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My experience at Halifax Community College has been very different than what I expected. I thought when I first came that it would be hard to adapt to but it was very adaptable.
This is my first semester at Halifax Community College. I am currently in the Dental Hygiene program and I am expected to graduate in May of 2019. My experience with the college so far has been very positive. The staff is nice and are very helpful. There is a ton of room for parking. The Dental Hygiene department is simply amazing. I have also heard the food in the cafeteria is like eating a home made meal!
Classes are good for you your convenient for working students.
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The great staff and students that attend.
I have had a great overall experience at the school.
some graduates are not in the field they graduated in. they are doing other fields or upgrading their field.
good, but to much of a workload at times.
The students are funny, helpful, and friendly. If you need help the students will help you. It doesn't matter if you are not in the same field of major.
Yes, the college gets full grants for the spring and the fall semesters, but if you have to enroll in the summer semester you are responsible for your tuition and your books. These are classes need for you to graduate. Most students can't afford it, so they don't graduate on time.
Career Center has not helped most students because jobs are limited. The school has a job e-mail that lets students know what jobs are open in the community, but they don't help you to achieve getting the job which is the goal.
At times the work is overwhelming because most students work full-time and all students have families at home. The work load can be a lot.
You learn a lot in the field you are majoring in, but it is often hard to find jobs in that field.
Campus has an open gym for students and public.You just sign in for a visitors pass using student or personal ID. The library has a great book selection and computer lab for resources. The food court has great food and a quit and cozy atmosphere. It is campus friendly.
My schedule gets messed up every semester. I say I want this and this but then I have to correct them to get the classes I need.
the school is predominantly black so everything seems to revolve around that. It seems like student diversity is okay but either African American or more geeky.
The library is pretty nice but smells really musty.
Registering for class was easy. The hardest part was finding out information about private loans.
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The admissions office is ok but they seem a little "too" busy to help. Alot of things I had to go from person to person
Some days with classes I can schedule it around my life as a mother and worker, but then others it's just not possible. You will have some teachers who will work with you, but then others who will not bend.
I wish there was more diversity on campus, because mainly all we are introduced to are those who went to high school with.
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