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I taught at Harcum for a semester. This is worse than the worst nightmare I've ever had. The students are lazy, dumb, and disrespectful; the administration pays a poverty wage; the school itself is dispiriting.

I'd rather pump gas than teach at Harcum.
The Veterinary Technology program rocks. I already had a degree in chemistry so the only courses I needed to take were the VET TECH courses to complete the degree. The director Kathy Koar gives each student individual attention (in my case she helped me design an accelerated course sequence). The professors are fantastic. Some are super smart and sweet. Many use their practical experiences (at UPenn’s Ryan Small Animal Hospital or private practice) to enrich their lectures. The students range from right out of high school to older students getting a second degree). They are all animal lovers. The profs manage to interest the academically well-prepared students while not burying the ones who are struggling. Can’t wait for the practicums at Ryan and New Bolton Center (equine).
Would not waste time or money at Harcum. I don't even know how they still have a student body. Probably one of the worse schools I have ever attended. Staff works against you, teacher don't teach nor answer any questions. Save yourself the money do your research before stepping foot in this school.
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I like the conveniency of the Partnerships of the college. The professors were great the were great even the staff were very helpful the price of the college .was a little steep and I think they do
I love the school, I enjoy my teachers, I love hard work, this school is a good place to attend for someone who's just starting to live away from home and want to get the feeling like, for my last 2 semesters, I might venture a little further. but I like that I was away but not to far away. Has a good Law and justice program.
I have been at Harcum for a full year now. I just completed my first semester in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program and so far I love it. Harcum has opened several doors for me. It started my journey through college, helped me figure out what I truly want to do in life, and will eventually lead toward my career. I wish I could make every student appreciate the opportunities that arise from college in general, especially at Harcum.
I am so far impressed with the school. They are very encouraging to their students and willing to help them in anyway they can. They offer a wide variety of tools to help if a student feel a they are struggling.
Great school with great programs offered. The professors I had were fantastic and I would definitely recommend them
You feel as though your voice is heard in every class room that you are in. Teachers are very dedicated to teaching and helping you for now and for the future. Everyone is very approachable and are willing to answer any question you have and address any concerns and or problems that you have. Everyone on staff is friendly and classmates are willing to work together to help everyone succeed!
Harcum College is famous for it's Veterinary program and many travel from across the county to attend. Being on the luxurious Main Line in Bryn Mawr, where many Celebrities make their homes, you can find many high class shops and restaurants. However being a couple towns outside West Philadelphia crime isn't non-existent. Harcum boasts athletic achievements for their Basketball and women's Volleyball... and rightfully so. These sports teams are very good. The professors are knowledgeable and eager to teach. Your return on your investment will be what you make of it. The alumni often host trips to Philly sporting events as well.
I have attended Harcum College for my first year thus far and really like the community feel with the students while living on campus. The professors are very courteous and knowledgeable. They are very personal with the students and care about the well being of each student they teach. My experience has been all positive thus far and has made me want to continue in my studies from a dental assistant to an EFDA.
Harcum is a small school with a big heart. From our first day visiting I felt like I was meeting extended family. They were very polite and helpful. The staff and students answered all of my questions. I graduated last year at 16 and wasn't allowed to stay in dorms so I opted to start Fall 2017
If you love drama, fights and being bored then this school is for you. Please don't come here, I made this mistake but I can stop you from coming here..the rest of the reviews are false. This place is somewhere were you get nothing but bullied and judged. It's like high school here..there is always a fight almost every weekend, the food is gross and there is nothing to do here at all. When picking a college make sure you look at everything.
My veterinary technology program was awesome. However the food sucked, dorms were outdated, and it's too expensive for a two year college.
My experience at Harcum College has been great, its the only college I've ever attended but I love it. I love the professors they help you with any problems you have. Harcum College have gave me a great freshman experience.
great school overall i can't wait to start harcum i've been there penty times and i love it can't wait to be apart of the programs and the clubs that harcums has and i can starts clubs my self
the flexibility at my school is awesome. i was working a full-time day job when i first started. i was able to take all my classes at night. then i became pregnant in my junior year. i attended classes until i gave birth. i returned a week after. during my pregnancy, the professors were amazingly understanding of my situation and accommodated me in the best ways that they can. my pregnancy did not put a burden on my enrollment at harcum and i have the professors there to thank.
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The career center provides everything you need to have a successful interview or start a successful business. they also help with anything you need into your new career
The professors are down to earth. they give the students much ease in moving forward in their studies. they teach using their own personal experiences.
Harcum has a job fair every year. they also provide interview attire for people in need of clothing to land the perfect career. i think harcum is all about preparing the students for their future career. Homecoming is based around the harcum alumni and is composed of many alumnus activities.
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