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Guilford was such a wonderful home for 4 years. I wish I could go back and/or be a lifer. The campus was beautiful, the professors were the best, and the knowledge and skills I gained were unmatched. The friendships I developed have been amazing. The campus culture is so diverse, open-minded, growth-centered, spiritual, and just an amazing place to live in your fullest expression.
Great professors, beautiful campus, friendly people. School board and administration has earned their reputation for being not very transparent and frankly a bit totalitarian.
As a student-athlete at Guilford College I have been able to be a part of many activities on campus. I love that it is a small, close-knit community. It has allowed me to connect with several classmates and professors in a way a huge university would not.
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Broad range of majors, content taught in all classes is relevant to subject, life, community and self. Diverse student population with focus on academics and enhancing the community positively.
Guilford College was a great fit for me for college. It can be rather inconsistent--I had some horrible teachers and boring classes and I had some of the most amazing professors I could imagine. If you found the subjects with the good teachers, it can be a really phenomenal educational experience. There are some budget issues that seem to be causing questionable decisions by the administration, which worries me for the future of the school.
The dorms are horrendous. The only livable area is the East apartments. Classes feel like high school. They forget that diversity does not just mean white and black. You get a crap education for way too much money. Safety is a joke. There is no security in any of the buildings. Athletic teams become cliques and pretty preppy ones at that. The food is gross and the McDonald's on the corner has a better health rating. Partying is a joke unless you count hippies smoking weed in the woods as a party.
I love it here. People are very nice and professors work with you. The classes are small, so you develop relationships with your classmates and professors easily. People are very accepting, and the campus is nice.
There is a great deal of diversity here at Guilford. That’s is awesome. It is very safe and the academics are great. This is a wonderful small class setting. It’s a great school.
I love the student-teacher ratio. I love that I get a chance for the professor to know me personally vs. being a classroom with tons of students. I love that the campus is diverse.
I'm a single mom who returned to college to pursue my degree. Guilford College was the best decision I've ever made. The people in admissions, finance and especially advising were the best. They helped me from beginning to end with any questions and concerns that I had. I would recommend this college to any adult in a similar situation as mine.
For the most part, I enjoy my classes at Guilford College. My professors are quite engaging and the campus life is great due to the organizations that exist for all varieties of students. My main problem with it is that discussion classes are often lacking, as people do not often contribute to class discussions. Lecture classes are excellent!
Guilford has been a very welcoming community. It can be hard to meet new people if you are not active in groups or clubs but once you put your self out there, friends are everywhere. There are some issues on campus that do need to be addressed, but students are doing a good job of holding staff accountable for their education and safety.
Guilford is a really great place with wonderfully lovely people and a great, open and accepting atmosphere. The professors are great and the campus is beautiful.
Guilford College is the type of school who will embrace you and your passions no matter what those are. It has a small campus, but you will rarely feel bored. The Guilford "bubble" has a lot to offer during the every single day of the week. The Campus Activities Board is always working to make the school more fun and to help students cope with stress and homesickness. Every spring semester, the spring festival called "Serendipity" is a big part of the school's tradition which is also very attached to quaker values. The liberal arts education is also a huge part of why I love this school so much and the professors are willing to help you achieve your goals whether they are around campus, Greensboro or the world. Guilford also has a great sense of social justice that has helped me understand different groups and people from other backgrounds and life experiences. I would recommend it to anyone who is open minded and would love to learn more about themselves and our society.
Guilford College, although very far from home, helped me feel at home my first year. I feel the professors did a very good job of helping with the transition from high school to college as well as my baseball coaches. Everyone is very helpful and committed to helping figure out how you can succeed.
I enjoy the diversity and welcoming atmosphere at Guilford College. As a CCE student, I was worried I would feel out of place because I am ten years older than the traditional students. No one has ever made me feel out of place due to age or any other factor at Guilford. The environment is geared toward the success of every student. I love being on campus.
When I first got here at Guilford College I knew that I was in the right place. I love being here at Guilford!
I would like to see us as a school have cheerleaders and a band.
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I attended Guilco in the nineties. I do not feel this college is for everyone. I did grow as a human being. In terms of academics, my experience bordered on the mediocre. I was an English major and some of the profs indulged in pet theories, or in arrogant teaching styles. Lee Johnson was the most solid teacher I had, as was Jeff Jeske. Dick Morton was a great man but what he talked about is anyone's guess. The former were concerned that you learned something and were proper teachers. Some of the profs unfortunately displayed the kind of academic arrogance that serves no one. Some of the profs were cool, kind, and down to earth. Guilco was the kind of overheated petri dish in which cliques magnify issues. A political environment. The ones best prepared for the real world became teachers or did the sports medicine program. In terms of English majors, unless you are going on to graduate school, I think the investment is poor. Guilco did teach me to think and write critically.
Guilford College is a great community to be a part of. It is a safe-haven campus which means they protect students that are immigrants etc and they also have equally respect for all genders. The educational curriculum is overwhelming sometimes but you learn useful things.
I like the small college atmosphere. The class sizes are perfect for participation and learning, and the teachers I've had are good.
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