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I really enjoy how honest and helpful the teachers and staff are. I really feel like they care if everyone is successful.
I am a dual-enrolled student at Gulf Coast State College and I have been thrilled with my experience here. The bay-side campus is well located for students from Panama City Beach or even Panama City proper. The staff and faculty are always ready to help with any issues you may have.
Gulf Coast State College is an overall wonderful school. The professors are friendly and always exchange "hi's" on their way to their next class. Most professors here are always willing to help you succeed academically. The campus is also located in a beautiful area too. Sitting right by the bay, it is nice to take a break and go by the water. Overall, if you want a smaller school with beautiful views Gulf Coast State College is the place for you!
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Over all my experience at Gulf Coast State College has been filled with mixed feelings. When I first started college, I went to see an advisor to see what classes I needed to take for my degree. They signed me up for a class I didn't need and I had to end up withdrawing. This set me behind in my original goal. On the other hand, I've had other faculty members help me in numerous way. I'd like to see advisor take time to actually take time to listen to what students have to say instead of signing them up for whatever class they see fit.
Gulf Coast State College is the most appropriate school if you want to have small classes and get to know your professors better.
h My experience hasn't been so bad. I really like the professors and the classes. I wish they offered more times for different classes and different summer classes though because i do have children and a full time job. also i have been out of school for a long time so when i first enrolled i wish they would have taken the time to explain things to me. I didn't realize that campus existed or that i was supposed to be on it doing assignments so i started out behind.
Very friendly environment. Truly gives you a taste of southern hospitality. Various ways to be involved in the community through school programs. Students are very social and they include every one in on and off campus events. It’s a very diverse group of students arranging from all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Class sizes are smaller and allows teachers to develop a relationship and better understand their students strengths and weaknesses. Advisors are very helpful and friendly. The only bad thing is the traffic going to and leaving from school.
I love this campus. Everyone is very nice. Academics are good and the vibe is awesome. The bay is right across from the college, which is amazing!
This is a pretty small college, which means low costs/fees and small class sizes. I saved a lot of money staying home and earning my AA degree here, and the credits are pretty easy to transfer just about anywhere, especially FSU.
In my experience, this college is of great value and good learning. It may be small but, that doesn't take away from its quality. I am just a freshman right now but, I hope I get as much enjoyment out of this college as I can.
The advisors who work at Gulf Coast do not know what they're doing. I saw 3 separate advisors and got 3 completely different answers to questions I had.
I like how everyone gets along and there is a diversity of cultures and ethnicity. The professors i have had so far are awesome and very helpful!
Gulf Coast State College is a welcoming school with instructors that are always to go above and beyond to help you reach your dreams. I am returning to college after being out of school for twenty years. I was extremely nervous about starting college again. But, I am so glad that I made the decision to attend Gulf Coast State College. Not only do I feel accepted by the staff but also the students. Everyone there has one goal, and that is, to see everyone succeed!
I enjoy Gulf Coast State College. It is a beautiful campus, has great, helpful professors, and is in a beautiful location. The only thing that I could say needs improvement is the number of classes offered in the afternoon, for students who work in the morning.
Gulf Coast State College provides a world class education close to home. Most of the professors are professionals in their respective fields, so they are very passionate about the courses they teach.
It's a wonderful college with awesome staff. The campus is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy going to this school
Gulf Coast State College has been nothing but great since I have been enrolled. I am currently in their PTA program, and I love every bit of it. The PTA program at GCSC is one of their best programs, with nearly a 100% success rate. The director and assistant director of the program are very helpful and are great teachers.
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Gulf Coast State College is a State college located in Panama City, Fl. The administration made the transfer into college from high school very easy. The Professors give their personal office hours allowing students the option to have one on one time. If you find yourself in need of an English, or Math tutor the college offers cost free specific tutor labs. These labs are available 5 days a week; the labs have always 2-5 math tutors. The campus is constantly undergoing construction ensuring the campus is up to date with the appearance and electronics. So, overall Gulf Coast State College is a very pleasant school to be able to attend.
The staff at GCSC are very helpful. When I first arrived, someone in the Health Science building took me on a tour of the building and printed a list of local FREE activities that I might be interested in.
Gulf Coast is a great starter school. I enjoyed the club activities with Urban Arts and events organized by SGA. Communication between the students and professors was always encouraged and most of my professors were extraordinarily helpful with any questions I had. The main complaint I had in my two years there was the cafeteria. The prices were steadily raised every semester while I was in attendance, and the cost was never adequate enough to choose the school food over restaurants nearby. I wish in the near future the cafeteria issues are addressed and student opinion is taken into consideration in those regards.
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