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The faculty here is very understanding, flexible, and willing to help all of their students. Most professors will take the time to know you individually and support every student. The culture includes a christian based beliefs and they strongly stand by the community. It is a beautiful campus, and they offer lots of clubs and sports for being such a small school.
Grove City College has a friendly environment with strong academics. So not only can you receive a good education, but you can also make lifelong friends and chose to participate in numerous different opportunities.
Grove City College is a solid choice for those looking for a private education at an affordable cost.

The campus itself is on the smaller side, with the walk to the academic buildings from the dorms taking a max of 5 minutes. The size of the classrooms and the faculty also compliment this as professors are able to have more personable relationships with students than they would at a university.

Professors have terminal degrees in their respective fields and also have scheduled periods of time for office hours where students can get help with classes, which has been a major blessing.

The cons of Grove City are that the party scene outside of the sororities and fraternities on campus is lacking. The local area is also lacking due to it being a more rural town, so having fun off-campus typically means a drive to Slippery Rock or other neighboring cities.

Overall, Grove City is a good choice for anyone looking for a serious education.
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Grove City College provided an excellent, well-rounded education and many lifelong friends. In my experience, graduates tend to go on to do well in their fields and vocations.
Grove City College is a wonderful small Christian College in Western Pennsylvania. The professors are kind, easy to talk to and always willing to help students. The academics are rigorous, but it is worth it. Grove City has a beautiful campus and excellent students and professors.
I love the community at Grove City College! It is obvious to me that the professors care more about their students succeeding than then do about their paycheck. They view their students as individuals, rather than just another number.
I would like to see more diversity on this campus. I would like to see more races and cultures, and more inclusiveness of different personalities and backgrounds. This school could use some friendly personalities and warm, welcoming smiles. This school has not been the best for me, but I am making the most of it and will strive to find positivity out of my experience.
Community is huge at Grove City College. From the interactions between students, to professors and even the locals of Grove City, PA there is a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is super friendly and willing to lend a hand when you need it. The academics are challenging but leave you more than prepared to accomplish what you need to in your future career or field. There are tons of opportunities to get involved on campus ranging from Greek life to missionary outreach organizations. If there was one thing I would change about Grove City it would be more scholarship opportunities for students or job openings for students on campus that need to make money to afford school.
Grove city college so far has been a wonderful place to live and learn every day. The people there from professors, to students, to other staff are very personable and dedicated to helping each other grow as people. The academics ate difficult, but are worth the work because they are truly meant to teach and prepare students for the real world and their major. The Christian aspect of the school is also nice in the way that the school is very accepting of all kinds of people, and most people are very friendly.
Grove City College is an academically rigorous school. The student community is a beautiful thing, everyone is very welcoming and kind. There are some very judgmental students, but other who are very down to earth. The professors are wonderful and very caring, challenging, but caring. The food is not the best, but could be worse. The dorms and campus are absolutely gorgeous.
I am currently a freshman at Grove City College. The college has rigorous academics and offers a large amount of majors despite being a smaller sized college. The college offers many career advancement opportunities throughout both the spring and fall semesters. There are several internship fairs, and most students have a job in their major within 6 months of graduating. The college is also less expensive than most other private schools, and has mandatory debt seminars to teach students how to wisely handle their educational debt.
Great Christian oriented school. Student financial aid very limited. Beautiful campus with fantastic professors. Recent improvement in meal plans a plus.
I am a senior in high-school and I have applied to Grove City and visited the campus twice. I fell in love with beautiful and historical location of the campus. The student to faculty ratio gives prospering students a unique opportunity to receive one on one time with the professors. There are many activities, clubs and events that Grove City offers to get students involved and make them feel welcome. I absolutely love the close knit community. Grove City is also Christ-centered, and it is guaranteed you will grow in your faith. Overall, Grove City is an all around amazing school with high-level academics, christian values, and an amazing staff and faculty that will make you feel right at home.
Grove City College is a wonderful college to attend for various reasons. Being a double major is difficult academically, yet exponentially rewarding. Almost all of the professors in the social work and psychology department take time for each student to meet outside of office hours if necessary, desire for the students to succeed in their college courses and are able to teach in an effective way.

Here the academics are rigorous, which encourages students to strive to learn all they can and set high goals for themselves. These students are taught to persevere, strive for perfection, engage in conversations that are counter to their personal beliefs and balance academics, on and off campus involvement, and social relationships.

Although the food provided here may not be the best for a vegetarian and those who have food allergies, Grove City College is a wonderful college that anyone would be blessed to study at.
SUCH AN AMAZING PLACE TO GO TO COLLEGE. I just recently went up to Pennsylvania and it's a breath of fresh air the Campus is gorgeous, the students and faculty are so helpful and welcoming and I hope to attend next year.
I absolutely love Grove City. The campus is beautiful, the professors are highly respected, the community is unlike any other, and the athletics are excellent. I wish everyone could have the college experience that I am experiencing at Grove City College.
I transferred into GCC giving it the benefit of the doubt because I had heard mostly good things about the school. While I made some great friends that I will never forget, the student-body seems to put a precedent of politics over faith or conflate the two together. As a result it creates this sense of monolithic thinking that's narrow minded unfortunately. I will warn the school is definitely a bubble so be prepared for narrow minded thinking and lack of social awareness. The professors I had were great and very helpful and I learned a lot from them. Long term, the school's value is going down based on the increasing tuition along with job prospects out there after you graduate. It's a great school if you're looking to work in a conservative think-tank in DC but besides that, it is not known at all outside of the Greater Pittsburgh area. After considering all those factors, I have just transferred out to a state school.
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Grove City College is a great school. This school is apologetically conservative and Christian. The professors are great and if you go to their office hours they will help you. Grove City can be academically challenging but you will really learning things here and more so learning how to think. There is no party life at Grove City however their are other things to do for fun and all of the students are involved in on campus groups.
I had my first visit to Grove City College my senior year of high school and I knew instantly that this was the college for me. Currently, I am a freshman at GCC and the support I have received is miraculous. The staff at this college truly wants you to succeed with the degree you plan to obtain. As a Christian-based college, the professors base all of their teachings around biblical principles. While there is Chapel services on campus, it is encouraged to attend a local Church every Sunday. Although academics and the Chapel services are of dire importance, the college endorses the students to be involved with the many clubs, sports and events they have to offer. I have personally felt a connection with GCC and know that this will always be my top choice of college.
It has a safe and friendly atmosphere. The academics are rigorous but helpful for learning the material. Some professors seem to care only about getting through the course but most care about their students and show interest in how to teach them better and help them learn.
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