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I have been attending GTC for most of my pre-requisites for their ADN program. The science classes and teachers are great. Their nursing program is competitive but if you work hard, you'll be accepted. I start in the fall and I'm looking forward to it.
I really love it so far at this school. The teachers are nice and the workload is easy to manage. The teachers really care about the students want to help they succeed at the school. The cost of this school is at a god price and the offer all sorts of degrees for students to major in. Snacks are good here as well. People seems to really like this school and the students size grows every year!!!
This is a great technical school to attend! It's very affordable, easy to get around campus, and though there is not dorms, they offer a lounge and food for students. I am currently dual enrolled through my high school- definitely recommend if you're looking to go the technical college route
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The teachers are great there isn't much to say, they will try to help you pass and we do have some teachers that like to joke around or be sarcastic and best website to use and avoid those teachers is rate https://www.ratemyprofessors.com and that will help you to pick your teacher.
I really like Gwinnett Tech. The school does a great job offering good classes and support. I like that most students are older or that most a serious about there education and are there to learn. I don't however like how competitive the healthcare programs are and the parming is terrible.
Its a good school. They teach you things relevant to the field you choose and have at least one area on campus largely dedicated to that department where you can do something related to it hands on.
They could stand to have a real cafeteria or food service with cheap prices open all the time. The vending machines get repetitive after a while and the chick-fil-a kiosk has limited hours.
Gwinnett Technical College is a great school that offers many opportunities to students. Admissions and behind-the-desk service always does a wonderful job helping you apply for courses and satisfaction is guaranteed. Applications are processed in a timely manner and staff always makes an effort to respond to your calls and emails. Class curriculums are simple to keep up with if you manage your class schedules accordingly. One thing Gwinnett Tech could work on is assembling more programs for students to participate in. Overall, this is a great college and I'm a proud student looking forward to another successful school year there!
Great school with very positive energy helping students succeed. At Gwinnettt tech, the out of class activities are motivational and worth being a part of. Money can't buy most of the knowledge gained there, as well as tuition is very affordable.
Great professors overall. The classes are great and the staff are wonderful. I enjoy attending class on campus and the online curriculum is great as well.
I'm enjoying my online class personally. It seems to make the whole school thing easier.
Every professor I've had has been absolutely amazing.
The classes are pretty cool and the studies are pretty similar to other schools.
I have had so many issues transferring in for the summer, and they even messed up everything after I had been here a semester. It's a school to get things done quickly at, considering it's a tech school, but try not to transfer in here.
The instructors are very helpful and want you to succeed.
I am a returning student and have not yet started the semester, but my answers are based on pass experience at this school.
There is not much room to follow a specialized path its pretty much a check off list to get the diploma. The only place that allows you to be different from every one else is the electives that you take there is a choice of three different ones. If you do not learn on your own outside of the school you will graduate with identical skills as every one else you went to school with and not be able to differentiate yourself except through your projects.
Worst thing about online classes are that instructors want you to post questions on a discussion board and hope that other students answer your questions so they do not have to answer them. If you email instructors they are good about getting back to you in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes really quickly. This can be a major problem with other schools that I have attended.
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They will review your resume and give you advice on fixing it based on some thing they read on the Internet not based on what employers told them they are looking for in a resume. Nice people but useless as far as helping you find a job.
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The courses and instructors are actually quite good.

My problem was not with the instructors but with the administration in the business office and career services.
A diploma in Computer Networking from Gwinnett Technical College is pretty much useless. I could not even get on the help desk. I did get one temporary job that lasted about a month. I think I could have gotten that without a diploma and just Certifications but have no way to be sure.
  • 9 months ago
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