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What I enjoyed about Gurnick was the strict rules I had to adhere to to ensure that I was getting the most out of my education and my money. After researching different Psychiatric Technician programs, Gurnick had offered me the opportunity as other schools had either a waiting list or a lottery process. Although the program is very expensive compared to going to a junior college, Gurnick’s fastrack program pushes you to the limit of recognizing your strengths, weaknesses, and overcoming your anxiety and fears. The disadvantages would be the cost of the program, and at times, the disorganization, but everything is resolved in due time. As a recent graduate from the Psychiatric Technician program, I have learned that I was able to withstand the complex challenges & I feel even more confident in myself!
I have had a good experience with Gurnick. My favorite instructor was Ms G who I had for A&P and for lab for microbiology. Lori and Anita have been awesome as well. I can’t wait to start the RN program.
I have only recently started at Gurnick, so I do not know everything about this school. But from what I can see, you get out what you put into it. If you don't put in the work, you will not get what you want. I feel that the instructors are very supportive of their students and have a very good open door policy.
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Gurnick Academy is a a great school. They provide an Ultrasound Technician program which is hard to find in the area of Fresno, CA. The only downfall is the tuition price. If you qualify for financial aid, that's great! but if you don't qualify it might cause financial issues. I unfortunately do not qualify for financial aid which is why I'm hoping scholarships can help me out.
The process has been smooth so far. I am excited to attend this school for the UT program. I know it will all be worth it.
So far my visits at Gurnick Academy have been so great. Admin is great. & Even the students are great. They were all very informative and helpful when it came to everything you needed to know coming in as a freshman. I'm excited to finish school and learn from the best professors.
I was enrolled in this Gurnick's PTA program for about a month in early 2016 and would seriously discourage anyone from applying to this institution. Quite frankly, the owners of this school don't particularly care about whether you retain the information that is jam packed into their abysmally designed curriculum program or that you have time to adequately prepare for practicals and exams while still being able to take adequate care of your health. What they are truly interested in is ensuring that they squeeze out the maximum level of profit in the shortest amount of time possible. EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM available at Gurnick Academy is taught at a hyper-accelerated pace, outpacing even the most audacious curriculum schedules adhered to by other privately run programs in the Bay Area! This level of pressure not only pushes you to a breaking point, it cheats you out of your education, which is absolutely critical to the future success in your chosen career field.
I enjoy attending this school. They definitely let you know what is important and what yo should know for the tests/quiz. The financial advisor helps you out with your financial school loans, etc.
My school has been great.
The online classes were so organized and well put together. We also had video lectures as well as a workbook, and pages to read at our own pace if we did not want to watch the videos. It was extremely helpful.
I am not too familiar with this yet.
There is so much extra time to get with a professor and get help. Also, upon request they are willing to open up the labs on weekends or days off.
My major is Sonography. We have amazing and up to date technology that helps us with our learning experience. All our classes are great and directly related to our major as well. I dont feel like I am wasting any of my time taking an overabundance of pre-reqs.
I really love my school! It is extremely organized and all the staff there genuinely cares about the success of their students. It is a small school so a lot of personal connections are made as well as hands on learning!
I thought the amount is good I thought I was going to be able to pay what is coming out of my pocket but due to me loosing my job because my employer that that my school was interfering with my work schedule let me go and know it has become difficult for me to be able to pay for the school it is hard
there is instructors that really want the students to learn and not just remember the information they want the students to learn the concept
I believe that like any place there are always a lack of communication
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due to there not being any interaction with the instructors there is much cant do it is a course of teach your own
They provide internships with some of the best hospitals around the area we live.
im really happy with how hands on things will be.
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