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Hannibal-LaGrange University provides an outstanding education to all students. The professors not only value the student's academics, but also their personal well being. Campus life provides excellent connections with other students, activities, and an all around feeling of home. Because HLG is smaller in size, students become acquainted quickly and form close-knit bonds that will likely last throughout life. There's always a variety of ways to get involved on campus that provide rewarding experiences. The distinctly Christian atmosphere has given me the chance to grow and strengthen my walk with Christ. HLG will forever be a place I call home and the memories I have made will stay with me always.
I am a massive fan og Hannibal LaGrange! The campus is positively beautiful, the professors and administration care deeply about the student, and financial aid is readily available to all students.
After only being here for a year so far, Hannibal-LaGrange has opened many doors for me and everyone that attends. They are very good as preparing you to step out into the real world.
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AWFUL SCHOOL. I hated my time here. Very few good teachers Outrageously expensive. hidden fees. Music and bible major get Special treatment and basketball players. ALL hypocrites. I am a Christian, this school pushed me further from God. Chapel is stupid, I learn nothing but that the director is full of himself. Food is disgusting, Not treated as an adult. Faculty gossips about the students. Public safety is a joke. all they do is give out tickets. All this school cares about is its image and money. Only thing I gained from this school is DEBT.
This is a review from someone that did welland was an RA at this school. The staff is a revolving door, most of the quality professors leave within a year or two of working there. The academics here are not good, there is no accountability for the professors and the bad ones do not change practices and the good ones leave.Student life is atrocious, there is rarely anything that the school puts on that has had any student input leading to very little student participation and interest. The discipline is arbitrary you may get a slap on the wrist for drug or alcohol related offences, but another student may get kicked out of the school immediately. I would not recommend to anyone due to the high cost and array of other issues. They will not work with you in scheduling classes whether that be because you were a transfer student or if they do not offer the specific courses you need for that school year. There is so much more I want to say but there is a 1000 character limit.
Hannibal-LaGrange University has been a very good experience. I have met really interesting people, from different cultures and has open my world. However, the life on campus is not quite the best compared to other schools. If you are looking to party this is not the place. You will make great friends and may have really good times, but is very rare to party in here.
It has a good Christian environment if that's what a person wants. However the program for my degree was to new and the teachers were not experienced enough to teach it yet.
This campus is filled with many different people from many different backgrounds. There is always someone to talk to and many professors who care about your well being and future. The campus is small but full of nice people and fun things to do.
Hannibal LaGrange is a great school for athletes as the student body is 90% athletes so the teachers are super cool working with you in regards to making up any work you miss due to being away for games and tournaments and the overall environment is just really nice.
Moving from New Jersey to Hannibal, Missouri was a culture shock to say the least. Yet that move was very small in comparison to many of the students from all over the world. The school is strictly Southern Baptist with mandatory Chapel sessions and Bible classes. The student body is also made up of a majority of athletes. The Academics are solid and professors want to see the students succeed. Overall it is a good private school with limited distractions.
Our director of public safety is the former police chief in town and has a firm grasp on safety.
Many people have not heard of our school, but continuing education is typically not difficult. Internships are generally easy to get, but the student will have to do the foot work.
Rules are strictly enforced, and students are not exactly free to make adult decisions.
There is only one "Greek" organization on campus, but it is a men's service organization.
Some of the coaches are not good at their jobs, but they remain.
HLGU is a very small and personal campus. The professors care deeply about their students, and the students are very friendly.
The one fraternity we have is a good solid Christian based fraternity.
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While some of the teams may not be the best they are still able to always draw a crowd of cheering fans. Coaches are nice and open to students who want to play.
The fitness facility is a little weak.
The best thing at the college is the friendly atmosphere.
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