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I completed all my prerequisite with 62 credits, very good school with an qualified resource center to help student with home works and help in any subjects. But it very difficult to get into their Nursing program. since I have tried for over two years.
Hagerstown Community College has been an outstanding opportunity for me with helping me explore more possible outcomes in life. I have learned to take on new paths that come my way and go above and beyond on things that could help better my future.
So far it has been nothing but excellant! Everyone from students to staff have been very and thoroughly helpful and encouraging.
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Hagerstown Community College is truly such an amazing place. It's a hidden gem. Too many people hate on community colleges, but they're a great investment and it's such a good school.
There is always someone that is willing to help you with whatever you need. It could be school work, grades, or even help on how to join a club or sport.
I really love the LSC where I can receive help on any subject for free. I also love how students can connect with teachers and not just be a number in a classroom. However I really do not like how the college caters to the new Middle college students. At points this college feels like a glorified high school and is one reason I am transferring out.
Amazing professors, wide variety of classes to take. Many great resources to get help, learn, tutor. LSC is a great building for quiet time to study and do homework. Clean buildings, awesome technology. Really good diversity in culture and age.
My first semester was a little rough but that’s all a part of a first time in college. I had to get used to the norms. But I’ve made some sacrifices and changes for me to have good grades this semester. For example, I had to get more study habits, going to bed on time because I would have early classes. What I like about Hagerstown Community college is the people are so friendly and a clean environment. I would change the prices of the food in the café, better security, more clubs and recreational involvement.
The campus food is terribly overpriced. The professors are either hit or miss, some are wonderful, some are terrible. Although the tuition is fairly reasonable.
Hagerstown Community College was great when I first started but after that first semester it was like they quit trying. I found so much help in the first semester but after that I did not. The learning support center was my favorite but they never had enough staff or enough time to help. I even tried planning study sessions and all the teachers were at different places in the class so we went over stuff I had already learned.
The college all together is not one I would recommend. A lot of times I ended up buying books that were never even opened in the class but I was told to get them.
Hagerstown Community College is a great, affordable school. The people, teachers, athletics and education is a great thing to be apart of. It is a safe and small campus that offers so many different opportunists everyday for any student who is interested.
Hagerstown Community College is a good place to earn general education credits, an associate's degree, or a certificate for vocational training. It has a really nice campus, and almost all of the buildings and facilities are new and up to date. The campus life is not as active as it would be at a residential school, but students can spend free time in the student center, which houses the cafeteria, a small coffee shop, cafeteria space, a gaming room, and an area for ping pong. The cafeteria food is not great overall, but you can find something you like among the wide range of options available.
I have to study more and attendance is important or it will impact grade. I like how there is a lot more resources available to help you succeed and teacher who have specific hours to help struggling students. Overall my experience is positive and stressful.
Courses were mostly engaging. Most of mine were online. Cyber program was really good. Professors were mostly pretty helpful. The cyber program is in its infancy but shows great promise with the professors leading it.
I really enjoyed my experience at HCC. I attended HCC for two years before transferring and I'm very glad I did. Not only did I save a lot of money, I got a great education. Some of the classes can be challenging but the professors truly do whatever they can to help you succeed. I didn't have a professor I didn't like. There are so many friendly people there. I made a lot of friends just from sitting in their student center and studying. I definitely recommend the school.
Decent amount of classes offered, good for those who prefer smaller classes. Great campus and friendly.
I'm a 48 year old mother and wife. I walked into Hagerstown Community College,little nervous, but God giving me and push and inspiration, therefore I held my head high. All the students that were working in admissions, financial aide. The councilor really worked with me helping show me the instructions and it of college. I met a wonderful lady, Jamie, in the disability Dept. You see here comes more anxiety, because now I have to tell her I have a head injury from and assult. I have short term memory lose, anxiety, PTSD, and panick attacks. I'm here to challenge myself, push on , and stand tall.
Jamie was so supportive! And most of all gave me ALL the support I need,that the college provides. Even, down to having a security escort in the evening to and from class! Very impressed! Very professional, and accommodating.
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Professors are phenomenal! I have not had a single one that was not completely dedicated to my learning and successful outcome in the class. I have learned so much and have only been on campus for one year. I am so happy with my decision to attend school here. It is very close to home, the commute is like a walk in the park.
I have really enjoyed attending Hagerstown Community College (HCC) for the past two years. The professors that I have had for my classes have been very good. The courses are challenging enough for this level of academics. One of the greatest services at HCC is the Learning Support Center where tutors are available for free for students. While taking my chemistry courses, I was able to get by through the help of a chemistry tutor which was a tremendous help.
I loved my college experience at HCC. The professors work one on one with you. The cost of HCC is very budget friendly. The area is definitely not a party scene like at larger colleges but there are bars/some clubs to hang out with your friends at.
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