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Hamilton College is a great liberal arts school that focuses a lot on writing, which I've found to help me a lot in job interviews and applications. It's a hard school, but a great community and you receive a wonderful education here.
The gyms have a lot of good equipment, and there are several places to do exercise beside weight lifting (basketball courts, pool, etc.)
I'm aware that it's going to be hard to get by in college, but the support system is definitely there. You just have to use it
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Hamilton alum are very involved with the school and the career center is great.
Professors are usually passionate and want to interact/help students.
There is little theft on campus and Hamilton is generally very safe. Hamilton students tend to leave their bags in the lib and there doors unlocked. The Health Center does need improvement and finding doctors close by can be difficult. There are plans to improve services in the coming years.
There is no longer any off campus housing, so everybody lives on the hill. There are a great selection of dorms on both sides of campus.
There is no greek housing allowed, so Hamilton does not have the same greek culture as many other schools. Sororities/Fraternities often host all campus parties and are a good way to meet people, but membership is by no means an essential part of night life. Some organizations are centered around sports teams, but most are differentiated by personality type.
Varsity sports don't have a huge impact on campus life. Rugby and frisbee are both really popular club sports and are easy to join.
The glen around the college is one of the best and most unique features of Hamilton. There is endless exploring and bonfires to be had. If you are from a big city, you'll be amazed by how great it is to be able to take a forest walk as a study break. The glen is just one part of Hamilton's focus on the outdoors. Both the outing club and the environmental studies departments are thriving, close knit communities.
I haven't personally needed these resources yet, but I know the are helpful and very available.
Most of my professors have been excellent and I have had great interaction with them.
Campus crime is very low and not too many instances occur.
I think the overall quality of housing here is great with lots of different options.
This school is much more focused on academics than athletics, but it is still fun.
Most of my professors and classes have been excellent.
I have never felt afraid on campus. Crime will happen anywhere, but it is minimal here. At Hamilton, you can leave your laptop and phone on a desk for days unattended and no one will touch it. That is not an exaggeration. If I lost my wallet today, it would be where I left it tomorrow.
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You can run into a bad professor anywhere, but you can't run into the best professors anywhere. I have so many great mentors who were my professors in the past few years. The courses are great because you really have a voice in them and feel involved in what is going on.
The network is amazing and the value of a degree here is high, but since we don't have a ton of diverse specialized majors, that can stand in the way of certain career paths.
We have walk-in closets, spacious rooms, and you can always live with friends. The housing down the hill is a little inconvenient, but some of those buildings have singles with their own bathrooms, so even that has perks. My friends at other schools are all jealous of the dorms here.
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