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Hampton has great hospitality. As soon as you walk on campus you feel welcome. You get a great tour if you ever visit. You see that they have many traditions and good student life. They take care of the freshman as soon as they come in.
The tour i had at Hampton University was very exceptional. It really had me interested in every little thing they presented to me.
I had an amazing experience at the REAL HU! No other college experience can compare to the community and opportunities I experienced at Hampton. It's a small campus with intimate class setting with tons to offer it's students.
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Hampton University is a great school academically if you attend for a certain major like the MBA program. The campus life and food could be better.
I love the environment and community of the school. Between the students, the faculty, and the outside residents the school provided a comfortable and warm welcome.
My overall experience has been very good. I have learned a great deal about myself and appreciate all of the support of my BIG and the staff.
I like how Hampton prepares you for the real world. For example, Hampton has you dress up certain events. They help you prepare for business causal and business professionals event. Hampton helps you come out of your shell. Also, I live the local community is cool. The academics are great. Hampton is one of the top hbcu's. The professors are nice and helpful.
I am a freshmen at Hampton University and I am enjoying my first semester at college. I play lacrosse and it was my goal and dream to play D1 Lacrosse and Hampton gave me the opportunity to play and get my degree in sports management. I am excited to be a part of this young team and to grow with the program.
I chose Hampton University for the outstanding academic opportunity. Hampton is ranked as the third best HBCU in the country. The faculty seems to care about their students, and are known for going the extra mile to help them succeed. Choosing to study Kinesiology/Exercise Science has been a dream of mine since I began to run track and field. I am looking forward to learning about the muscles of the human body and the skeletal system. The school is located on a peninsula, surrounded by water on three sides. The view of the water is very beautiful. The campus is historic, with buildings that have been around since the 1800s. It will be good to attend a school with such a rich history.
Hampton is a good school academically but there are a lot of things that need to be change so that the school can prosper. The food needs to be checked before served and Hampton administration can be better. They don't do a good job at listening to students. Hampton is a good school once again there are just some changes that can be made.
My experience at Hampton University has had its ups and down. As far as academics, I would say that my major is my favorite part of being here at Hampton. Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communication is a great school. Living on campus however, has not been a pleasant experience over all. Some dorms have mold and outdated heating/cooling systems. The dinning hall on campus is poor, we have had many instances of bugs, foreign objects, and undercooked food. Although the campus life hasn't been the same since recent issues have arisen, the students allowed my experience at Hampton to be somewhat pleasant.
As far as campus-wide events and social life, it's not as exciting as I expected. Before I came, I'd hear people talk about how fun Hampton was. Upon arrival I was disappointed. A lot of the popular events have been discontinued since my freshman year begun. There was no "Battle of the Classes", no "12-2" parties on Fridays, and recently our Holland gym parties every Saturday have been cancelled. Based on housing and food, I don't think students get what they pay for. Our dorms are old. The washers don't get my clothes clean. Students have reported that the cafeteria food makes them sick and I, myself have seen bugs on the counters. Despite these unfortunate circumstances, I'm getting a good education. I love my professors and the support system Hampton provides with tutoring. They are happy to explain a misunderstood concept, and have office hours for students to visit regularly. I don't completely regret choosing Hampton University and I hope my experience will only get better.
Hampton instills pride in your community and self awareness. It has great academics and professors who are willing yo help you achieve your goals.
so the school isn't that bad. most people like it, but its not the best either. The campus is very pretty when the water isn't up to your knees after raining. Bring rain boots.
I have been accepted by Hampton and have basically grown up on this campus! Over the years I have participated in various activities that have contributed to enhancing leadership skills and personal growth. Hampton is an amazing university with a very rich history that offers opportunities for all people.
My experience at Hampton has not been a very positive one. Hampton was hyped up to be such an amazing experience for everyone, however I haven't felt that since the end of New Student Orientation week. Once NSO week passes and the high of being an admitted student simmers, you begin to notice things that you hadn't before.
The dorms are poor quality (especially the ones that Hampton didn't bother to renovate), and the CAFETERIA food is disgusting and makes people sick not On numerous occasions I've found mold and bugs on food which should never be an issue when we pay for the food. Also the Whipple barn staff, mainly in financial aid, are rude and very unhelpful. The only times I've ever gotten an answer for any of my questions is when my parent calls or if I pose as an interested high school senior. Calling as myself never works.
In all honesty the only highlight of the school is the water, the student center and the student body.
Hampton University is the worse HBCU in existence. Students are treated and act poorly. Professors change emotions more than a pregnant woman in her last trimester. The campus "police" give tickets to people in the right. Administration care more about your money, rather than the educational purpose.
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I love Hampton University! classes. Hampton is a tough college academically, but it is only tough love. They want you to succeed the best you can therefore they will hold you to a higher standard than other students in other Universities. This is so when you are competing for things such as internships and job opportunities you will already be ahead of the game. Hampton has a plan for every major and makes sure you have what you need to do to be successful once you graduate. Teachers will hold you accountable for your grades in the classes, and they rarely accept excuses. This makes some teachers seem like they don't really care however, if you stick through the battle and prove yourself academic wise you will become a better a person and have a great sense of responsibility. This leaves nothing ahead of your dreams and aspirations in life.
We went to Hampton with High hopes and transferred after a year. faculty was okay. Overall moral is bad at Hampton. Please do not send your kids there.
When I first came to visit the campus back in April of 2017, I immediately felt welcomed at this campus. Everybody was so welcoming and willing to help me with whatever I needed assistance with. Coming to this campus as a student, we all immediately connected as a unit and as a family. Now, something that should be altered is the food in the cafeteria considering that there have been plenty of complaints.
Overall, this campus is provides a great atmosphere to anybody who comes here.
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