors want you to excel in their class and will do anything in their power to help you understand the material being thought. Everyone is very proud to wear the school colors and say that they go to/or play for HSU.
It is a very small university. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows their business. The same 10 students are in charge of every club, organization, and group, so if you're not in the clique you won't get any leadership positions. The school is great if you want to be a teacher or physical therapist, but not if you want to be a doctor, dentist, etc. The science department is very small with the same teacher teaching 6 different classes.
HSU has wonderful professors and is a great place to pursue a degree, especially in the sciences. It is located in a small, quiet town with not a lot going on but serves as a great place to study. Lots of positive changes are going on in the university that I believe will further propel it to greater heights.
What I have liked about Hardin-Simmons University is the fact that the staff is willing to help students through any issues they may come upon. Rather it is helping you find scholarships, learning to adjust, or simply finding a way to make you feel comfortable in your new home they are willing to find solutions. The school, also, invest with its students. Any money that comes into the school always goes back into bettering the school to meet the needs of the students, staff, and faculty. I admire the idea of chapel, as well. Every Tuesday the school offers chapel from 9:30-10:10 am, which is a great way to connect with God, no matter how busy your schedule might be because offices are closed during this time. Overall, my experience has been great and I am glad to say that I have chosen Hardin-Simmons University as my home for the next four years of my life.
It is very community oriented and I love the teachers here. The teachers are very interested in investing into your life on a personal level. The campus is very beautiful as well making it a wonderful place to live.
The professors are all so welcoming; they are genuinely happy you are there. The other students are very helpful, and someone is always there for you when you feel utterly alone. You are welcomed into a family.
The atmosphere and the caring people. Great academics. Coming to Hardin-Simmons University was a great investment for me everyone was helpful and informative. The experience is great and exciting. You have a balance of learning and biblical which provides a great way to ground you in your studies.
Hardin-Simmons is a small school where everyone is very welcoming and kind. The teachers are personable and are really there to help you and make sure you succeed both in and out of classes. I chose to come here because it was just the atmosphere I was looking for and it felt like home. HSU really has that sense of community and you're bound to always find someone to turn to for help!
Coming to Hardin-Simmons, I was overall extremely nervous. Even though I already knew my roommate, I was still quite scared that I would not make any friends quickly. Not even entering my second week of college, I was already blessed with having a second family. I've gotten so many opportunities to preform at this school: I was a lead in the fall musical 'The Addams Family', the titular character of the first spring play 'Sylvia', and a supporting character in our spring musical 'GodSpell'. The professor genuinely care about the success of their students and are so willing to help us whenever we ask them to. The atmosphere of the school is so relaxing and it has already become like a home to me.
The school is overall alright but the town is not made for young adults because there is nothing to do in Abilene, so even though the education is good the town is not accommodating for young adults. The school could really use an upgrade on the residential ares such as the housing and apartments because they are getting old, out of shape, and have a lot of damage.
Small school that has great professors and you can create a great relationship with them. You have an opportunity to make new friends but there isn't much student life or clubs to get involved in. Overall this university is pretty good and a lot of upgrades are being done which is a plus.
Good Enviroment and perfect classroom size for student to learn what is essential for them in future.
The greatest thing about Hardin-Simmons is the close-knit community atmosphere! The intersection of faith and education are also a great asset.
When I was looking for a college, I had three top interests on my list. The reason I picked Hardin-Simmons was because the students were more involved and the campus was the cleanest of the three. The main thing I enjoyed about Hardin-Simmons is that there are students leading campus tours as opposed to older staff members. The students were also very kind and I felt like I fit right in here at Hardin-Simmons.

My advice is to choose a college where you will feel most at home because that college is where you will be spending at least your next four years.
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Wonderful, Christian university with a faith-based curriculum. Located in Abilene, a great college town with many activities and a vibrant student culture.
Hardin-Simmons is a smaller university located in Abilene, TX. I choose to go to Hardin-Simmons to major in exercise science. Once I graduate, I plan to go to their amazing graduate school for physical therapy. I am currently starting my second semester here as a college freshman. There plenty of activities and clubs to join. I love Hardin-Simmons because here, you can be or do anything. The professors I've had have all been amazing. They teach with such passion for their subject. One thing that I love about Hardin-Simmons is that we are always growing. This year they have started a men and women's lacrosse team. the coach accepted us if we knew how or play or not. He wants to grow the game in Texas.
I like that the staff at Hardin-Simmons actually care about each individual attending the University. They are willing to work with you on finances and offer support. The teachers care about your individual success, and they explain each topic they are teaching in full. They work with you if you fall behind and are understanding if class is missed for unforeseen circumstances.
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