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Gwinnett Technical College Reviews

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The school is very diverse with many students and staff. The campus is calm and welcoming. It tution cost is very affordable which give you the opportunity to earn credit cheaply and transfer for a higher degree. Also it offers many programs to study and certificate's to apply for jobs that are in high demand.
I love the atmosphere and the passion of the teachers. It’s a small school if you’re looking for something not too big. It’s an excellent learning environment.
I enjoyed the quality of education I received from Gwinnett Tech, for the price I paid in tuition. I majored in Network Specialist, receiving my Associates Degree in Spring 2017 and the interaction level between students and the professors were great. I enjoyed the hands-on portion of our assignments and being able to work under the guidance of someone that has already pursued the path that you are on and are willing to give you successful tips on how to progress in your filed, in my case Information Technology.
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Gwinnett is a small 2 year school with great teachers, they don't have all the things that big campuses have but that's also great because they don't charge you for things you wouldn't use. parking is free
Gwinnett Technical college in Lawrenceville has been absolutely amazing! The campus is very easy to navigate and has every form of support a student could need. They are very well organized and the majority of the professes are terrific.
Great place to go for a wide variety of classes. Happy they also provide flexible schedules for working students.
My experience with Gwinnett Technical College is really good. The professors are great at teaching and assisting students when necessary. I don't see any changes that need to be address at this time.
Overall its a great school, small but really take the time to spend with the students. The only thing that needs to change is the communication.
I love to be able to attend a college where the professors know your name. I am able to take classes when I am available and can take a good many of them online. I have made friends that will be friends after we graduate.
What I love about Gwinnett tech is that they never look at anyone different even if they have kids or are grandparents coming back to get a degree.
Really difficult application process and the staff doesn't seem to care about the students enough to help them.
I enjoyed the small classroom setting and the staff. I would like to see improvement in the quality of teachers.
I like Gwinnett Technical College because of the diversity, and the academics. My history professor, and political science professor were excellent instructors. Those professors care about their students because they have open door policies. If you need additional help, they are always willing to help you because they really want you to succeed. My experience at Gwinnett Technical College has been positive because the school is not big, so you get the opportunity to really get to know your peers and the professors on a personal level. Your are not just a number. The classes are small and if you need additional help, you can get that additional help right from your instructor if you go to their office. In addition, Gwinnett Technical College location is very convenient too. It is right off of the freeway so you can get to it easily. Overall, the location is great and the History and Political Science professors are awesome.
Great location, nice instructors but they only have chick fil a for food and, they don't have a lot of instructors so the schedule is very hard especially when you're about to graduate, they only offer night classes for the Information technology major.
Gwinnett Technical College is a good college and there student life is excellent everyone is pretty much helpful.
There programs are very hard and I think they could change some things on some of there programs.
This is a great, great college to go to. Very motivating environment. Very professional people to be around. The faculty in this College is very, very helpful and friendly. I have been going here for a year and 1/2 and I plan on going for another year and 1/2. I'm just greatful to be here and being around positive and motivating students and teachers!!! Thanks Gwinnett Tech!!!
Monica Manchester
My experience at gwinnett tech is amazing. They are very helpful. They take there time to help you if you need and the teachers are amazing there. Their not teachers that will just teach they teach but in a helpful way and so you can understand
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After 20 years of returning to school, the route was seen successful thanks to the support of the technical and academic team of Gwinnett Tech. I know that there is still a long way to go to reach the goal but I feel it will not be difficult if I still have faith and The motivation to always find support
Gwinnett Technical College offers a variety of different majors to pursue with many great professors that are always willing to help the students.
The school and the people here are very motivating. I love it here it makes me feel welcomed and there are many school functions to get to know people that are in your same field. I am going into cyber security and it is great that they have professors that have actually worked in the field and have real life experience. Most of the professors are fast at responding back to students with course help and also general advice. One thing I would change would be for them to have a program for students to gain entry level jobs or internships that are related to their field.
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