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I have attended Harcum College for my first year thus far and really like the community feel with the students while living on campus. The professors are very courteous and knowledgeable. They are very personal with the students and care about the well being of each student they teach. My experience has been all positive thus far and has made me want to continue in my studies from a dental assistant to an EFDA.
Harcum is a small school with a big heart. From our first day visiting I felt like I was meeting extended family. They were very polite and helpful. The staff and students answered all of my questions. I graduated last year at 16 and wasn't allowed to stay in dorms so I opted to start Fall 2017
If you love drama, fights and being bored then this school is for you. Please don't come here, I made this mistake but I can stop you from coming here..the rest of the reviews are false. This place is somewhere were you get nothing but bullied and judged. It's like high school here..there is always a fight almost every weekend, the food is gross and there is nothing to do here at all. When picking a college make sure you look at everything.
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My veterinary technology program was awesome. However the food sucked, dorms were outdated, and it's too expensive for a two year college.
My experience at Harcum College has been great, its the only college I've ever attended but I love it. I love the professors they help you with any problems you have. Harcum College have gave me a great freshman experience.
great school overall i can't wait to start harcum i've been there penty times and i love it can't wait to be apart of the programs and the clubs that harcums has and i can starts clubs my self
the flexibility at my school is awesome. i was working a full-time day job when i first started. i was able to take all my classes at night. then i became pregnant in my junior year. i attended classes until i gave birth. i returned a week after. during my pregnancy, the professors were amazingly understanding of my situation and accommodated me in the best ways that they can. my pregnancy did not put a burden on my enrollment at harcum and i have the professors there to thank.
The career center provides everything you need to have a successful interview or start a successful business. they also help with anything you need into your new career
The professors are down to earth. they give the students much ease in moving forward in their studies. they teach using their own personal experiences.
Harcum has a job fair every year. they also provide interview attire for people in need of clothing to land the perfect career. i think harcum is all about preparing the students for their future career. Homecoming is based around the harcum alumni and is composed of many alumnus activities.
The veterinary technology program is great at Harcum. you get the opportunity to work with the very experienced and accredited veterinarians and vet techs at the University of pennsylvania.
I would choose my school and again because the campus activities are awesome. they help to keep the students focused on getting a good education in addition to providing entertainment.
Harcum college gives off a very good first impression. The atmosphere is warming and welcoming, the staff is always there when you meet them and, they are very dedicated to your success.
My overall experience at harcum college was fun but I believe it held me back from really getting straight into my major. I made a lot of great friendship there and would like to go back so I could get my associates and transfer to a university.
I haven't actually started classes yet but all of my credits transferred easily and admissions quickly and happily answered any questions I had.
I plan to get a job at one of U Penn's veterinary hospitals and then apply to their veterinary program. I think because I will have graduated from Harcum I will have an advantage to get accepted as long as I keep my grades high.
Because my school and major work closely with U Penn, the prospects are great. Harcum's vet tech program graduates have a 100% rate of job placement after graduation.
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Just like my high school, my college has very small class sizes (max 20 students). I love that because it gives students more one on one opportunities with professors, so if you don't understand something, an educator is always available to assist you. Also, my college works closely with The University of Pennsylvannia for my major, which I couldn't be happier about.
I couldn't transfer many credits, even though most of my grades were A's.
I have not take any online classes
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