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I thoroughly enjoy coming here. The college includes many fantastic areas of study with awesome professors teaching each course!
Good school to enter. Has a lot of different programs to choose from. It is located walking distance from the bay, so you can study with the view in between classes. Staff is great as well, very helpful. The GCSC takes good care of it's studense.
I graduated from the PTA program in 2011. I felt like my teachers, education, and overall experience was excellent.
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For the rather inconvenient place that it's been built, being right next to an extremely busy bridge and intersection, the school itself makes the best of it's situation. It's a lovely campus right next to the Gulf(as it's title may suggest) and its interior is a lovely exhibition of architecture, competent instructors, a decent cafeteria and a strong plethora of extra-curricular activities.
I am a current student of GCSC and I wouldn’t recomend the college tonanyone as their students are only money to the staff. If you need any help or advising you are told it is your responsibility and they can’t help. If teachers don’t want to help students they need to retire. I have had professors tell me they won’t answer my one question because another student has asked to many and he was “tired of helping people” if Gulf Coast State College doesn’t care about their students they could at least stop pretending to just to make the school look good. I have had a bad experience with almost every department in the college from financial aid to student affairs where the Vice President chose to stop answering my emails because it my concern was a non issue after she told me I should work harder.
I have been attending Gulf Coast for over two years. Gulf Coast is like a grade 13. Since it is a state college, the academics is more relaxed and even easier. I do not like that it has not been challenging. Their career course like the ems degree and other ones such as surgical technician, radiology and etc provides the opportunity for people to earn a degree in a profession in a short period of time and I enjoy that about the college.
Great professors who don't mind helping students. They also have centers that help students with writing & math.
I enrolled at Gulf Coast State College in 2016 since then I have grown to appreciate their services and staff members. When it comes to academics, the help students receive is incredible and very reliable. They offer free tutoring as well as one and one meetings with professors. They also provide non-credit classes that students of all ages can take for fun. Despite all the great resources they offer at Gulf Coast State College, they need funding organizations like students loans or scholarships for international students like my self. It is hard to suffer in your own country trying to get an education only to suffer even more in another man's country.
Excellent professors and very many sources to use for students. Gulf Coast State College gives you the best opportunity to get your degree.
Gulf Coast State College is filled with friendly students and teachers. Most of the teachers are really good with helping make sure you understand the material. What I would like to see change is the amount of homework. Homework is a great study tool, but too much of it gets overwhelming especially if you don't understand the lectures. Teachers should lower the amount of homework they give students.
I feel like I have and will continue to have, a wonderful experience with Gulf Coast State College. The faculty and staff are so friendly and helpful, that it makes the tenure of my stay at Gulf Coast State College a worthwhile endeavor to be embarked on.
The location is great for someone not looking for a huge college town. I loved the classroom environment with 20-30 people.
It is a very good clean school. The academic instructors in my program are great. I think some of the departments need to update their equipment for better learning, but overall is a great school
Gulf coast has many great teachers that are there to help you pass the class, but not baby you. As long as you have the desire to pass the class and communicate with your instructor, you will be set.
I like the teachers and the cost of attendance. The view is great also being near the beach. The degree options are excellent as well.
I did two semesters here at GCSC to finish up my Associates Degree before transferring to FSU. Overall I had a good experience. There are a lot of student activities on campus, but if you have classes in the middle of the day, you will most likely miss them. The class sizes range from 20-25 students per class, but all of the professors I had were very accessible and open to help outside of class. I would suggest going here if you want a lot of help and need to finish up an AA before you go on to a large University.
The school is not super expensive like other colleges around this area and some buildings are really nice and advanced. However, the science buildings need alot of work done on them.
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Gulf Coast State College is a small state college with professors willing to help you become as successful as you will allow yourself to be. Located in Panama City, Florida it's right on the water and is a beautiful place to go to school with some of the world's most renown beaches just minutes away. GCSC also has very successful NJCAA athletics known for sending their student-athletes to a wide range of Division 1 schools.
Gulf Coast State college is a great step for preparation for higher learning and job opportunities. Professors are great, some can be rude though.
Gulf Coast State College is a very diverse campus. The age demographic is very wide. It's not only common to see fresh out of high school students but also thirty or forty-year-old students wanting a career change.

Also, each school year the college is expanding its programs to offer quality careers in new workforces. For example, unmanned vehicles and 3D printing (not only plastic, their culinary program has a 3D chocolate printer).

With a student ratio of 18:1, they have smaller classes that allow more time to be available for questions and in-depth conversations in class topics.

I'm very proud to be a Commodore!
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