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Hampton instills pride in your community and self awareness. It has great academics and professors who are willing yo help you achieve your goals.
so the school isn't that bad. most people like it, but its not the best either. The campus is very pretty when the water isn't up to your knees after raining. Bring rain boots.
I have been accepted by Hampton and have basically grown up on this campus! Over the years I have participated in various activities that have contributed to enhancing leadership skills and personal growth. Hampton is an amazing university with a very rich history that offers opportunities for all people.
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My experience at Hampton has not been a very positive one. Hampton was hyped up to be such an amazing experience for everyone, however I haven't felt that since the end of New Student Orientation week. Once NSO week passes and the high of being an admitted student simmers, you begin to notice things that you hadn't before.
The dorms are poor quality (especially the ones that Hampton didn't bother to renovate), and the CAFETERIA food is disgusting and makes people sick not On numerous occasions I've found mold and bugs on food which should never be an issue when we pay for the food. Also the Whipple barn staff, mainly in financial aid, are rude and very unhelpful. The only times I've ever gotten an answer for any of my questions is when my parent calls or if I pose as an interested high school senior. Calling as myself never works.
In all honesty the only highlight of the school is the water, the student center and the student body.
Hampton University is the worse HBCU in existence. Students are treated and act poorly. Professors change emotions more than a pregnant woman in her last trimester. The campus "police" give tickets to people in the right. Administration care more about your money, rather than the educational purpose.
I love Hampton University! classes. Hampton is a tough college academically, but it is only tough love. They want you to succeed the best you can therefore they will hold you to a higher standard than other students in other Universities. This is so when you are competing for things such as internships and job opportunities you will already be ahead of the game. Hampton has a plan for every major and makes sure you have what you need to do to be successful once you graduate. Teachers will hold you accountable for your grades in the classes, and they rarely accept excuses. This makes some teachers seem like they don't really care however, if you stick through the battle and prove yourself academic wise you will become a better a person and have a great sense of responsibility. This leaves nothing ahead of your dreams and aspirations in life.
We went to Hampton with High hopes and transferred after a year. faculty was okay. Overall moral is bad at Hampton. Please do not send your kids there.
When I first came to visit the campus back in April of 2017, I immediately felt welcomed at this campus. Everybody was so welcoming and willing to help me with whatever I needed assistance with. Coming to this campus as a student, we all immediately connected as a unit and as a family. Now, something that should be altered is the food in the cafeteria considering that there have been plenty of complaints.
Overall, this campus is provides a great atmosphere to anybody who comes here.
The campus environment feels like home. All of the faculty and students are very helpful. The campus seems safe and academics are a top priority at the university.
Hampton University accepts students who's GRE scores may not be the highest, but have a good application package as a whole. The university however does not upgrade the WiFi even though it is in desperate need. The heat runs in the summer and the air runs in the winter. No one seems to answer emails or phone calls within a timely manner.
I was a Biology major. I had some fantastic teachers, but there were some ...less than great ones too. I believe student life is what you make it. There were plenty of opportunities to be involved on campus. There was a fight with admin and financial aid at the beginning of every single semester to prove I was cleared and I had scholarships and a good G.P.A. which was a super hassle and drags down their rating. The food is notoriously bad and so are some of the dorms not all of them have a.c. I wasn't a huge partier, but I think we were about average. We are close enough to Virginia Beach and other colleges like Norfolk State to have stuff to do, without being overwhelmed with distractions like if we were in a real city.
When I visited the campus I fell in love with the culture along with the safety aspect. Every 100 ft there is an emergency post that allows you to press a red button if you are in danger. I also love the teacher to student ratio alongside with the fact that they make you dress up as your profession everyday.
I love my school and its a great place to learn and make friends and connections that will last a lifetime. Its a small school with small class sizes and a tightly nit community. There are so many opportunities to have fun and get involved alongside academic involvement.
The environment created and experience of being surrounded by other African Americans was surreal, but they are still very old school! This is there downfall. Many students don’t like the school because the staff is old and many dont seem to care about there jobs . It’s all about meeting and surrounding yourself with the right people.
Attending Hampton University has opened my eyes to a new world. Exposed me to a new level of education and opened the doors to forming my future.
My first semester as a freshman has been a eventful one. NSO Week was the funnest when it comes to adapting to Hampton. People were very friendly and willing to help, and usually are in general. On the other hand, Hampton definitely is a traditional school. Freshman have a curfew for 6 weeks and no visitation, which has been frustrating when trying to adapt to adulthood and social life. On top of that they have cancelled events that make Hampton fun. I can't say I wouldn't have gotten good grades without the help and care that my professors have had with me. Nevertheless, the staff in general are helpful depending on the department. Student Accounts, the registrar, and financial aid) The cost of Hampton is alarming compared to how old most of the buildings are (w/o being renovated). Once you established a positive group of friends and relationships with your professors you'll soar. There's so many opportunities the school has to offer.
I had the best experienced of my life at Hampton..Hampton has taught me so much value in life.
.we will always be closed
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I honestly expected a lot more from this institution with how prestigious it is claimed it be. My peers are struggling with simple core classes that should've been covered in high school while I'm ready to learn new material related to my major. You don't even see where your money is going to this school. There are many problems with this university that are addressed but never handled properly until an alum speaks up, which is ridiculous. However, I do love the diversity I've experienced so far on campus and I love being right by the water. This school just isn't for everyone; it's more so for people who need structure and training to become professional and serious about their career, not for people who already have these things.
It his truly a selective school . The experience that you have in the 1st week is next to none based off of my friends feedback from other hbcu’s.
I like the way the campus is set up and the people on the campus are nice and friendly which makes for a better environment to complete your school work.
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