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Coming into Gwynedd Mercy my Freshman year I didn't know what to expect. I wasn't sure if College was for me or if playing College athletics would be for me. When I finally got acclimated to the campus and the faculty I can honestly say it is a home away from home. The friendly environment that is shown on campus through all members of this community has made this a memorable experience. The coaches and the Athletic Training staff have created a fantastic culture that makes it easy to be a college Athlete. My experience has been different from other as I was able to experience the athletic side of it too. Being a part of a team on campus allowed me to have better time management and has allowed me to grow not only as an athlete but as a student too. I have enjoyed my time on Campus thus far. They challenge you to think and be creative. But they also show support and are in your corner every step of the way and only want the best and to watch you succeed.
My experience with Gwynedd Mercy has been nothing but amazing and truly life changing. I feel in love with school as soon as I stepped on campus and I've never looked back. The faculty genuinely cares about your success and that was the personal connection I was looking for in a university. The students on campus are friendly and the living experience on campus is unmatched by most other colleges or universities. With every university there are thing that are not perfect but there are too many good things about Gwynedd that total eclipse the negatives.
Gwynedd Mercy University was the perfect place for me to pursue an education as well as furthering my athletic career. The classroom sizes are rather small, allowing for students to be more than 'just a number' in a lecture hall to our professors. GMercyU's professors not only know your name, but truly care about you and your success. In addition, being fortunate enough to continue my athletic career as a member of the men's lacrosse team was truly one of the most memorable aspects of my collegiate career. The friends I have made, the lessons learned, and experiences I have had playing lacrosse at Gwynedd Mercy University I will proudly carry with me upon graduation. The coaches emphasize excellence in academics to prepare us for our careers, while also pushing us to be the best athletes we can be. GMercyU truly was the perfect place for me to succeed in the classroom and on the lacrosse field as a student-athlete, and I am forever grateful for my 4 years here.
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My experience at Gwynedd Mercy University has only been great so far. It's a great community on this campus and I was able to meet wonderful professors and friends. I learned a lot, especially with the smaller class sizes and being able to fully interact with my professors. I was easily able to fit in with the vast amount of opportunities offered on campus. I joined many clubs along with finding a job on campus to further enrich my experience. I definitely couldn't ask for more and look forward to my future.
Horrible,racist, overpriced and organized. Might be ok for the working adult student, but do not send your children to live on campus here!
Overall, I feel Gwynedd provided me with an education that I will carry with my for a lifetime. There are some professors that are better than others, but that is just like every other school. What makes Gwynedd stand out is the close community it enables allowing you to feel like a family. I have made some of my best friends while attending this college. The only thing to be aware of is it is indeed a small college, and approximately 85% commuter school. There could definitely be more parking spaces, but other than that I have no major issues.
I love the supportive atmosphere. Their dissertation completion program is fantastic. I don't actually know about the dorms, party scene, etc. I've been to campus once for a residency for my online program. That was wonderful.
I thought was going to like the school and all, but the campus is very boring. It is not very active. The sports sucks there. they only have like 5 sports there and you can't really play if your are not really good, which make no sense, because they are divsion3. The academic at this school is okay, but not all that. You can go some where a even better education for a way cheaper cost. The food here sucks. A lot of students who come here do not return back for a second year or the next semester. The party here sucks. We have them off campus, because the school don't want to have it on campus. The place the party are held sucks. if you are not drunk or high- the party sucks. Everything is wrong with this campus. The students are nice the RA are helpful and the dorms are suitable- nothing special.
I just started at Gwynedd. So far I enjoy it. The campus has a lot of grass, which helps me personally because a green environment brings me peace when I'm stressed. College does tend to stress you out. The staff are all so kind and helpful. As I walked around the hallways, I looked a bit confused on where to go and what to do. Well that was enough for the staff to approach me and offer generous help. They also offer one on one assistance with just about anything! I got my schedule for the fall semester done within fifteen minutes thanks to the help of Gwynedd's staff members. Overall I'm excited to attend the university and think it's going to be worth the hard work.
The Biology department at Gwynedd was incredible. The student-teacher ratio is small, so you get the benefit of individual attention and in-depth assignments that prepare you well for graduate school. The community is very supportive and are interested in you as a full person, not just a tuition check. I can't recommend it enough.
I love the campus overall! Its really pretty! The professors are awesome, and they strive to help the students at this university to achieve success in various ways, whether that is sending us to the Academic Resource Center (ARC) to get help for a class that we may be struggling in, or allowing us to meet with them one on one to get help.
I love how the teacher to student ratio here at Gwynedd Mercy University. I have gotten to know most of my professors personally, which made communicating with them about certain issues so much easier. The people at this school are so extremely helpful and down to earth.
This institution has a beautiful campus and offers different curriculums, but it does favor the healthcare field. As for preparation for the workforce, I feel that the courses and topics covered do not prepare you well enough to work in your field. Each course seems to be rushed through and geared towards obtaining knowledge for the tests rather than for the workforce.
Gwynedd Mercy was a small community which is something I really wanted in a university. I had the ability to be a student-athlete, member of multiple clubs/organizations, study for my bachelor's degree, and work part-time. The faculty and staff were very helpful, especially when it came down to "crunch time" and finding a job. I graduated GMercyU on May 12th and secured a teaching position May 14th! I highly recommend Gwynedd Mercy University, especially to education majors!
My experience at Gwynedd Mercy University has been great. All the professors I have had are dedicated to seeing their students excel. They care about you and do not assign busy work; they present new materials in exciting ways that help you learn. The other students I have met are helpful; they are friendly and open to study groups. My favorite part of the University is the ARC, that is where students can go for tutoring and extra help.The only thing I would change about the university is the cost, the education is excellent, but I wish it were more affordable.
I chose to come to Gwynedd Mercy university because of the small class sizes. I really like the student-to-teacher ratio, and the free resources they offer to students!
I am going into my sophomore year this upcoming fall. The school is very focused in the academics which is what drew me to it. The campus is fairly small but still very decent.
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I am a second semester transfer sophomore and I could not be happier that I chose to transfer to Gwynedd. I have met so many great people and love being apart of the Education program here. I play two sports and I am thankful for everything Gwynedd has given me so far.
Being an adult learner with work & the primary caregiver for my mother. Gwynedd Mercy doctoral program fit perfectly into my lifestyle. Also the professor & staff were very supportive & helpful in helping me successfully complete my degree.
I like there activities for student/resident life. They need to change the amount of activities for students. They need more!
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