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I really enjoyed my experience at HCC. I attended HCC for two years before transferring and I'm very glad I did. Not only did I save a lot of money, I got a great education. Some of the classes can be challenging but the professors truly do whatever they can to help you succeed. I didn't have a professor I didn't like. There are so many friendly people there. I made a lot of friends just from sitting in their student center and studying. I definitely recommend the school.
Decent amount of classes offered, good for those who prefer smaller classes. Great campus and friendly.
I'm a 48 year old mother and wife. I walked into Hagerstown Community College,little nervous, but God giving me and push and inspiration, therefore I held my head high. All the students that were working in admissions, financial aide. The councilor really worked with me helping show me the instructions and it of college. I met a wonderful lady, Jamie, in the disability Dept. You see here comes more anxiety, because now I have to tell her I have a head injury from and assult. I have short term memory lose, anxiety, PTSD, and panick attacks. I'm here to challenge myself, push on , and stand tall.
Jamie was so supportive! And most of all gave me ALL the support I need,that the college provides. Even, down to having a security escort in the evening to and from class! Very impressed! Very professional, and accommodating.
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Professors are phenomenal! I have not had a single one that was not completely dedicated to my learning and successful outcome in the class. I have learned so much and have only been on campus for one year. I am so happy with my decision to attend school here. It is very close to home, the commute is like a walk in the park.
I have really enjoyed attending Hagerstown Community College (HCC) for the past two years. The professors that I have had for my classes have been very good. The courses are challenging enough for this level of academics. One of the greatest services at HCC is the Learning Support Center where tutors are available for free for students. While taking my chemistry courses, I was able to get by through the help of a chemistry tutor which was a tremendous help.
I loved my college experience at HCC. The professors work one on one with you. The cost of HCC is very budget friendly. The area is definitely not a party scene like at larger colleges but there are bars/some clubs to hang out with your friends at.
As a student at HCC, I feel as though I have been accepted into a family that is committed to nothing but my success. The professors here are great, the administration is so happy and the buzz about campus is one that promotes the betterment of one's self.
My experience at Hagerstown Community College has been nothing but the best. The professors here are friendly and eager to help. The resources and facilities here are amazing. The cost is very affordable.
Hagerstown Community College is a great school. In my experience going they have many career starting courses that you would need. Also, because of those courses you can go from think you want one career to taking class for another.
Great college located near PA/MD border. Has lots of opportunity available. The price is reasonable and there are many extra curricular activities open to students.
HCC is a wonderful school if you plan to get your bachelors, I just graduated with my associate degree and I am already using my degree. Most of the teachers are really helpful and want to help you succeed. The college is cheap compared to most other schools.
great school for the price located in the large city of Hagerstown MD, lots of stuff to do locally like shopping and restaurants.
As a full time online student living within a mile of the campus I enjoy the convenience of online classes and easy access to the campus counselors, administrators, teachers and the learning center where we take our mid-term and final exams. The campus food is great.
My experience at HCC has been nothing but positive. From staff to peers, it is a place where learning takes priority, goals are not only made, they are reached, and I've love my experience here.
My experience at Hagerstown CC was pretty excellent. The teachers were well educated on what they were teaching. I was involved in athletics also, however, athletic teams were limited and funding was limited. Although the limited funding, the team experience was great and helped my education experience.
I currently attend Hagerstown Community College as a sophomore earning my Associates in Business Administration. This community college has great return on investment. You can earn a two year degree at an affordable rate with good teachers and programs. Most classes have so far been easy to transfer to many four year schools. This is an excellent school to get your college education started.
I would my experience with Hagerstown community college is really good. Help is their we needed and you have certain study groups that can help you with your work. The professors do show passion in what they are teaching, and some of the professors do care about their students grades
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I like it because one on one time is easily available
Fairly good I liked it a lot
I'm glad I chose the community college route. It has enabled me to start college early and it makes my schedule very flexible
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