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I didn’t take online classes through Gustavus because I was abroad, but my friends who did had average experiences.
Great people and great community. Sometimes there can be a disconnect between administration and students, but they try to alleviate that. Incredible profs who care about learning. Lots of opportunities for outside engagement with student organizations.
So far, I have really enjoyed my experience at GAC. The friendships I've made transcend the poor party scene and surrounding town. While there is relatively little to do on the weekends, the community at GAC is what makes this college special. When people truly take the three crowns to heart, dramatic self-improvement occurs that betters the community as well. Although I wish the academics were a bit better, as some professors run a poor class, I have no reason to believe that attending another university would rectify this desire.
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Personally, the transition to online widely varied on the professor. While some professors continued to do an excellent job after transitioning online, some professors dropped the ball. I personally had a professor stop grading and gave everyone an A for the least bit of effort. Some classes became very easy, however, some classes were very difficult to accomplish online without help from professors and only being able to email.
Gustavus has a generally welcoming feeling among staff and students. I would like to see some change in the way that administration handles certain situations, and more help with information about financial aid and loans.
After experiencing online learning for the first time for only a few months, I would say that Gustavus professors handled the change very well. I felt that I was getting roughly the same amount of information and help from my classes and professors as when we did in person classes.
There wasn't any "online learning", but the school had many of its resources online and were- for the most part- easily accessible and available.
A great school if you can ignore their inability to handle Title IX cases. There were multiple cases in my major's department during my four years and the majority of them had no results. Many people who have gone to report cases have said they were met with restraint. Such as being asked something along the lines of "is this really how you want to spend your time here?"
Due to Covid-19, finishing the semester online was not ideal, but I could tell that my professors were trying their best to make everything still engaging and make sure things were still running smoothly. Each of my classes was a little different. For some classes I had video lectures to watch, in others we had live zoom meetings. However, all of my professors had check-ins or office hours on zoom that you pop into if you had questions, which was helpful. Labs were interesting, but they still had us do some online simulations and activities to follow the lab curriculum.
For me, I love the smaller class sizes and I love being on a smaller campus. I also love that I can pursue multiple passions, as I am a biology major that is involved in choir, swimming, and track. Overall, Gustavus has always had a welcoming atmosphere and it has felt like home.
Because of COVID, we spent the majority of spring semester online. Professors became very lenient. I was very impressed by how available they made themselves, even just to talk. The majority of my professors personally reached out and encouraged us all to prioritize mental health.
The professors are great and super willing to help. Not only do they care about providing the best educational experience, but helping you grow as a person. The atmosphere is very clique-y. There are lots of student organizations and activities to be a part of. The party scene is very obvious.
Teachers all had their different ways of using online technology. Some chose GoogleMeet meeting every class day, others asked students to participate by posting on a discussion board, and some just expected you to do the homework and send it. Despite it being different, I think the teachers handled it well and still delivered nearly the same amount of information as regular classes.
It is a small school with genuinely nice and supportive people. Of course, it is expensive and, at times, it seems like they're grasping for every penny they can get. But the professors, from what I have experienced, are very nice but won't undermine your intelligence and give rigorous school work.
I have not learned anything substantial over quarantine and I bet a lot of other people haven't either.
The campus is beautiful with all the flowers and cherry blossoms so I enjoy living on campus a lot. One thing I dislike about the campus is that they advertised as a diverse campus, when in reality that was a little false. I bet that a strong majority of this campus is white.
I really love Gustavus it is a nice small town experience where you are able to form relationships with peers and professors which will last a lifetime. These professors and advisors care about their students and set them on a path for success. In the real world GUSTAVUS has a great name where alumni are always willing to help out a fellow Gustie. This school is all about their culture which is wonderful. They do a good job of reaching out to different ethnicities but I believe they can improve with this.
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We were forced to move online due to Covid-19 and the experience was alright, but it was expected as it was a sudden change.
Gustavus is a special place. While not everyone is going to get a long, and it has work to do with diversity, I am positive everyone looking for a supportive community will be able to find it. The memories you make with that community on a close-knit campus will bind you together for life. Once you graduate, you’ll always want to go back, and it never stops feeling like home.
Overall, I have been happy with my time at Gustavus. Through the FYRE program, I was able to discover that research is not for me! Instead, I've turned my focus to vocal music education, where I've found the professors to be knowledgeable and committed to the individual. Although the college is expensive, they do very well to aid students in paying. I have had many life-altering experiences at Gustavus, and I'm glad I'm going there.
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