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Gustavus Adolphus College is a great school, where you'll be pushed to succeed in whatever you do. The school is not so big, and as a result there is a great sense of community. The professors here are good and want you to do well. It's also helpful that pretty much all the classes are small, therefore it's easier for the professor to meet any of your needs or help with any problems that you might have. I would definitely recommend this school if you want a quality education, while being able to explore and take an array of different classes through the liberal arts program or three crowns curriculum.
Right now, Gustavus Adolphus College is my top choice when it comes to picking a decision for college. The buildings are beautiful, it is located in a perfect secrete location, and it feels like its very own community. My admission counselor has reached out to me, helping to make the process much easier. Everyone must live on campus for all four years, and that is something that I am enthusiastic about. It's a great school full of life and spirit.
Worst value ever, attended for two years. Changed to a state school, had better professors, used the same textbooks, met much nicer people, all for 1/4 the cost. Personally I’d rather save 30k a year then have cookies once a week and crappy overpaid administrators. U of M or MSU are a way better value.
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I had an absolute blast at Gustavus. I felt connected immediately through my major, football, and orientation. While at Gustavus, I switched some passions and enjoyed being in a fraternity along with being an orientation leader. I had an amazing experience and wouldn't give it up for anything! Also, food is bomb, professors are cool, and friends are a plenty!
Though it does not do everything perfectly Gustavus does an excellent job at everything it does. This college provides a wide range of topics to study and classes to take, provides a large range of ideas and has a very beautiful campus.
Gustavus is an amazing place to go to college. The campus is beautiful and the buildings are lovely and up to date. The food is phenomenal and the professors are always willing to help. The class sizes tend to be small for both upper and lower levels, often between 10 to 40, usually on the smaller side. The professors are always there to help students and willing to answer questions on not only class work but also questions on majors and how said major can help you in a future career.
Current student, small campus allows for better understanding of material and better connections with peers and professors.
I like the gusty community feel. Everyone is friendly and he professors really care about their students. the party scene could be better.
I absolutely love the academics and the people here at gustavus! the team truly helps to make me a better person!
Gustavus Adolphus College is a 4 year residential school in Minnesota. This liberal arts college has a lot to offer through its small town and tight community. An aspect that I really enjoy is the small class sizes, allowing for more one on one time with other students and the professors. This small, yet beautiful campus has a lot to offer as the staff and students take pride in their community as it is one that remains constant, friendly, and diverse.
The school and departments are ok. The theater department is falling apart and needs a lot of help. It is a very toxic environment and need an incredible amount of help.
I absolutely loved my time at Gustavus. I believe my liberal arts education prepared me to be a well rounded individual. I had exposure to many subjects and fields.
Student life if amazing. There are so many clubs and activities to be part of. There are always fun events occurring each weekend on campus.
The faculty and staff are so supportive. I love the small class sizes. The small class sizes helped me build strong relationships with my professors. I felt comfortable going up to them and asking for help when needed.
Lastly, the students and community at Gustavus is like no other. I have met some pretty amazing people. I love being surrounded by people who are so supportive and kind. Best time of my life.
I have had a pretty great overall experience at Gustavus. Three classes are interesting, professors are engaging, and there are a lot of great opportunities. The only thing I would say is that the people can be clique-y, but everyone can fit in somewhere.
I absolutely love Gustavus. It feels like my second home and the first time I walked on campus, I knew that this was the place that I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. One aspect of Gustavus that I am very grateful for is the liberal arts program we have here. With this program, we get exposure to many different aspects of learning, and not just learning about the topics related to your specific major. I am a science major and have taken english classes and religion classes, which I really enjoyed and never would have even thought of taking if I was not forced to. Professors also expect a lot from their students, which is a good thing because it pushes us all to be better and learn as much as possible, preparing us for the future in the real world.
I love Gustavus! It's an incredible community. I love that I can get to know my professors and they understand students learning and want to help you. The friendships I have formed here will last forever and so many good memories have been made!
It is a very close knit community, you seem to recognize almost everyone on campus. Everyone is very friendly and nice, you never have to worry about anyone.
If you're looking for a small, intimate college experience in a small town, Gustavus is a great school! The professors are fantastic and love getting to know you and helping you succeed. The food is excellent (nationally ranked) and the athletics are pretty good, too! It can get a bit cliquey since it's a small school but it's fun to recognize everyone and participate in a tight-knit community. These are people you will be friends with for a lifetime and an education that will help you achieve outstanding things -- nearly all of my friends from Gustavus have gone on to medical school, PA school, or other graduate schools!
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Wonderful community that fostered both my desire for success and my need for higher education. The diversity of the college is surprisingly vast for the lutheran/private liberal arts background, and the atmosphere is very welcoming. The professors genuinely care for their students, both as learners and as people. The campus lifestyle is thriving, with both daytime activities and nightlife- but it isn't overwhelming to those who choose not to participate. Overall, an excellent place to spend your university years!
Fantastic 4-year liberal arts college with an incredible and tight-knit community, outstanding professors, and state-of-the-art programs and facilities that help to make you the most well-rounded student in your field of study. The campus is also indescribably beautiful and eco-friendly! They have a never-ending list of student organizations, sororities, national and international honor societies, and major/minor degree programs. 10/10 would recommend! #whyGustavus.
Gustavus Adolphus College is very beautiful, all of the facilities areamzing. The food is also very good, it reminds me of home cooked meals.
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