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Campus is smaller than other universities, professors and other faculty members are really nice and helpful. There are a fair amount of programs offered here and with the Hamline Plan, it allows you to be more flexible with your courses in order to graduate. In terms of other students, people are more introverted here but fairly nice. Overall a nice compact school.
It is far too expensive for what it is. Residential Life office does NOT care about the students, same with Student Accounts office. So many qualms with Hamline.
I like it here, it's small and the school offers help to anyone in need almost the time. Professors can teach and offer great ways to interact with the classroom and are dedicated to their field. So overall its cool.
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lots of academic scholarships awarded
student professor ratio

low diversity
pampers athletes
dorms are awful
Hamline has a great campus and welcoming atmosphere. All of the professors I met were passionate about what they do. The campus was nice and compact, giving it distinction from the surrounding city.
Decent but unless you're involved in something it's hard to make friends. The professors are amazing.
I have enjoyed the classes taken so far. In my specific field of study there are many changes taking place, which is causing miscommunication between faculty and students. This has created much confusion and stress for me.
My overall experience with Hamline University is great. The class size is perfect for someone who likes small class sizes and a personal connection with their professors. This university is also really into social justice and the LGBTQ community, so for those who are passionate about those things, Hamline is perfect for them. However, the negative things about Hamline is that since it is a liberal arts school, each student is required to take a certain amount of diversity, humanity, fine arts, etc. classes. Another thing is that the food on campus does not have a good variety and the only other option to the cafeteria is subway, which is on the other end of campus.
Hamline University is a great college for people that like small class sizes and a convenient campus. They have many different teams, clubs, organizations, and leadership opportunities on campus. You get the chance to know your classmates as well as the professor and have that one-to-one interaction that many people are looking for. Overall, Hamline University makes everyone feel welcome and provides the students with knowledge that will last a lifetime.
Hamline's campus is beautiful. I loved how small it is but it just didn't seem like the best fit for me. There was a small classroom ratio but I like being around people. Socializing with other people is the best way to make connections in the world of business. Going to a small, tight-knit school wasn't going to do that for me personally.
The people and faculty are very nice and friendly. The requirements for the curriculum seem a bit much, and it's very expensive. The campus isn't the safest; I am on the track team and during a practice, several teammates had their stuff stolen by non-Hamline people, and Hamline didn't do anything about it. The campus is very involved in the public, but the public in this area isn't the best; there are constant sirens, and there was even a shooting/murder that happened right in front my dorm. Asides from the lack of safety and how expensive it is, its a good school.
I liked the small classes and how the teachers were engaged with their students. I like how diverse the campus is. I would change the remodeling of some places in the school, it is very old and some places are run down.
What I like about Hamline is the school and communities diversity and student involvement. I also really admire the student to teacher ratio, classroom sizes, and the major/ class variety in options. Those are the important things that I took into consideration and those are what made Hamline my first choice school. I really appreciate how involved the staff are with the students and that's what makes the school really enjoyable.
I graduated from Hamline in 2016. I can confidently say that my decision to attend Hamline was the best decision I could have made. The professors are excellent, and I met some of my best friends here. You definitely get out what you put into your program.
During my first year at Hamline, I have grown already with so many people. The campus is beautiful and everything about it just feels like home.
I am about to start my second semester as a freshman at Hamline University, and I have had very little to complain about. My professors first semester were all so helpful and invested in truly helping their students succeed. Their office hours were always super open to students, and they were some of the friendliest people I have met. Although the school is originally very expensive, they offer many scholarships and loans through financial aid that make attending the university infinitely more affordable. Classes were neither too easy nor too difficult. They were just enough work to challenge me, but not overwhelm me. If I had any complaints about Hamline, they would fall into the residential life category. My dorm is very old and in need of some renovation. The toilets and showers are always broken, and the elevator does not always work. The size of my room is perfect, though. Unfortunately I will not be living on campus next year due to the old living facilities, though.
Serious within department conflicts amongst professors and administration, low-yield research opportunities that are preferentially distributed to non-transfer students, little-to-no within department student employment opportunities, and very high variance in educational competency. I would seriously not recommend this institution for psychology majors.
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It's a great campus with lots of opportunity! I loved my time at Hamline and I felt comfortable and I got along with with everyone I met on campus.
This school is very liberal and it’s very open about the complicated issues in today’s society. I feel very welcomed and it’s a safe environment. The professors are very kind and you actually get to know them and they know you. The only thing I would change is make it slightly bigger since it’s quite a small campus. Also we have to pay for printing which I rather have included in the tuition.
Look Hamline is not a great school. Academically it holds its' own because of the small classroom sizes and passionate professors it is easy to learn. That being said there is a lot more bad than good. Those professors are not paid nearly what they should be because the school has so much debt, this results in a lot of professor turnover. Socially this school is also pretty dead, the frat here is a joke and only about 1 in 3 parties are worth going to. I've heard people say "you aren't a true Hamline student until you hate Hamline" and I think that that's pretty true.
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