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Nice campus with a staff that is eager to help their students. They offer many different programs for students to choose from. It was also nice to see the diversity within the students and staff. They also have a campus in Lawrenceville and Alpharetta (North-Fulton), that you can choose from. So far I have'nt seen anything that I would like to see change.
If you want hands on experience right away, go to GTC! 2 Campuses, a strong curriculum, and great staff make this a great place to be for adults! Its quiet, easy going, and can provide for just about any school goer looking for a start in any industry.
The college is okay. Very affordable and close by but it is pretty boring on campus. I was there for a year and it is not that bad if you want to save money. You can easily knock off some core classes.
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I love the classes and professors. They take every opportunity to make sure you succeed or encourage ideas to help you succeed. The classes are some of the best I have ever taken and it is a lot of work with educational reward.
this college is great if u need flexibility, time, if ur slower paced and working in a long time frame; getting a certificate or degree slowly. the professors and understandable and the teacher to student ratio is fair. classes are challenging yet easy and the administration is kind. this is a nice welcoming laid back school for everyone and anyone!
This school is a scam, especially one teacher ( no wonder there was only one student in her Intro to Business class). I was doing dual enrollment with this college and was not able to attend the first 3 days of class because of my high school, and the teacher decided to drop me off her class because I did not attend the class for the first 3 days and declared me a “no show” even though I emailed her about it. The attendance policy of this school is rigged. I wouldn’t even give one star.
This school is great for students that do not have a lot of money or their parents do not really work. The reason is that this school does not really cost that much. It also has a daycare center for adults that have children that can not afford to hire a babysitter.
This college is the best college. I've attended several colleges and universities in the past 4 years but nothing beats Gwinnett Tech. They keep the campus looking nice and the professors and instructors and awesome and very passionate about the classroom which I think is something very important for the students. I'm glad I decided to attend this college
The school is super convenient and the professors are very understanding I can’t ask for a better college
I enjoy going to Gwinnett Tech. I am a part of the science club. Everyone is very welcoming. I would like to see a few more opportunities for admission to the nursing program. I utilize the STEM lab and tutors that are there to help.
Gwinnett Tech is a wonderful school, full of knowledgeable professors and friendly and considerate staff. I enjoy going to school each day learning more and more about my career field.
I like the school, everyone there is friendly. And the teachers always come into class with great attitudes.
This is an amazing college! The most important quality of this college is their job placement rate AFTER graduation. The college along with it's instructors understand & will work with you & your schedule. If you have learning issues or even psychological issues, they have qualified instructors for that too.
My experience has been very well. They are highly welcoming with open arms. They show you the right path.
This college has been a great experience for my sister who graduated nursing school. Thus far it has been a great experience for me with all of the options and help they provide to assist you in furthering your education and future.
Gwinnett Technical College is a great school. The students is very nice and approachable. The staff is helpful. The teachers are hard working and is please to help with assignments. They have a very good curriculum. They’re something for everyone. Just come take a tour and you will be happy. Gwinnett Tech is a two year college. I'm taking Game Developement which is one of the newer curriculum’s. The location is good it’s in a nice location. I’m looking to go forward with my education to a four year college. Enjoy your education and prosper.
I'm so excited to attend this fall. All the staff at the college were so helpful and friendly. And also gave me a tour of where I will be attending class soon!
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Gwinnett technical college have many great tool to help their students succeed. They have a variety of help such as a classroom dedicated to helping students who are struggling in writing or math. What I would wish they have is a room for students to relax and make friends while waiting for next class.
I had great professors who taught me a lot and no gwinnett tech does not have campus dorms. The service provided on campus is pretty good only wished they had more ready programs. I had a great experience and plan on going back for other classes.
Love it ! Great teachers & safe environment! Parking is a little hard to find , close to a few restaurant & near a hwy
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