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Hannah E Mullins School of Practical Nursing Reviews

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Im a first time student I have no previous credits to be transferred.
The schools wide variety of clinical opportunities provided.
The class is very small. We have 20 people. Originally we had about 30 but finals week narrowed it down a bit. There is always room for one on one time with the instructor.
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A grad from Hannah Mullins will get a job. There is no doubt in the matter. The school is so advanced and well known in the area that employers ask for us by name.
We don't have online courses but we are giving several external resources to use for our benefit.
The only diverse thing about the program is the ages of the students. I started when I was 17. The oldest woman in the class is 40. The room is a long timeline.
I personally did not qualify for financial aid due to my parents income at the time. I have a few loans to pay for tuition. I think the education is definitely worth the cost.
Its is not difficult to find a job being a Hannah Mullins grad. The school tells us of new job openings. We have job fairs specifically for our school.
The program is highly advanced academically. Time management is a must. There are very strict guidelines set for each student. We all understand what is expected of us and strive to succeed in our work.
Our instructors are all specialized in a specific field. Each instructor has something new and different to offer us. There is not one issue I could not take to an instructor. They genuinely care for each of their students and effectively teach us how to safely care for people.
The program is divided into theory hours and clinical hours. Unlike many nursing programs I have the opportunity to put into practice what I learn in theory. I feel very prepared for what life has to throw at me.
I have heard that a lot of students get a job where they attend clinicals
I loved how we were able to spread the payments out so the total amount wasn't due all at once.
A lot of one on one time makes studying and knowing the material very easy.
Not many extra activities but a very good learning environment.
HEMSPN is accredited by ACEN. try are 1of 3 school in ohio.
Plenty of online resources available for students at home and at school
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Classes specific to LPN. And prepare you for the NCLEX. Must maintain an 80% in all claases
This is an LPN specific program. You only take classes specific to lpn
The graduates from Hannah E. Mullins usually come back to school and talk with each new class. They are very helpful and let others know what jobs are available and that if us students need help they are there for us.
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