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It's a great campus with lots of opportunity! I loved my time at Hamline and I felt comfortable and I got along with with everyone I met on campus.
This school is very liberal and it’s very open about the complicated issues in today’s society. I feel very welcomed and it’s a safe environment. The professors are very kind and you actually get to know them and they know you. The only thing I would change is make it slightly bigger since it’s quite a small campus. Also we have to pay for printing which I rather have included in the tuition.
Look Hamline is not a great school. Academically it holds its' own because of the small classroom sizes and passionate professors it is easy to learn. That being said there is a lot more bad than good. Those professors are not paid nearly what they should be because the school has so much debt, this results in a lot of professor turnover. Socially this school is also pretty dead, the frat here is a joke and only about 1 in 3 parties are worth going to. I've heard people say "you aren't a true Hamline student until you hate Hamline" and I think that that's pretty true.
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I love the sense of community that Hamline has. The diversity is great. The professors are awesome. I wish it wasn’t so expensive and there were more scholarships that Hamline offered.
Hamline University is a very welcoming school. They put so much emphasis on acceptance on campus ground. A diverse school with lots of open opportunities.
They're bad at sorting out money and where to put it, but the professors are cool. If you want an ellcellent education I don't recommend this place
I have greatly enjoyed my time at Hamline. All of the professors are extremely helpful in guiding you towards the next step in your life. The variety of coursework and requirements lets you explore options you normally wouldn't think about. Like all liberal arts schools, it's a little biased. Nevertheless, I've had a fun time at Hamline and have learned a lot.
There are some issue but the school is overall a good university to go to and have dedicated professors to connect to. Their Education Program is also very good and is one of the reason I decided to attend.
Professors are very good and willing to work with students. Campus is beautiful and safe. The dorms are pretty nice, and dining hall options are very good. Don't hear much about the party scene, though it is there.
The campus at Hamline is just gorgeous with its gardens and lawns. The students are so nice and diverse, many different personas and opinions.
Hamline is one of the best Liberal Arts school because it provides resources to help support students and has a small class setting. Many colleges teach students to be successful. However, Hamline teaches students to be different. Hamline students are not afraid to speak out against situations that need to be justified and has sparked more diversity on campus.
Since transferring to Hamline, I have found that students and staff are both very friendly. I enjoy the area and have met great people. I also am ejoying school, as I have finally found what I enjoy-finance.
Hamline University creates a place for many different communities. Being a small enough school that personal connections can be created and maintained is really important and yet there are always people you have yet to meet. The campus is kept up very well and theres a good sense of community. Different changes are an open conversation and fosters a sense of trust and respect.
Great place for academic success and feeling like you are a part of social change/community development. Worth the investment, and they provide generous financial aid. The faculty are invested in the students and also have tremendous experience in their respective fields.
Hamline is a very small campus. But it also great, because you get to know your professors and they get to know you as well. The classes are small and classmates are really respectful and polite. I wouldn't want anything to change, because it is great as it is.
Simply put Hamline is an okay school, there are much better ones in the area. There is much frustration within the student body about the new President and her decision to overhaul the current curriculum and to get rid of free J-term. Many professors seem to be leaving or are just adjuncts who don't really care, that being said there are also many dedicated and caring professors in the university too. The dorms are also awful here, live off campus. Overall you could find a much better school than this one to attend.
Great community, wonderful teachers, expensive tuition. They have events for stress relief, a well-kept gym, and cafeteria. Just a bit north there are stores and malls that contain all the necessities for living and entertainment.
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The college experience here wouldn't suit people who're loud and very outgoing, if you were to live on campus. There really isn't much to do here at Hamline because it's such a small campus. On the bright side, there's a decent amount of restaurants here but some of them can seem a bit pricey. When there are school events going on here on campus, it's usually a small amount that shows up and has very few people of color there. But, because it's such a small campus, it's fairly easy to connect with your professors.
You will get as much out of Hamline as you want to. The price tag of a Hamline education is not worth it if you're not going into a field with large salaries. My minimum student loan payment is 75% of what I make in a month and I work nearly 50 hours/week. My advice to any students looking into college- visit the financial aid office as much as you can. The scholarship money they give you freshman years stays the same while tuition increases by at least a thousand every year. If you are paying for college on your own, Hamline is not worth the debt after graduation.
I have loved my experience so far at Hamline University. It is a small school with a lot to offer. The theatre program here is a great program. It gives students ample opportunity to not only work in the theatre but also learn how to budget and manage a theatre. I have gotten so many great opportunities. The faculty here has a lot of experience and can help with so many things from personal to academic.
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