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I love college as a whole. It have been a great experience so far. The only thing I would improve is some of the meal choices.
I really like Hanover college because it is a small community that has a real family vibe when you walk on campus. The only thing I don't like about Hanover is that they don't have an actual theater that can be used for their theater department.
I've only attended Hanover College for 1 year (so far) and I loved it! The things I love the most are that the faculty and students are all very nice and helping people. The small classroom size makes it very easy to get the help you need.
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So far, I've only spent 1 year there, yet I can say that I really enjoyed my time there. The professors and students are really nice and helpful and the campus is mostly peaceful. I am personally a quiet person who likes to be alone and doesn't interact with others much, but since I've been to Hanover, I've been more open and talkative with the faculty and students. I've really enjoyed interacting with the multitude of people there and look forward to my years with them.
I love the atmosphere here. It is very homey and very close. It is very easy to contact professors or other students if you need help. There is free tutoring and a plethora of different activities to do on campus and even off campus.
While Hanover is has amazing profs known for transforming students into lifelong learners, the school isn't a good choice if you wish to be accepted into graduate school. Although you become experts in your major, a B is difficult to achieve in science courses, even if you study 5-6 hours a day. You're told otherwise, but GPA IS everything. Graduating with a 3.0 will ruin any chance of acceptance into grad school. Furthermore, not gaining acceptance into grad school means you will be starting your career in the real world after college. The real world is not kind unless your bachelor's is in nursing, accounting, or engineering, none of which Hanover offer. Good luck getting paid over $30,000 a year with your Biology degree. Disclaimer: The extremely gifted will have to work hard, but could still get a 3.8 & rock the mcat/ GRE. Unless you are one of the gifted students or majoring in something other than science, go somewhere else so that you have a fighting chance in the real world.
Hanover is a challenging school academically. It is easy to get out and socialize, but due to its size, you see pretty much the same people everywhere you go.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time spent at Hanover so far. It is a small, but close-knit community of students and faculty who are committed to a higher learning. The campus is beautiful and there is always something to do with a surplus of campus clubs and activities. I have met some of my best friends here and become a better student because of Hanover College.
Hanover college is the greatest choice you could make when picking a college. Not only are the students driven but they are extremely well-rounded and accepting of diversity. The professors and faculty are always an email away. Any of the faculty would do anything they could to help you have a brighter future. I love my college.
At first I was committed to IUPUI, but after going to an event with a buddy (who no longer attends Hanover), I discovered that I felt at home at Hanover. Upon arriving on campus, I knew this was the place i wanted to be for my collegiate career. The school is small enough that professors take interest in your activities and truly care about your success, but large enough to blend into the school if that is what you want. There are always events going on that are generally open to the students and the food at the Shoebox and Underground is simply fantastic. While it does cost a pretty penny, I believe the experiences I've had at Hanover and the connections I've made have really paid off, and that is only in my first year!
Hanover College is a well-known college nation wide. We have students that have graduated and became Actuaries (a hard field to get into), students that have moved on to grad school at various campuses, and we even have a Business Scholars Program that allows students to interact directly with businesses by solving business-related issues. In fact, as part of BSP a student is required to have a summer project-based internship (some have been with Eli Lilty, Lays, and many many more). This school, despite its small size, has very large connections through alumni, businesses, and other programs nation wide.
Campus security is always patrolling and watching out for students. This year, they have installed several new emergency beacons around campus to improve the access to campus safety. There have been times that I have walked alone at 3 in the morning for about 20 minutes and I felt completely safe because of the environment Hanover College has. In terms of issues on campus, there havent been too many negative cases (when there is, the administration is sure to alert all students as necessary). Most of the time, campus safety is just called when someone drinks too much on the weekend.
My floor in particular formed a sort of brotherhood and we'd always involve each other in various activities, and be sure we're okay when party nights happened and we'd return for Taco Bell (there was always a DD on the floor). As far as I could tell, the other floors were relatively the same where everyone knew everyone and there was always something fun to do. Yet, at the same time you could trust people to not steal from you when you door was unlocked and could get some peace and quiet when in your room. The other buildings were essentially the same (various layouts however). THe layouts were very effective and the school made sure to keep the lobbies up to date to allow for more comfort. Worst thing is that we were constantly being threatened with fines for literal normal wear and tear.
Despite having some questionable occurrences, like literally every campus to ever have greek life has had, the greek houses are very strict on enforcing their rules and protecting people who enter their house. When parties do occur, that house's security roams and verifies that people are who they say they are and to be sure the people in-house are safe.When parties aren't going on, the brothers in houses are the nicest people you'll meet and they're always welcoming to "outsiders" even if they're from different houses.
Our school is quite small, but dedicated to students and athletes. We have a facility known as "Horner" where students and athlets alike are more than welcome to use (from the gymnasium to the indoor track & weightroom to the "yoga" room). There is plenty of space to run (the streets are very safe to run on) and, being basically on the Ohio River, we have access to beautiful hiking trails and the gorgeous city of Madison!
The teachers were all pretty easy to talk to with such a small school (~1100 students grades 9-12), plus they didnt want you to just pass the tests, they wanted you to learn the material, most of the time. Something I truly enjoyed about our school is that we "buy" parking spots from the National Honor Society chapter and we are allowed to paint them however we want (so long as it is appropriate) and it stays on there all year. We also just got an updated school and each student rents a macbook from the school (fairly expensive to be honest) to complete their homework and the like.
Students who graduate from Hanover tend to be extremely successful in their careers. Hanover keeps connections and networks with the alumni to help current students find jobs and internships. The connections it makes is one of the many great qualities that Hanover possesses.
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I love the small class size at Hanover. Our classes are based on discussion rather than lecture which makes learning a lot more fun and interesting. The professors are enthusiastic about what they are teaching and really care about the success of the students.
I feel very safe on campus and I am not afraid to walk alone at night. Hanover College does not have a sexual assault problem but encourages women to talk about it and not be afraid to get help if sexual assault does happen. Campus security does a lot to help make students feel safe, including giving them a ride to destinations on campus if a person does not feel safe walking.
Living on campus is a lot of fun, but it really depends on what dorm you live in to what kind of experience you will have. Most of the dorms are small traditional dorms. The worst dorms are those for the freshman because they don't have air conditioning. However, the upperclassmen housing is great with suites, bigger rooms, and air conditioning.
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