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My experience at Gwynedd Mercy University has been great. All the professors I have had are dedicated to seeing their students excel. They care about you and do not assign busy work; they present new materials in exciting ways that help you learn. The other students I have met are helpful; they are friendly and open to study groups. My favorite part of the University is the ARC, that is where students can go for tutoring and extra help.The only thing I would change about the university is the cost, the education is excellent, but I wish it were more affordable.
I chose to come to Gwynedd Mercy university because of the small class sizes. I really like the student-to-teacher ratio, and the free resources they offer to students!
I am going into my sophomore year this upcoming fall. The school is very focused in the academics which is what drew me to it. The campus is fairly small but still very decent.
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I am a second semester transfer sophomore and I could not be happier that I chose to transfer to Gwynedd. I have met so many great people and love being apart of the Education program here. I play two sports and I am thankful for everything Gwynedd has given me so far.
Being an adult learner with work & the primary caregiver for my mother. Gwynedd Mercy doctoral program fit perfectly into my lifestyle. Also the professor & staff were very supportive & helpful in helping me successfully complete my degree.
I like there activities for student/resident life. They need to change the amount of activities for students. They need more!
I transferred form another university and transferring to Gwynedd was the best decision I made. I am so much happier here, I'm close with all my teachers, and I have made amazing friends.
Gwynedd Mercy is such a great for me personally. It's a small school but it gives you a family and homey feel. Since its such a small school, class sizes are usually small too, which makes it easier to build relationships with professors. As a freshman, everyone is so helpful and give you the perfect amount of independence and guidance that you need. Since it's mostly a commuter school, there's not a lot of people on campus on the weekends. But it's easy to find something to do around town or with your friends. It also makes it easier to focus on the work load. Overall, coming to Gwynedd was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Gwynedd Mercy University so far has been a great decision. The professors are what makes this university stand out. They are so dedicated to their students not just receiving good grades but truly learning the material. The party scene on campus isn't the best but I always can find something fun to do on campus or around campus so I'm never bored. The staff is amazing and always super helpful. I rarely ever have complaints about the food and the breakfast selection is my favorite. Gwynedd makes me excited to go to class!
Great four-year university. I am a commuter student, and love that I can attend a prestigious university yet still live at home. Class sizes are small- usually under 30 students or less, and the professors provide individualized teaching experience due to the small class size. You are more than just a number in the classroom; you are truly a name. The campus is crisp and clean. Older buildings are being renovated each year, adding to the modern feel of this university. Every time that I have ever eaten at the cafeteria, I have always enjoyed the food. Centrally located around a magnitude of stores and places to shop and eat at.
What the university lacks in school spirit and hospitality, they pick up in education. Professors are rigorous and give insightful lectures; teaching aspects that one can carry for the rest of one’s life. The campus is small yet beautiful in its own way sharing the land with nature. It’s not a University you want to live at, mostly because there’s nothing to do and because residential aspect of the university is more barren then lively. The people are kind and the education is great but the university overall is average. There’s nothing that makes it stand out to competing universities and colleges; however it’s a good school to consider and they give generous scholarships to almost everyone.
My college experience was truly amazing! I transferred to Gwynedd as a non-traditional student. I lived on campus all four years, which allowed me to become involved in clubs/organizations/activities and events on campus as well as focus on my academics. I was also a Resident Assistant for two of those years. In my opinion, this institution has a family feel to it, and the campus is very safe, clean and there are several ways to get involved on campus! I love the fact that the Professors truly care about you and want to see you blossom into your full potential. I am proud to be an Alumni of such a wonderful Institution. Since graduating from Gwynedd, I feel confident and prepared to conquer my dreams, goals and so much more. Gwynedd Challenged me to be the best version of myself and I challenge you to do the same thing!
I am a junior, and I could not have found a better school for myself. Gwynedd's most exceptional attribute is its family atmosphere and the variety of activities it offers for the students which allowed me to make friends since I knew not one person coming to Gwynedd. Their weekly activities in ResHalls were the most beneficial as a freshman because they allowed me to form relationships. Gwynedd also has a variety of clubs that fit the needs of each student. I have made friends, joined clubs, and I have even become a Resident Assistant to help others with their transition. I also love the teachers here; the classes are small enough that students get to interact with them and feel like you matter to the teacher. I continue to enjoy my time at Gwynedd, and my advice for those who plan to attend or are attending Gwynedd is to get involved. The school is diverse and offers a variety of interests, and to make the best of your experience at Gwynedd take your time to enjoy the opportunities
I chose to attend Gwynedd Mercy University because of the small campus and classroom size. Since the classroom sizes are small, you can connect more with your professors and peers. I've lived in the Residence Halls the past four years, and I have seen constant improvement in ResLife to make my stay, and the other residents' stay, here the best experience possible. There are a ton of ways to become involved on campus, such as the Student Activities Committee, Student Government Association, Residence Hall Association, and Intramurals. There is usually always something going on on campus that you can attend and participate in, which is a great way to be involved and meet new people.
Gwynedd Mercy University is a very diverse school where your education matters and the university wants to see you succeed.
I am currently a sophomore who lives on campus. Although I thought about transferring last year I am very happy that I did not. Switching my major to our new Occupational Therapy program is what really made me stay. However, there are many pros besides my major. All of the professors here are great, the campus is beautiful, and there are many clubs that one could get involved in. I am in the Voices of Gwynedd which is an awesome environment for newbies that want to sing. ResLife is great, they are always offering cheap/free opportunities to participate in such as trips to aquariums, New York, Color Me Mine parties etc. Also, since we are a small university, it is very easy to get help from financial aid, tutoring, and our career resources center. Finally, in my opinion, we are a VERY safe campus. The only complaints I would have is there are not many parties here and there are so many cliques that it sometimes makes it difficult to socialize.
Gwynedd Mercy University has provided me a safe and nurturing environment to grow in my academic, professional, and personal life. When searching for schools to attend, I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for other than a small school with a good nursing program. GMercyU has given me that and so much more. Through Gwynedd, I have become involved in many different organizations and offices on campus. I have been able to build my resume and skills for my future profession. The professors here at Gwynedd Mercy University have provided me with motivation and the support I needed to succeed in my academics. Something that I love about Gwynedd is that there are so many people to go to that are willing to help and listen. I can honestly say that at GMercyU I feel at home.
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I fondly look back on the four years I spent at the then, Gwynedd-Mercy College. I met wonderful friends, my future husband and have developed friendships with professors that I have maintained since graduating back in 2012. The one main negative I can say about Gwynedd, was their lack of student activities for those who lived on campus. However, I hear they are making a real effort to change this and have provided more options for students to have a fulfilling college experience. Every school has flaws, but the overall camaraderie, and the majority of awesome professors really made this school a place I am proud to have been apart of.
As a Nursing Student at GMU, I must say it
has been one of the most difficult journey in my life. GMU prepare you for all aspects of the journey. However, you'll just have to follow the blueprint precisely in place for your major.
I was enrolled into a program that was discontinued. GMU wasn't organized with exiting students that we're hanging on. They forced them to make a decision with moving on to the bachelors program or by failing them out of the discontinued program. GMU should of decided whether they'll have a program for the long haul before accepting students into a program that wasn't there to stay. I felt like a trial and error run for the school while completing this program. Meanwhile this is my life GMU gambled with.
I like Gwynedd because it's a small university and it's tight-knit. I like that everyone knows each other and there is a close student-to-teacher bond. I wish more students were more friendly but not everyone can be that open. Overall it's a fantastic school.