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Stellar school, it's fairly conservative but even a liberal, bisexual mixed kid like me can find a home at good ol' Sydney
Hampden Sydney, as I have been exposed to it, provides a small classroom setting and Socrati-type structure to its curriculum. The resources available to students and the assistance provided by the faculty and staff was like that of no other.
Hampden-Sydney College is near and dear to my heart. During my time there, I was pushed harder than I could have ever imagined, not to simply memorize the material and regurgitate, but to apply, think critically, analyze, and grow as an individual. I made friends I'll never forget, collaborated with world-class professors, learned to write and communicate effectively, and developed a powerful network that has played a key role in my professional success. I hope to one day give back to the college that has given me so much.
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This school is the true meaning of brotherhood. Hampden-Sydney College is great with small classes and professors that care. I really like for all of our football games from freshman to all the alumni that come and support the team. This school makes going away to college an amazing experience.
What I've experienced on campus has been mediocre at best. While there may be activities available to distinguish yourself from the rest of the student body, this is mainly because most of the students don't have any drive. Academics is the best experience on campus, but this can be found at most colleges. The reputation of the school is something to worry about here as outside of schools with close connections to the campus, reputation as a "Hampden-Sydney Man" is that of alcoholism and ignorance. This is true as you will encounter people that party frequently and engage in different types of drugs. As an active student with fine arts and on campus activities with minorities and student run organizations, I've found that most interactions with people mainly reflected around discussing alcohol and non-academic activities. RAs and professors will party and drink with freshman. I am currently looking to transfer and would strongly suggest reconsidering your decision to come here.
This is as you know it is a all male college. This college has very good professors. The professors are easy to talk to and ask for help! HSC has a very good reputation within the state of Vrigina. Everyone is nice and welcoming. The pledge you sign is awesome. I can leave my stuff around with out it getting stolen. The buidlings are awesome, and they provide us students with plenty of study spaces. The staff are very willing to help you no matter what. The dorms are C rated altough. Overall, this college is great!
Hampden Sydney is an excellent school with great academics and sports. Hampden Sydney does not just prepare a student for getting a job or being accepted to graduate school; it prepares him for life.
Hampden-Sydney is an amazing College. The College has high expectations and all are expected to do well. When I was looking at Colleges I was set on Emory and Henry and then I had my visit at Hampden-Sydney and I know that this was the school for me.
Great college with a lot of tradition and majority of courses are meat and potato classes not a lot of silly ones. If you go and graduate you will come out a much better person with a remarkable amount of learning.
Hampden-Sydney College provided me the opportunity to receive a premier liberal arts education, meet and make life-long friends, share thought provoking discussions in the classroom, travel abroad, and develop a common sense leadership approach amongst peers in an evolving environment - with an emphasis on integrity, morals, and ethics. Having graduated from "H-SC" and now an Active Duty Army Officer, I am most thankful for the principles I gained from this historic institution.
Incredible School. Great Environment. Classes are very interesting, primarily taught in the Socratic method. Professors greatly emphasize critical thinking. The Honors Program, Wilson Leadership Center, Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy, and the many clubs (that you get to lead) always give you something fun to do during the week. Weekends provide a great opportunity to relax and party or go do something fun with one of the campus groups. I'm loving it!
Hampden Sydney has been a life changing experience for me as a scholar, gentleman and person. I have found one of the greatest treasures in the south. Hampden Sydney is a small liberal arts school in central Virginia with a long and proud history. I was accepted into several bigger schools like JMU but felt at home in a smaller school. I like being able to talk with my professors on a personal level outside of the classroom. Im more that just student 247. Im a genuine human being. The campus is absolutely beautiful. All the buildings are a classic federal design with Georgian touches. I have found friends and my spot in the community here. There is honestly nowhere else I would rather be.
There's truly no place like Hampden-Sydney College. The brotherhood makes this place special; everyone knows everyone. Students and professors are able to have discussions both inside and outside the classroom. The professors here teach students how to think for themselves! The tradition of honor here really distinguishes the college because it creates a great sense of trust among the students. There are numerous clubs and organizations in which a person can get involved. I could go on and on about the college. I have nothing bad to say about Hampden-Sydney College.
My feeling about this school is that it is the best place on Earth. Coming from Richmond, Virginia allows me to be close to home if I ever choose to head that way, but that is a very rare occurrence. Whether you are considering attending or a current student, everyone is welcome here. Honestly, I understand how the thought of a small, all male, liberal arts school in rural Farmville, Virginia could make many people stay away. But, once on campus, you will realize how great this truly is. We have ladies visit on the weekends, everything a student will need is within a short walk from his room, and a liberal arts education really allows for a student to develop a knowledge of all majors before deciding on one. I highly recommend my home, my school, Hampden-Sydney, to everyone I meet because I truly believe this was the best decision I ever made.
Hampden-Sydney is a great school with professors who want you to succeed. However, there isn't much to do besides going to the Circle. If you come here be prepared to put in the work, because it requires a lot of time to get good grades here. The weekends are very fun and everyone here is very close to one another. Not a very diverse student population, mostly white conservatives but many are polite about their views. Athletics are taken pretty seriously and the facilities are very good for a Division III school. The food and housing isn't the best but the connections that you have after school are fantastic, alumni are always happy to help in whatever way possible and as long as you are looking you'll be able to find someone who has a connection for something you want.
Hampden-Sydney is completely unique. Great institution, great athletics, and big social scene on a few weekends each semester. Surprisingly lonely vibe on the campus, however, as a student discovers once going there. This college is for some guys, and not others. If you can cope with the "off the grid" feel, you can survive H-SC. Beautiful campus. Worst food and dining hall in the nation.
Hampden-Sydney College is a unique place due its all-male status and its rhetoric program. I would choose my school every time due to its strong brotherhood. When I was searching for a college HSC stood out to me, and that is why it was my top choice and my only choice.
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I really like our school for what it is. It provides a great location, a beautiful campus, and a tremendous education.
The classes I'm taking are really interesting. I like the size of the school, and the people in the school. I'm worried about the post-graduation my school offers. The tuition is really expensive too, so I'm trying to find ways to pay it.
I've made some great friends and Hampden-Sydney was definitely the best decision for me.
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