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H. Councill Trenholm State Community College Reviews

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My experience here at Trenholm has been a good one. The professors that I have had are pretty great at teaching the material and definitely know their stuff. I do wish though that the course materials would be a bit difficult, but maybe that's where upper level courses come into play.
My experience with H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is going good so far. I am enjoying being a part of the ultrasound program there.
The employee's of Trenholm State are very welcoming and have no issue with helping someone in need. More importantly, the students are kind and very involved with campus activities and the college helps out generously with the community, which is important. Overall, it is reasonably priced, therefore we have a very diverse community college.
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My experience so far hasn't been good. I had to go through way too much to get my pell grant that I really shouldn't have, and they don't give student loans and my pell grant didn't even cover the cost of school
This college has just upgraded to a community college so I am sure more is to come with the campus, food, etc. If you looking for a party school. this is not it. But if you are a working adult and just need to take classes or a student that's not into the party scene, then this is the school for you.
The teachers will definitely work with you! They are all very supportive. I would just like the teacher to be a littler stricter, so students will understand that college isn’t Highschool anymore. But overall, I’m very happy with my choice to go to trenholm state.
I just completed my first year at Trenholm State Technical College,and I finished with a 3.6 GPA. The facility are very helpful,and they helped me enroll without having any issues. I would like for my school to start a RN program so I can continue my education.
Financial aid was easy, if you qualify.
They may need more instructors. overall, academic life is ok.
Have good classes and definitely like how the teachers work with your schedule. Good school so far. Has a lot of different programs you can get
H. Councill Trenholm State Community College is the only 2 yr public school in Montgomery, AL. The Patterson Campus is now undergoing renovations. New programs were introduced, to include 2 yr General Ed degree. I am a student in the Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Program, and love it. Trenholm State Community College is great source for businesses to pull from when recruiting for new, and quality employees. It is also a great school for the students to gain valuable skill, and education that qualifies them for employment. If a student chose to take his/her education beyond Trenholm, they are able to transfer.
The nursing program is horrible. There are not enough instructors and they load all the work on one teacher who is really sweet and has been there for many years. The teacher that teaches psych and second level of med surg is confusing. She'll say one thing but do the opposite. That same teacher passes students that really shouldn't even progress and would be fired if Alabama Board of Nursing found out.
Just stated like month ago not sure
I've just started my freshmen year it's an okay school classes are small if you want ultimate college experiences Go to a University
well i am a freshman so it great they have full time class
Trenholm is a great school and your credit can be transfer to explicts education
Its not that big of a workload
My professerors make our program fun and Educational.
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Most of our students find jobs in the filled during the program or after.
I major in Cullinary and the teachers are great. The program is well thought out i could tell they put alot of work into the program.
If i was to choose schools all over again i wouldnt, i love my school !
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