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Coming to HU has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! The professors are great and very knowledgeable.
The classes are great at Hamline University. The professors really care about their students and their students future. The food is not that good and also most of the sports team at Hamline are pretty bad compared to the other competition. The campus is very safe in my opinion and security will drive you in a one mile radius to wherever in that radius.
I enjoyed my experience with Hamline. The were very through and answered any questions I may have had. They pointed me in the direction I wanted to go
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The students and the campus is fairly nice, but as far as the school aiding its student its fairly bad. There have been countless times, where I've gone to the student administrative office for help, and not gotten it. Personally I think that its the schools job to ensure this doesn't happen.
As of now I am a Junior at Hamline University. The university offers a lot of great resources such as tutoring if you are having a hard time getting through your classes. A career research center that provide helpful tips and advices for current students who are not sure what they want to do or be. Hamline University is a small private school in Saint Paul and is by the main light rail. This is an accessible way to get around the Twin Cities, which makes Hamline University an outstanding college.
Hamline University is home to a very progressive and inclusive community. Hamline offers endless opportunity - if there is something that you want to do, something that you dream of, the amazing faculty and staff do their best to make it a reality.
My father attended Hamline University, and my sister is currently a first-year student. They both are in love with the campus, community, and overall feel of the school. The school made the transition from High School to college much easier. I am proud to say I belong to a family of Pipers!
I am a sophomore at Hamline this year. I am from a small town, so I wanted to move to the city for a change of scenery. Hamline is a small school, so I figured that it would be much more in my comfort zone. I really enjoyed my first year here. The food was decent, my dorm room was nice and big, and the campus is very well kept and pretty. I did not experience much student life despite living on campus. Many students go home on the weekends, so it was a bit difficult to meet people. Overall, going to school here has been a good experience. I do think some of the buildings could use some renovations, though.
Something that I really like about Hamline is their flex-curriculum. It's possible to quadruple major here if you come in with a good amount of credits and are a motivated student. You can also write a proposal stating the name of a major you wish to create for yourself. Professors and staff will guide you in the pursuit after a council approves your created major. However, if there were one thing I'd change, it'd be the structure of the buildings. Being an old university, some of the buildings could use renewal. While that's been happening slowly, the room for improvement is certainly visible.
Hamline is a diverse, welcoming environment that I enjoyed being at a lot. It was the perfect school for me at the time and I enjoyed the small campus while still having the big city feel. The only downside I would say to Hamline is the cost. The cost really varies per student BUT unfortunately I was one of the students who paid a lot of money to go there.
I absolutely loved my education experience at Hamline University. All of my professors were attentive to my needs. I graduated with a double major in elementary education and psychology in less than 4 years. With no transfers going into Hamline University. The only thing that was hard was a lot of students hometowns were nearby, so a lot of students went home on the weekends.
I absolutely love this school. It's way underrated. Check out the professor's backgrounds, they will surprise you. Many of my professors had their Bachelor's from Ivy Leagues, and others at least held their PhD from top universities. It's basically Top university education within a small campus. Every faculty member is definitely trying to help, if not going an extra mile to help. The only con is the tuition. Even after scholarships it's still going to cost you a chunk.
I have highly enjoyed my first two years at Hamline. Moving half way across the country was a hard descision to make but I am so happy I decided to make it. There are great people here, it's in an awesome location, and wonderful staff. Professors are nice and helpful no matter what. You're located in St. Paul but far enough from downtown that you dont experience much traffic and you still get the small town feeling while on/around campus.
I love Hamline! Everyone here is so nice and helpful, I always feel safe on the campus, I have access to practically everything I need on campus, teachers are practically always available when I need help, and they have all the majors and minors I could want!
Beautiful campus, encouraging professors and faculty. Everyone on campus is always happy and wants to connect. Classes are small and allow a lot more personalized and discussion based instruction.
Campus is smaller than other universities, professors and other faculty members are really nice and helpful. There are a fair amount of programs offered here and with the Hamline Plan, it allows you to be more flexible with your courses in order to graduate. In terms of other students, people are more introverted here but fairly nice. Overall a nice compact school.
It is far too expensive for what it is. Residential Life office does NOT care about the students, same with Student Accounts office. So many qualms with Hamline.
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I like it here, it's small and the school offers help to anyone in need almost the time. Professors can teach and offer great ways to interact with the classroom and are dedicated to their field. So overall its cool.
lots of academic scholarships awarded
student professor ratio

low diversity
pampers athletes
dorms are awful
Hamline has a great campus and welcoming atmosphere. All of the professors I met were passionate about what they do. The campus was nice and compact, giving it distinction from the surrounding city.
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