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Most of the teachers are approachable, 2 teachers are open office and the rest are in the main office that you have to get the okay to enter.

Everything is very easy to sign up for because it is not customized. You take what you need nothing more nothing less
Everyone that goes here all want the same thing, to be a funeral director or embalmer. We all understand each other.
The computers are slow

They are needed for a projects in computer class. One project can only be done on them

Free printing for school assignments. Printing for other stuff is frowned upon but no action is taken if you do print other stuff
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The library is small but it has all you would need for studies not much story books.

The computer lab is nice but the computers are slow.

There is a snack bar the is open during the breaks. Not much food options though
3 class room building. No campus living. It's clean.
The financial aid adviser is very nice (also one of the teachers) she calls you to her office if you need to do something pertaining to financial aid. She is always willing to take the time to help you in any way
The school places you with a local funeral home to do the required clinical and if the funeral home likes you enough they might offer a job to you while still in school
There are 2 groups you can get into: the student council and the fraternity, both are based on grades.

Small student body: can be good or bad. Out going people get close and make friends with everyone where the shy keep to themselves.

The students are very mixed. The age can range from high school grad to grandparents. Mixed race diversity along with gender.

Most students are very religious being the school is in the south.
All of your classes are in the same room for the whole quarter so you don't need to try and get to a different room in a short time period.

The classes are only 50 minutes with 10 minute breaks in between each class.

Only one major that is the main focus throughout

The classes are small (my opinion) so the teachers take time to get to know you, and there are only a handful of teachers, they teach multiple subjects.
Small school so it's not a lot to it.
Computer lab is available as long as the school is open and it's available to you for just about anything with free printing.
I absolutely love my field of study. It's a science so with any science comes a heavy work load. You must study study and do more studying! It won't come easy but the interest in it and the knowledge of the field makes it all worth it!!
Everything at the school is based solely on Mortuary Science so if you're looking for knowledge in something else this isn't the school for you
The school is sort of like a family. For the most part everyone gets along and even hang out from time to time
For the school to be such a small school only offering a 2 year degree in the field of study, they have an awesome set up with one of the local universities to make sure students can further their education if they want.
Tuition is a slap in the face! They continue to raise tuition while taking more more away from the students.
The only policy that seems to be absolutely ridiculous is the attendance policy. This school actually takes points off your final grade at the end of each quarter if you've missed too many classes. No matter how awesome you do on your assignments, test, and or quizzes. Your attendance shouldn't matter if you're passing all classes exceptionally. You just ever know what someone to could be going through in life that could be a result to their absences.
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I attend a very school so it's different from the university I attended previously. It's not a bad school it just takes some time to get use to such a close nit operation. It's almost like being in high school all over again which could be a bad thing at times for adults.
Too Educated at Times for the Georgia School System. I believe the Georgia school system is behind others.
Full Time Student – This school makes it hard for working parents and students.
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