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My experience in Guam Community College was good for the most part. I like the festivals that they do once every semester. The many different club/organizations they have is good too. I don't really have any major problems with it. There are some minor problems. Just things that people get annoyed by. For example: Misinformation. I have had a problem in the past in terms of information. I was told one thing then later told something else that posed a problem. However, it was nothing that I couldn't handle. Another, is the amount of cafes that are on the campus. There is two. One is kind of like an Asian restaurant called BCS, the other is a coffee shop. In terms of student services, they really need to work on a few services for individuals with disabilities.
I like the environment. I feel safe, the teachers are pretty helpful, and the library is pretty accessible. One thing that I hate about GCC are the post lights in the parking lot. Most of them are burnt out already and the maintenance doesn't change the lights.
How i like Guam Community College i liked the fact that they give you hands on experience and help you with your desire career. The school taught how to be reasonable with others no matter how bad the situation is. I’ve been attending GCC for two years and honestly, It gets better each semester because of the teachers and students I have worked with.
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Great local community college that compliments the Island lifestyle of Guam. Student to teacher ratio is low and makes teachers focus more individually rather than not paying attention.
I love how comfortable I feel at the Community College. The teachers are awesome at what they do! I'm happy I chose this school for numerous reasons. For one, I admire most of the professors' teaching styles. I am so grateful for the mentorship, tutoring and academic advising that I have received within my first few semesters. All of those services have helped me so much! I wouldn't have stayed focused and less stress without it. I am also grateful for the scholarships that is available for us students. I really appreciate the Project Aim club, because they really help students with financial need. They also provide free printing services, which the library does not; so it's good if you're just in a rush and you can grab your papers right away without having to gather all your loose change to pay for it.
The school staffs are so friendly. I met a lot of nice people and befriended with them. The classes are not that boring compared to what I've expected. The library, that became my second home, is really helpful whenever I need to study, though sometimes it's really cold in there.
Two semesters in, I have enjoyed my college experience at GCC so far. The professors I have had so far are incredible at their jobs and very accommodating. The campus is very clean, and very "friendly" looking. The library in particular is my favorite place to be at.
GCC has a great Education faculty and staff. The atmosphere on campus is very warm and comforting, not too intimidating at all.
Supportive, and professional staff and faculty! Campus grounds are well maintained and gives us students a sense of pride for our local college. The people I've also met have become apart of my professional network as well.
The environment at GCC is warm and inviting. It makes you feel like you're not even in college, transition wise from high school to college or going back to college. I wouldn't want anything to change.
The atmosphere at Guam Community college is very friendly, inviting and provides a good transitional environment for those who are just starting college and who are coming back to school. The staff is very attentive and friendly. I wouldn't want anything to change, because I don't think anything needs to be changed.
My first semester of college was different from my high school years of learning. I also finally got a chance to start on my medical degree. That I was not able to do in high school.
I’ve been attending GCC since Fall of 2015. I think this community college is very open to everybody and everyone is welcome especially with festivals and other events. All the employees are very kind and they’re willing to help people in need. The only thing I can suggest for improvement is the students parking, preferably parking with shades most importantly for people with disabilities.
My experience is I like Guam community college because it cool .
And the only things to change is they need to build a gym up for are own school and The thing about Guam community college is the program there a re so cool and nice and all the classes that we need to take from uog is there and is also cheaper then University of Guam and from the other colleges.
The teachers and faculty are very encouraging when it comes to continuing your education. They are very helpful and accommodating. I am able to take some night classes to fit work schedule. I wish that they offered more night and weekend classes, but overall they do put the schedules of employed students into consideration.
They are very involved with the students academics and will help accommodate you if you have any issues, the only thing i wish they had was a gym to go work out or play basketball and a field.
The professors and instructors make sure that they set you up to succeed, not set you up to fail. Their main priority is making sure that the students understand the material being taught, and that the students are receiving what they are paying for.
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Great School but staff needs to be more helpful with enrollment and take advantage of more grants and scholarships to assist students.
The Guam Community College opens a comfortable and environmentally friendly campus. As you walk through the campus you'll notice recycling bins nearby, almost everywhere! and if you actually look or take a glimpse inside you'll see the disposed contents in their designated bins. Plastics in the plastic bins, cans in the aluminum cans bin. Goes to show how the environmentally friendly atmosphere has a positive influence on us, the students. The Guam Community College makes college life comfortable and you, personally, will feel at ease. In all honesty the facilities are great, but majority of the time the school experiences low water pressure which then the school ends up having to close some restrooms. I think that's possibly one of the changes I would like to see with GCC; to have less experiences with low water pressure. Because when our building's restroom is closed it's very inconvenient having to exit the building to walk to another building that has a functioning restroom.
Guam Community College is an awesome school. They are a hands on college that has so much to offer. I am an Education major and while I was at GCC, the Education department provided me with all the tools I needed to transfer to the University of Guam. They have friendly faculty and staff members that will help you in any way possible. If Guam Community College was a 4-year program, I would definitely consider staying to finish my degree. Thank you GCC!
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