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I've been to the campus and it is beautiful. I have many friends that have gone to Hampton University and they were very successful. I hope to follow in their footsteps and become successful as well. I think that Hampton University will help me achieve this goal.
Hampton University is a school that produces excellence. There are many resources available to students to ensure their success. The environment is friendly and welcoming.
The thing I like most about Hampton is that there are so many opportunities to excel at in every aspect of life. Such as scholar programs within your school and internship opportunities are sent out daily! The thing that I do not like is the dorms but, the school has started to remodel all of the dorms on campus!
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View all of there qualifications and procedures the school has just like their spirt and campus is amazing. I did so much research viewing their school chant to their tuition. I really enjoy their school chant which their mascot is the Pirates. Which is one of the multiple reasons I would love to go there. Another reason I love that school is because it’s a HBCU, I support every race but it’s beautiful to see schools that are founded on the soul of acres people had to fight for.
I love it here. There is so much culture and pride here. When there are events, it's a family like atmosphere on the campus. The alumni are so helpful with information after college or internships. Hampton really is a great place to be.
It is a good learning environment and everyone there is so welcoming. The scenery is really nice. I like the whole back story around the circle with the flags as a student I feel like that gives to a reason to push yourself. I like that there is a church so you can continue going to church.
Hampton University is definitely what you make of it. The dorms are way below average, there is mold and there are little to no upgrades made throughout the years. Not being able to have a car on campus your first two years definitely makes an impact. The parking situation should be addressed and a solution should be brought forward. The cafeteria is beautiful and well as the campus exterior as a whole, however the food is average. It is very hit or miss depending on the day. I am a student athlete and I can say that the teachers are good at working with your schedule. My softball experience has been pretty good throughout my four years. I ultimately do not believe that the Hampton University education I have received is worth the price of tuition.
I have a relative that attended Hampton University. How they described their experience at Hampton was vastly different from my own. Sad to say my own was negative.
When attending Hampton University, your experience is based on your involvement. It is very important to participate in clubs, events, and the social life at HU. The professors take care of their students and are very helpful.
The people of Hampton are about the only thing that makes this school good. You will have the opportunity to be around some of the best people you'll ever meet. Besides that, the university itself is downright ancient and frankly unacceptable. Most buildings are extremely old and many rules and aspects of the school are simply outdated. Students don't have consistent access to simple things like hot water and wifi. The school doesn't seem to care and change is never going to come. If the university itself was improved, it would be a 5 star because of the amazing people, but sadly it is not the case.
I like how the professors teach and explain the lessons that are being taught. Campus life is a very good way for learning about yourself and others. You will get the opportunity to explore a lot of things that will go on during the semester.
The unversity is average. It does not center around the students and new ideas. I wish it was more modernized and student driven to bring more life and growth for the future.
I really enjoyed the close nit family style of the campus. This made it easier to build friendships and build relationships with faculty. The campus life was very amazing and offered many extra curricular opportunities for every student who attended. If I could change anything it would be the on campus housing. The dorms are out dated and need some enhancements. The Financial Aid office could use some improvement as well. Many students received reimbursements fairly late, and some students depend on their refunds to pay for books and other necessities.
My experience at Hampton University was great. I really learned a lot about myself. I met so many people during my time here at Hampton University. I participated in clubs such as DMV PAC, Psychology club, Service Spree, SRT, ASA club, and National Honor Society for Psychology.
Hampton University is a great university but just like any other college/university, it has some issues. The Hampton administration is unprofessional, there's not much to do on campus since it's a small campus, the food is terrible, and the dorms need to be re-inevated. The good thing is that Hampton is making some changes so hopefully, all of these problems will be fixed.
Hampton University is my ideal HBCU. The professors and advisors worked one on one with you and actually want you to succeed. There is just enough partying, not too much and not too little. It seemed at first that HU was right on your tail and kept you from enjoying your social life but as time goes by you see that they want you to enjoy your time while being safe. Freshmen curfew was a downer sometimes. There'd be late events that we could only partially participate in due to having a curfew and sometimes got put on early curfew for coming in a few minutes late. However, when curfew was over some wished they had it to keep them on track. One thing I do not like about the school is there aren't too many social groups to join and the ones that are available have to be dug up because there isn't a lot of promoting for them. Other than that I love my HBCU and wouldn't trade it for another.
Hampton University was a great experience. I was able to really branch out of my shy ways, and developed long term relationships. I continue to speak with majority of those I know and I continue to meet new Hamptonians. The university has updated a lot since I attended and it is definitely moving in the right direct for people of color.
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A common phrase that can be heard is "Hampton is what you make it." I have had an amazing time at Hampton leaning about myself, my people, and how I fit into society. If you go out and network, and take advantage of the opportunities here, there is no doubt that you can come to love Hampton and the many connections you make with it.
My experience with Hampton is good so far. My first year was tough because I was not use to dorm life and the dorms weren't that well kept up, the food isn't that great either in my opinion, but otherwise I had no issue getting through it. in my later years I got an apartment, which made my college life easier. Academically its tough, professors treat you like their you're own, being an HBCU, its mostly African American based with a few other ethnicities mixed in. although being a D1 school, we are average at sports. Campus is filled with beautiful, social people, campus life is good with food spots and a student center for people to socialize. Hampton isn't a big city so the party scenes are always local. overall I enjoy being at Hampton, if you come from a big city it will allow you to focus more on your academics.
Great instructors and academic programs! Beautiful small campus with waterfront setting. Family like setting.
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