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It his truly a selective school . The experience that you have in the 1st week is next to none based off of my friends feedback from other hbcu’s.
I like the way the campus is set up and the people on the campus are nice and friendly which makes for a better environment to complete your school work.
The school is great! You meet people you will cherish forever. The curriculum is bad but at the end it is worth it.
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Hampton wasn't my first choice I will admit but it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I've made some great friend that I believe that will last a long time and the school challenges me enough to know that they're preparing me for greater. The food here has it's bad day's but over all it's still pretty good, especially their Fried Chicken Wednesday's. Everyone loves Fried Chicken Wednesday's. The campus is breath tacking I remember when I came to visit as a senior in High School is when I made up mind about attending Hampton, and our water front view is liberating you'd want to always enjoy the view to do your homework, have a picnic, or just sit there to relax. Hampton is more about business now and party later, we do have fun but it's always work first. Hampton has it's moments but at the end of the day you won't be let down, it's 100% satisfactory.
Hampton University or better known as “your home by the sea” is a great historically black college/ university that strive students into excellence. With the beautiful scenery of the bay to the beauty of their students, is a great place to study and carve yourself into the person that you would want to see yourself become in the future. Even though some professors speak little English it’s the students that make eachother great. Study sessions, office hours, and even student tutoring are great factors of this University.
Hampton is great! Just be forewarned: the Hampton Runaround is real. Be prepared to lose a lot of time trying to get around bureaucratic red tape. Still, the experience is unlike anything you could imagine.
The campus is beautiful and the benches along the water front provide a positive space to destress from your classes. The student to teacher ratio is ideal for learning and allows for there to be a more engaging class session. The professors of my department cared a lot about their students, and put forth a lot of effort to make their futures successful after Hampton. However, due to the uniqueness of the campus, provided by the age of the buildings, proved quite a challenge for living arrangements. Buildings need to be renovated/rebuilt to accommodate for all health needs.
I really like the diversity of hampton. You have most blacks but there's still a mixture of people who are all over the us that you get to meet and that's not normal from where I am from.
Hampton University is definitely the standard of excellence. It instills leadership and professional skills that you won't even realize you have. The campus is very family oriented so you'll never feel alone. The teachers believe in your success and will go to many measures to ensure you reach it. Overall, Hampton University will be your favorite Home by the Sea and you won't regret it!
Hampton University was an amazing experience, I enjoyed being around young educated African American people that I could relate to. The people I met are my friends for life and I wouldn't change a thing about it.
My experience at Hampton university has been a rocky journey. I am glad I chose to attend my Home by The Sea. I made some lifetime friends, could come out of my shell and grow as a young adult. I figured out what journey I want to take career wise and I learned a lot, academically and personally. I had great professors who could help me figure out my calling and what I could see myself doing in the near future. What I would like to see change are the professors in some departments and the housing for all the students on- campus. Instead of being money hungry and trying to accept many students, Hampton should focus on the ones that are currently attending and help them any possible.
Hampton University is what you make it, honestly. The amount of money and time spent just to simply attend is not all that worth it. You do not receive as many benefits one should for attending a $40k/per yr as far as normal "modern day" benefits at your typical university. But the family atmosphere, the opportunities, the tradition is what makes a true Hamptonian love the university and is what will hopefully pay off in the end as it has done for so many others.
I absolutely loved the campus when i went for a college tour. The staff was very friendly and i would recommend this school to everyone i know.
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Also the counseling program is not very good. I suffer from depression and anxiety. Normally schools will help you work around your schedule to manage these things but this one did not at all and I had to suffer for it. It is very inconvenient how they cannot do back to back appointments so I have to wait at least a few weeks to a month before I can see the counselor again and that is too long a wait. They need to acknowledge mental illness better than this. I could have been helped better but this was just terrible. The lady was nice but she could have done better than what she did.

Overall I just think this was not a good choice of a university to attend. I don't recommend it at all. As much money as you spend to come here, it's best if you save it. Save your time.
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The review was a bit too long so I had to break it into two parts.

This wasn't a very good experience. Every time my mother comes down to visit the campus, she ALWAYS has an issue with the financial aid office. This has been going on ever since 2015. The staff is so unorganized and 'claim' that they were not aware of what my mother has done.

The food is terrible beyond words I cannot comprehend. As nice as the caf is, at least they could have some decent food so I do not have to spend my money every single time. Plus I would have loved to have more options on campus than just Chick Fil A, Tropical Smoothie, Wing Zone, etc. It gets tiring having the same things over and over again, especially when theytt're overpriced.
My first year was great. I felt like I was safe everywhere I went on campus. Any information is always available for you. And the staff is always there to help when needed.
The campus environment is very family- like. While there, I definitely felt as though administration cared about me. However, the dorms are not up to par. They are very old and Hampton is very money- oriented.
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My experience at Hampton University was great, I've learned a lot in my freshman year. Not only did I learn a lot but Hampton made me come out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I would do. Yes the University has some gray ares but doesn't all schools? I love how the school keeps its historical background but somethings do need to be updated. Also some more activites for the students would be great as well.
One of the best HBCUs-- good education, notable school, lifelong friends and relationships.
Diversity in people, backgrounds, and interest.
Dorms a little older, a few new dorms.
My experience at Hampton has been a learning experience but for the better; Academically, socially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and with common sense. I like the culture and the atmosphere of student involvement around campus as well as expressed values in community service. Most professors are helpful and understanding and their ultimate goal for them is to help students succeed. Hampton University is the place to be.
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