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Great instructors and academic programs! Beautiful small campus with waterfront setting. Family like setting.
I am attending Hampton University Pre-College Summer Institute. Thus far I am enjoying my classes and the professors. Hampton University is a excellent school with high academic standards. The college campus is new to me and thus far I enjoy being here.
My freshman year at Hampton University was a good one. Hampton does a great job of making the incoming freshmen transition into college life an easy one. Student life on is great. There are always various activities for the students on campus. Some of the dorms are older and could use some remodeling and the food at the cafe' could use some tweaking but the campus is beautiful and the views looking out on the Chesapeake Bay are breath taking.
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The Hampton University atmosphere is one that you cannot compare to other Univeristies. Hampton students and alumni partake In certain traditions; some being 12-2, Holland and Ogden crossing prior to graduation. These traditions make Hampton unique because they are celebrated for generations. The Hampton community ranges from 3,000-4,000 students total a year but our connection is strong and we are willing to help any of our fellow Hamptonians. However, something I would like to see change are the dorms. They are historical building that were built in the 1900’s but they could use some renovations. Maybe changing the bathroom stalls and the closets that are in the dorm. Overall, Hampton is an illustrious and wonderful school which I wouldn’t be happier anywhere else.
I really do enjoy the atmosphere at Hampton University. My professors are ver welcoming and they are very dedicated to their jobs and they are always willing to help whenever. The staff at certain departments can be very unprofessional at times they would not answer the phone and they can't give you an answer.
I feel as though that Hampton University is a great school. They just need to have a better financial package for students who deserves it.
What I like about Hampton is they put freshman on a curfew their first semester to keep them focused on academics. I didn't appreciate it at first but I'm glad they did because the first few semesters are so critical to keep a good GPA.
I love my Major, department, and my professors. As an Architecture student, I have been blessed to be in an environment where the studio culture is uplifting and those from higher years help incoming freshmen to get situated but also share the knowledge. There is a sense of unity and togetherness. As a student body, we are trying to make changes to uplift one another. We are seeing progress in small ways but our efforts are profound. one challenge we are facing is finding ways to bring in scholarships since there aren't many funds available to us. I wish to see more help and assistance given to us as students to help with our struggles.
Hampton U is a great university to go to. Just like any other university it has it ups and downs. But as HU students say. “Hampton is what u make it”.
I love the university. It was definitely a cultural shock to what i was use to. It showed me the importance of the up liftment of the african american communities. Attending a HBCU will allow one to recognize the importance of working together. I’ve learned some many and my interpersonal skills have developed the environment is so friendly and welcoming
I came onto campus expecting a very different experience than what I was given. The administration does not care about the students, trying to get help was merely impossible without having to do the Hampton run around. The dorms were horrible and nothing seemed to be going right for me over there. The school just has to be the place for you and for me, it was not.
Hampton University was an experience I wish on no one. Most professors at the school will pre judge you and base your grade off of where you’re from and not always the work you put in. While they let the below average basketball/football team skate. Most employers don’t even know where the school is and it puts you at a disadvantage out in the real world. The dorms are old and dilapidated. Moving off campus is your best bet. Way too many rules as a freshman doesn’t help shape you and just hinders the college experience. The parties are average at best with the redundant 12-2 and Holland parties. The campus food will make you wonder why you attend the school unless Christmas or Thanksgiving is coming up. Definitely wish I attend another school even though I transferred in.
Of course, every school has its pros and cons. My time at Hampton University was rewarding, yet challenging. Academically rigorous, yet the living conditions led me to live off-campus. The freshman dorms are not kept up like they should be and the cafe food could be better. Other than that, I loved attending a HBCU and learned more about myself and culture in the process.
Hamptons education curriculum is superb, they have special programs for most to all majors. I would change the way the administration gets things done and also the grading scale. Anyone that attends or has attended know about the "Hampton run a round" where you will be sent to multiple buildings bac and forth without receiving a real answer for what you need or you curiosities. Other than that Hampton is a great school all around.
I believe that after touring the campus and learning more about the school, I can excel at Hampton University.
Through my freshman year at Hampton University, I have learned that in order to enact change is like pulling teeth. The administration has been intact for some 40 years, therefore it is very difficult to get things such as food quality, dorm maintenance, and events to change for the better. Although this year was a very academically rigorous year, it did lack in other areas. In the aforementioned areas, students had to organize a sit in protest in order to have our voices and concerns addressed. Academically speaking, Hampton University is not lacking at all, well, at least in my experience. All of my professors were professional, thorough, and cared about the well being and academic journey of their students. Entering my sophomore year, I look forward to how this illustrious institution will grow, or decline!
Even though Hampton is a very histocally black college and holds great history it still needs to be kept up to par in terms of resident halls, academic buildings , and food services. Still, despite the need for improvement it still gets students ready for whatever career they want based on the professors there. Also, I still have fun with friends and the activities that the school holds.
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The best part of Hampton is the education. I feel the education is good, we learn a lot and are encouraged to learn it well. The "Standard of Excellence" exists in my department (Computer Science).
Hampton University has a lot to fix when it comes to dormitories, food, and administration. I appreciate that they are making attempts to do better. I enjoy being part of the Hampton student body. While I am not the type to go drinking or go to the parties they have in the gym every Saturday, I like saying I am a student at Hampton University. I will forever remember my years spent at Hampton University.
Hampton is a very prestigious institution full of history. However, it is missing certain things that would make it a great school currently. I do believe that HAMPTON UNIVERSITY is taking steps to improve. So just trust the process.
Hampton has a lot of problems internally. I think they would be an amzing school if they didn't have the current adminstration they have now. If someone is reading this and they plan on attending this University I wold advise you to research the Town Hall meeting we had this year.
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