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Hallmark University is a great campus! All of the staff members are fantastic because they really care about your education. Hallmark University also has great resources everything is online which is perfect nowadays. We also have a great student life and development department with a lot of services available to students. For example, we have a graduate placement program which helps students with resumes, interviews and job search. Also we have campus ministry so we have prayer meetings, biblical leadership for excellence, and 1347 gathering. Our campus ministry is phenomenal. We also have student organizations and those include: Honor society, student ambassadors, presidents council. I do not think I want anything changed about this school I think it is great!
This is the college for driven, technical, introverts. The campus is cozy and easy to navigate. My classes have students ranging from ages 16 to 47. It is Veteran friendly, and I have my general class schedule mapped out for the next 2 years. I love the structure, the fact that key leaders know who I am, and that they walk you through the basics so everyone can start class with a solid foundation. They build character and knowledge.
Very good teaching staff and the courses are designed to help you succeed. You never feel like you will be left behind. Also the classroom quality is very good. The location of the college is good. It’s easy to get to and to lovate
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Real hands on experience with computer technology. Instructors who work in the field they are teaching.
The staff are friendly and willing to help students succeed. The class size is small, which allows students to have more attention from their instructors. So far my future looks bright!
The interaction within the students is great and the interaction with the professors and students is high as well. The school builds a nice community within itself.
There are many different cultures among the school along with every other diversity in San Antonio. It is very pleasing to know that they offer equal opportunity here.
The tuition is worth every class that I am taking at this school. The financial aid was helpful in making sure that all my tuition would be budgeted and organized. They provide scholarship opportunities and loans. The support from the school on the financial aspect is very helpful and kind.
After completing the nursing program, the school helps you obtain a job in your career field. This helps the student advance their use of education and helps them find a job.
The campus is very accessible and sufficient for the programs they offer. I was very pleased with the campus.
It's been an awesome experience my classmates are very supportive and have pushed me to get better grades
Instructors are very knowledgeable respectful and truly care for your education
Class size at night classes is good small focused adults
No online courses only supplementary information (power points) for classes on blackboard
I'm not taking any online classes my classes are classroom
My classes are at night so my classmates are more career focused
They introduced a tool purchase for new students when you graduate wish my class was part of that
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Learn hands on experience needed for real world
Curriculum is progressing for the better
Some hands on equipment needs work appearance wise
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