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I enjoy the classes offered online but when it came to needing help when registering for classes that would transfer I was not offered any help. I was told I just needed to figure it out in my own. This has been a very stressful experience.
GTCC has a wide range of programs with a helpful administration and some very talented teachers. Their online courses are growing in number but could use some improvement in quality.
Very good experience at GTCC. Really enjoyed completing my degree online. I would love to see GTCC expand their eDegree majors.
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GTCC has allowed me to launch a new career and work towards my goals. I have discovered more about where I want to go in life and what I wish to do, and everyone here has their
A wonderful place with wonderful people. Ive been going here for almost a whole year and love it. They have great online programs as well.
Guilford Technical Community College's greatest strength lies in its faculty and staff. Without the encouragement and support I received from those who worked at this college, I would not have found the courage to move from the GED program to the college courses. My time at GTCC has been some of the most impactful of my life so far, and I know that when I graduate this May, I will be transferring with skills that will help me as I obtain my Bachelor's degree and build my career. I am very grateful to my school for being a supportive and affordable option, and for seeing me through to the end of my program.
I like gtcc because its not expensive as all the top 4 year colleges and didn't have to worry about pay for it even with fafsa. I started college right after I graduate high school, not really knowing what i wanted to do so I spent 2-3 years doing basic classes that did not get me anywhere and then I stop. What I did not like about gtcc is that we had to take all unnecessary classes just to go forth and completing an degree.
I can never get ahold of my advisor, financial aid has no idea whay they are talking about or doing for that matter, getting guidance is a joke. I have literally spoke with my "advisor" once in the 3 years I've been at this school. The program change director is useless and should be fired. These teachers and staff preach about emailing and contacting them if we need help, then don't respond. Not everyone lives 10-20 mins from campus and most of us work. They screwed up my financial aid and I had to contact the Department of Education and they got fined. I had to drop all my classes because they took my financial aid 4 days before school started, THEN TRIED TO CHARGE ME FOR CLASSES THAT WERE DROPPED BEFORE THEY EVEN STARTED. I will never go back to this school, glad this is my last semester.
I was an online student at GTCC and my experience was great. The online website was easy to use and assignments were reasonable.
I would like Guilford Technical Community College to offer more classes at different period of semester. A good example is about organic chemistry I, which is only available in fall. That leads some people to wait an entire year before take this particularly course. Also, I would like the college to hire more teachers in basic and universal classes that most people have to take in oder to get any degree. A better example is in the math area specially calculus where there is only two teachers for many students.
Guilford technological community college is the very first college campus I stepped foot on, not only was I advised properly by caring staff members. My professors went above and beyond to help me with anything I needed while taking their courses. Gtcc is very diverse having people from different walks of life. The SGA does a great job discussing relevant topics to their students' lives while also hosting campus events for students and staff.Gtcc is a very inclusive school that I love.
Staff is really helpful. They are patient and genuinely care for the students. Diverse environment, equal opportunity for all students.
I have been at Guilford Technical Community College for three years and am about to be graduating with my Associates Degree in Business Management and Human Resources. I am grateful for how affordable this school is, the merit based scholarships they offer, and how easy it is to work online classes into my busy schedule. I truly hope that the quality of instruction with increase, I have had several very disappointing teachers at this school and two truly wonderful teachers. My summer class teacher for Managerial Accounting was an inspiration, I truly appreciate Joshua Moore's effort and ability to make accounting fun and entertaining even during a summer night class! On the other hand, there are the typical jaded adjunct instructors who are content to read off of PowerPoints and forget to bring markers for working out problems on the board. Overall, if a student is determined to earn their education, this is a school that will allow you to do that on a budget.
It has prepared me for the next step in my college career. I love how all professors are willing to help you understand you are an adult and you can fulfill all your goals.
Everyone I have came in contact with and spoke to have been very nice and helpful when visiting college for the first time all were very helpful in pointing me in the correct direction and helped when I needed it the most.
Great school with a wide variety of choices to continue your education and quickly start your career. The counseling department could be more invested in helping the students, though.
Being an early/middle college student seemed incredibly scary for me at first. I wasn't sure how I was going to handle college classes and high school classes at the same time, plus I had no idea what college was even going to be like. The teachers are very understanding and willing to make things work in times of need, or even offering extra help for students. Staff are always going out of their way to help.
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This is my third year at GTCC. I went for dental assisting eight years ago. They have one of the best assisting and hygiene programs in the state. After working as an assistant for five years I decided to go back to school for business. I am currently in my third semester of their online business program. It is very helpful for me to do online because my husband is in the army so moving around can interfere with school, this way I do not have to worry about transferring at all. I have one semester left and I will have my associates degree in business.
This school's best for student that can teach themselves. The teachers were not bad I just feel like the could help students out more.
It is easy to get around. The maps are accurate. Staff are very helpful as long as you show them respect, they will show you respect.
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