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They gave me a fully funded scholarship because I was one of the many Puerto Ricans displaced by the impact of the Hurricane Maria. I wish I could see more of those scholarships be handed out to the people of my country because there has been a very difficult political climate there, austerity measures in the public and private sector, as well as budget cuts to education programs and the closing of many schools.
I enjoy the openness of Hampshire College yet I feel as if it could be more accepting and more open for disabled students.
I love that you get to choose your own path and select courses that best fit into your specified area of study. I appreciate the theatre program and how it is run by students. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had in the theatre program, ones which I never would have gotten had I attended any other institution.
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Hampshire college is unlike any college I have ever heard of. I was surprised at how connected the students are with the professors. The disconnect you often feel when shoved into a class with hundreds of other students is simply not there. The small classes allow the professor and student to engage with other. This allows the professor to aid the student however possible.
It's a very close community that allows and supports you in pursuing what you are passionate about. It also gives its students an opportunity to try new activities and find new interests relatively easily.
Hampshire College can be an excellent choice if your personality is the "right fit." Hampshire College has no grades, only evaluations. However, sometimes being heard and having a presence in class is more difficult than it seems. Some students are opinionated and verge on entitled, presenting difficulty to those who may be more shy, introverted, or the type to learn by listening to conversation and formulating writings. Unlike grades, evaluations can be biased as well. When you disagree with an evaluation, you do not have the previous coursework (e.g., testing, graded papers, etc.). Rather, you rely on the estimations of professors, who are fallible. Hampshire is set in a picturesque area with mountains, long farm roads, and just a dairy farm and a reservoir a walk away. Surrounded by wooded areas, it can feel that you are in a liberal, modern-day "hippie" bubble. However, I found more comfort outside of this realm where there was greater racial/ethnic and socioeconomic diversity.
The classes when you can find relevant ones are really good, and faculty is willing to work with students. If you have allergies, do everything in your power to get off the full meal plan, because it won't do you much good anyway.
Hampshire College is a private liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts, United States. It was opened in 1970 as an experiment in alternative education, in association with four other colleges in the Pioneer Valley: Amherst College, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Together they are now known as the Five Colleges, or the Five College Consortium.
I made good use of Hampshire's academic flexibility and I really did enjoy putting together an Advisory committee to oversee my DIV II & DIV III Theses. Hampshire is "graduate school for undergraduates." It's not diverse, which I found frustrating, being from NYC, but I spent quite a bit of time off campus. After I graduated, I found that Hampshire has a GREAT reputation among Grad Schools, I got accepted to every single Master's program I applied to.
So far, I have really enjoyed my time here at Hampshire College. All of my professors have gone out of their way to help me with my academics. Also, Hampshire has one of the most caring and social justice motivated students body I have ever met.
I will be entering my 3rd year of Hampshire, and I feel like it's pretty good. Like every school, Hampshire has its ups and downs, but the people who you surround yourself with really makes or breaks how you deal with it. Hampshire is literally a place where you do your own thing. If you don't know what you want to do, take your time, but not your whole 4/5 years. I'm not going to lie, things do get out of hand, but it's your job as a person in society to do something about it. Hampshire College is really what you make it. There's 4 other colleges around so you won't feel like you're seeing the same people everyday. You can also take other classes there as well, so that's a plus. As long as you do what you need to do, and probably make some connections, and just advocate for yourself, you'll be fine.
For sure take a class with Will Ryan and Dr. Laura Greenfield. They will change your life. Very active beautiful minds at this school. Very liberal arts PC call out culture so be ready to learn and be humble. Beautiful campus. I wouldn't come here to brag or for compitition or for nice buildings but if you want intellectual stimulation like no other, caring people, to be challanged, and the adventure of a lifetime in a weird hippie place Hampshire is for you!
Hampshire is an innovative college that allows students to tailor their curriculum to meet their needs.
Hampshire is well-placed, with 4 other colleges in the area, so students can always find classes that suit their interests and work with their studies. The academic program is built so that students are in charge of creating a major and minor, called "concentrations" which gives an incredible amount of flexibility and freedom to motivated students. However, the college culture is very cut-throat, the facilities are not up to a very high standard, the food is just okay and the athletics are practically non-existent.
So far my experience with the application process to Hampshire College has been a breeze. The specific questions the asked on the CommonApp, as well as asking for an academic essay and allowing for students to submit original work demonstrate this college's devotion to an inclusive, caring environment.
Overall, I'm happy with my choice to go to Hampshire. I have loved almost all of my professors and I actually get to talk to them because the college and class sizes are so small. I am able to design my own major, study whatever I want, even if there aren't classes about it, and take advantage of the immense resources of UMass Amherst without having to go to a gigantic school. However, every year it gets more and more expensive, I'm not allowed to live off campus, and the food isn't the best.
Hampshire College has a wonderful campus in a beautiful area of Massachusetts. The academic system is unique and provides immense flexibility. You have access to Amherst, UMASS Amherst, Mt Holyoke, and Smith classes as well.
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Hampshire College offers an experience like non-other. In a welcoming community of students sets to change the world you are able to find yourself. Learning which of the many of the world issues that you find passion in, and then begin to apply it to a positive change in society.
My experience at Hampshire has been really eye opening. I am learning that it is a school that needs a lot of change but the academics are amazing.
I'm the happiest I've been in years here and count down the days until I get her go back when we'return on break so I think that says a lot.
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