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I really like Gwinnett Tech because is really close to where I live. Also, everyone is so kind and willing to help.
I loved Gwinnett Technical College mainly because all of my professors were very helpful and care about their students. I went two Gwinnett Tech. from fall 2014 to Spring 2017. I was able to always ask questions and the answers were always provided. The admission desk is very organized and the campus is very easy to maneuver. The only thing I would like to change would be to have more parking space near the 900 building.
They are good at teaching but the only thing I don’t agree with is the $300 school fee you have to pay reguardless if you are on campus or not
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So far GTC has been a good school, this is my first semester so I'm still new. All of my professors have done their job and been respectful. The campus is clean and there are numerous resources available.
I love the professional team that the college has, they all help you and give you a lot of support. Excellent teachers
I started attending this school doing dual enrollment my senior of high school, it was one of the best decisions I made. I had the option to go to Georgia Gwinnett College but this school offered the program I wanted and am currently in. The professors are so nice and understanding. This is a super diverse technical college which for me is what I love. I decided I was going to finish out with a 2 year degree then transfer to a 4 year school. I would recommend anyone thinking about doing dual enrollment or attending right after high school to come here
I currently attend Gwinnett Technical College, Lawrenceville location. I’m a freshman and majoring in Photography. The school campus is constantly kept clean, creating a beautiful “tv-like” college campus. Although it’s a Technical College, the Lawrenceville Campus is 88 acres with buildings for different classes and spacious grass areas. The parking lot is very interesting because wherever your class is located, there’s practically a designated parking lot for the class buildings. The location of the school is perfect also, with popular fast-foods locations along the campus streets. Classrooms fit the size for the designated amount of students plus more. Also are well air-conditioned and properly organized. As for the teachers in my program, in my opinion the teachers teach well and make lectures easy to understand. Student life is great also, the lounge rooms accessories make the perfect “spot” to recess through classes. All in all this well-rounded school.
Gwinnett Technical college is a wonderful place to start or advance in a new career. The school helps so much in students finding the right path and finding future careers after graduation
Gwinnett Technical College has, in my opinion, a better academic strategy than some 4 year universities. The professors ensure you know the material and are always there to assist you if you feel unsuccessful. The administrative faculty sometimes are not always on top of things but once you go in person to meet them it gets done.
I just recently started at the new Alpharetta North Fulton campus with GTC in January of this year. I am starting my third semester now and have absolutely enjoyed the last 2 semesters. Dr.Casey for A&P is great and can be very thorough sometimes. GTC has tough A&P courses which allows for greater success rates in graduate programs. They make it hard for a reason and you will thank them later when you are in a healthcare program. Ms.Artis teaches math and I really liked her, she expects you to do the work and if you do you will do great with her. The only thing I would like to change would be the ANF campus offering the degree programs! They just opened this campus and are still expanding so this expansion is in the future.
What I like about Gwinnett Technical College is that they pay attention to what the students want. They help us out with tutoring, the hours are flexible and the school has many fields of study for a low cost.
Beyond terrible experience for me @GTC. Where do I begin: awful instructors (except for my math teachers), no attention given to my weekly, six-month long complaints to admissions, and then when I finally cut my losses and withdraw from school within the time parameters to safely do so, I am hit with a $689 fine for withdrawing from ALL of my classes online instead of visiting admissions to have them push the same buttons as I did on my own to drop out. Excuse me! Now the amount is on my credit report to further damage me. When I later met with an official from the college to complain (again!), I was told that even though I withdrew from school before the deadline, I am being charged a fine because that is against their policy. Going to this "school" was a complete and utter waste of my time, money, and stress. Going to college is supposed to better one; not worsen. Attending this school was a complete waste! I have filed a formal complaint with the Dept. of Education.
I really enjoy my classes at Gwinnett Technical College. The teachers are very knowledgeable in their areas of study. You learn more than just the book information, you also gain insight from their personal experience.
The admission process was simple and any questions I have had are readily answered. My financial aid hasn't been a problem. The staff has helped me pick a major encompassing as many classes as possible. They have even answered questions I never thought to ask.
Being a MOWR student, I am unaccustomed to the strict deadlines. However I know that this teachers the students to be punctual and not to procrastinate. Most teachers are very caring and involved with students. So far, only one professor has only read from slides.
I really love this School, everyone at the school is very helpful. I love the areas you can sit and hang out with friends. Very big School with really go programs. He clubs are great as well
I have been attending GTC for most of my pre-requisites for their ADN program. The science classes and teachers are great. Their nursing program is competitive but if you work hard, you'll be accepted. I start in the fall and I'm looking forward to it.
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I really love it so far at this school. The teachers are nice and the workload is easy to manage. The teachers really care about the students want to help they succeed at the school. The cost of this school is at a god price and the offer all sorts of degrees for students to major in. Snacks are good here as well. People seems to really like this school and the students size grows every year!!!
This is a great technical school to attend! It's very affordable, easy to get around campus, and though there is not dorms, they offer a lounge and food for students. I am currently dual enrolled through my high school- definitely recommend if you're looking to go the technical college route
The teachers are great there isn't much to say, they will try to help you pass and we do have some teachers that like to joke around or be sarcastic and best website to use and avoid those teachers is rate and that will help you to pick your teacher.
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