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I absolutely love Gustavus! The small school provides a great community and easily accessible professors. The academics are great and there are so many opportunities for involvement in the school.
College in general is a unique and exciting experience for every student, but at Gustavus I have found not just a location to live and learn, but truly a home and a family to call my own forever. Gustavus' staff, faculty, students, donors, and alums have made this a truly unforgettable experience that I am eternally grateful to have had the pleasure to enjoy. The academics are challenging, the food always delicious, and the support of classmates and colleagues has been second to none. Go Gusties!
Gustavus is located in a small town, with a close knit atmosphere. Everyone feels welcome at the school and in the town overall. There is complete inclusion for everyone and it is a great school to consider.
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The entire atmosphere of gustavus is extremely welcoming and all the students I've met in my time there are kind people. There's such a variety of things to get involved in and a multitude of available places to find support. Whether the support you need is academic or personal, there's always somebody around to talk to and get help from. I've had amazing, understanding professors and the classes are challenging, but so rewarding in ways that I never expected college courses to be. I feel my academic and philosophical ideas and understandings being pushed and changed and questioned each day, changing my worldly perspective each time. Gustavus is truly a place of honest learning and acceptance.
I love the overall atmosphere of this school. The professors and administration are extremely friendly and after visiting campus only twice I was able to recognize the staff and I felt welcomed from the first five minutes I stepped foot on campus. The faculty at Gustavus want the students to succeed and are extremely willing to help in any way they can. I am excited to be a part of their freshman class in the fall of 2018 and taking advantage of their many opportunities and activities.
Gustavus is a very liberal school, but has great athletics. The campus is beautiful on top of the hill. The food service is delicious and the variety is amazing.
Not the best since the hill is a big feauturr of the school and the diversity lacks but once you meet a good group of people It's all worth it.
I love Gustavus because it is a small, close-knit community that cares deeply for not only the campus, but the rest of the world, too. At Gustavus, you feel connected - and as an introvert, that was a little overwhelming at times - to everyone. I was astounded by how updated everyone on campus was about current events, but everyone is also willing to listen to opinions that do not line up with their own, and really, I think that's what college should be about.
Gustavus did not provide me with a meaningful education. The professors ranged from the indifferent to the hostile, and most of the other students seemed largely interested in guzzling beer and hanging out. If you're interested in a genuine liberal arts education, look elsewhere.
This college is amazing. Certainly, there are little things that get under your skin a bit but all in all, you could not pick a better Liberal Arts College in the Midwest. After financial aid, the cost really is reasonable and amenities like a nationally ranked dining service makes living on campus enjoyable. Academics? They are as challenging as you want them to be. This is a place where you can make connections with professors who have graduate school or career opportunity insider information and they are willing to help you out! The staff is caring and the Administration can be so helpful in navigating your college years and planning your future. All you have to do is reach out and connect with them!
Go to Gustavus! Your life will be changed in powerful ways.
First of all, as it pertains to education Gustavus is a good school. You will be in a small class setting for most of your classes and the professors really are good for the most part. However if you are a minority or a poor student I would think twice about going to Gustavus. First af all the college has very little diversity so you will be isolated unless you are very good at assimilating. Second if you are a student that is struggling and don't have affluent parent then the "accademic support" people won't be of much help. Third the student life at gustavus is almost nonexistent due to budget cuts and the constant need to reduce any activities that could make the college liable. In conclusion unless you come from a wealthy family or don't mind living the next four years of your life walking going to class and your dorm... maybe the bar when you turn 21 or get a fake... you might reconsider coming to Gustavus.
I really liked the tour of the college. He gave me a good first impression of the college. He was very informative and the food in the dining room was great. So much variety and friendly staff.
Academically, I was quite happy with Gustavus. A majority of the professors were engaging and competent; very willing to help out and engage with students one on one. There were many interesting classes, and class sizes were very small. The curriculum challenged me and connected me with many life-changing ideas. It was easy to get connected with clubs, volunteer opportunities, and internships. I was not so pleased with the community, which is extremely insular, not very diverse, and mostly made up of spoiled suburban kids. The tuition and room and board is also extremely high, which can be frustrating when you live on campus in a tiny dorm and see the college always putting in flashy new public spaces to impress alumni and prospective students. There have also been issues with sexual assault and harassment in which the college worked harder to keep the issues hush hush than to ensure the safety and health of victims and students.
What really drew me to Gustavus was the welcoming community environment. I love how friendly everyone is here, and how easy it is to make connections! Every Gustie I know is very involved in the many activities campus has to offer.
Great environment, beautiful campus, fantastic people. THE BEST. I've got several family members who graduated from this prestigious institution. Always been able to find the resources I need to be successful in the classes, and the connections you have with the professors are very helpful.
The campus is nice. The dorms are good but aren't spectacular. The food is average and we have decent sports teams. The academics are very good and the arts are exceptional. However the Liberal atmosphere can be a little too much. People get stuck in this bubble of Gustavus. Say one wrong thing and its off with your head. Needs more chill in its life. But overall I give it 4 stars because its a great instituition but its not top of the line. Also the price tag is spendy, so you can expect some very rich and kinda 'have my cake and eat it too' type of people. But if you like all that I have described then this place is for you!
I am a sophomore at Gustavus. So far I feel that Gustavus is a good school. It is very easy to get to know your professors and many of them want to get to know you. The only thing that I haven't enjoyed much is the feeling of living in a bubble after a while. Living on a hill makes it feel like its own tiny community.
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Gustavus Adolphus has provided an excellent deal of academics and a great sense of community to me as an international student, however the transition to the american culture hasn't been a smooth one. Gustavus welcomes any student but alot of people don't feel it because they don't understand.
Gustavus has a wonderful sense of community in that the professors and students care deeply about each other. The professors know and care about all of their students and from time to time will even invite you to their home for dinner. Student life is amazing. There a many engaging events on campus as well as a fun bar/party scene. However the Dean of Students Office is corrupt. They are trying to destroy greek life and continually lie to their students to protect their selves. If this office changed, I would rate Gustavus a 5/5.
I love attending this beautiful school. The professors are all very knowledgeable and willing to work with any student. The academics are tough, but any student who puts their minds to it can truly succeed.
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