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It has prepared me for the next step in my college career. I love how all professors are willing to help you understand you are an adult and you can fulfill all your goals.
Everyone I have came in contact with and spoke to have been very nice and helpful when visiting college for the first time all were very helpful in pointing me in the correct direction and helped when I needed it the most.
Great school with a wide variety of choices to continue your education and quickly start your career. The counseling department could be more invested in helping the students, though.
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Being an early/middle college student seemed incredibly scary for me at first. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle college classes and high school classes at the same time, plus I had no idea what college was even going to be like. The teachers are very understanding and willing to make things work in times of need, or even offering extra help for students. Staff are always going out of their way to help.
This is my third year at GTCC. I went for dental assisting eight years ago. They have one of the best assisting and hygiene programs in the state. After working as an assistant for five years I decided to go back to school for business. I am currently in my third semester of their online business program. It is very helpful for me to do online because my husband is in the army so moving around can interfere with school, this way I do not have to worry about transferring at all. I have one semester left and I will have my associates degree in business.
This school's best for student that can teach themselves. The teachers were not bad I just feel like the could help students out more.
It is easy to get around. The maps are accurate. Staff are very helpful as long as you show them respect, they will show you respect.
I truly enjoyed my time at GTCC. In fact I do intend to go back in the spring. My only issue with the school was that be all reads for the English course was a book that contain sensitive material for someone such as myself who has a history of sexual abuse. The fact that there was no alternative to the book 4 people in my type of situation to be able to read without triggering post-traumatic stress disorder was a major sore point. It actually ended up being the reason behind my dropping out of school in the 2016 fall semester. I trulli sincerely hope that Guilford Technical Community College will strongly reconsider having one option for English classes in the future.
Guilford technician community college is a great community college for students out there who's interested in going here. They have great professor who's always there to take their time to listen to students who need help and it's always ready to be a true professor should be. They also have great surrounding within the campus and it's really safe. Sometime the security doesn't seem like it's needed since the college is already safe. Overall this community is really a good college for students out there who trying to only go for associate degree and trying to find a job right after that, and also for students who's trying to transfer into a 4 years community college. They even offered a lot of programs which some university students like to come here and take it.
I have a great experience at my school because the classes are small, the professors are very hands on and understanding. The professors are also very involved in the students success. The professors teach with passion.
The features of the online courses are very convient, they always email students informing that they have received and graded course work. They encourage students to email if we run across any problems. It's really great.
They have a great student services program that goes along with specific degree programs.
I have had a great experience with the professors since I started my courses, no demeanor has changed. They are very helpful and understanding.
I would have to say that this school is the best that have student programs in place to help with specific degrees to be successful as well as great tutoring programs.
It's great because the professors are very approachable and give great feedback and advice to be successful.
I love that this college is affordable and small. I love that my professors are very involved and hands all. The motto here is shooting for success.
I'm taking general study transfer credits and my workload is comfortable with 12-14 credit hours per semester. I can still work and have some what of a social life.
Review Guilford Technical Community College
Going to community college is a happy median between high school and living on campus. I have the best of both worlds because I get to go on campus for classes the leave for work or to go to my apartment.
With computer technology, it has made going to school much easier. Your instructors, registration and class assignments are just a click away.
I love the fact that every teacher has their own teaching style but yet, are all on the same page when it comes to making sure each student understands what is expected of them.
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