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Great people who you can talk to whenever you want! All of the professors want to help you when you need it (and if they even get the chance). It is a tough school to get into so be sure to have a decent GPA above 3.0 and around 3.5. Not as big of a campus as most and is a private, non-denominational Christian college (that is loosely affiliated with the Presbyterian Church). They are very affordable but do not receive financial aid from the state. It is also one of the most beautiful campuses in America (especially during the spring and fall seasons). One of the best parts about Grove City is that most students have a 97% chance of getting a job within the first 6 months of graduation, and all of the internship fairs in the area come to them! The men and women at this college care about your success in the future!
Grove City College is a welcoming environment with strong Christian aspects. Lovely campus and hard academics.
Grove City College has changed my life. My professors care about me and my career path. They want to do everything they can to help me succeed. Teh academcis are challenging, but in a good way. Grove City College stretches and pulls you so that you have to do your best. My peers are encouraging and help me to do my best as well. Overall, Grove City College has a thoroughly Christian environment. Another key part of culture at Grove City is our Career Services Office, which is consistently ranked in teh top 20 in the nation! They teach you the skills you need to get a job!
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I love GCC's size, academics, and Christian atmosphere. It has been a remarkable place of learning and growing physically, mentally, socially and spiritually!
Grove City College is a Christian private college that combines a care for people with academics. The student and faculty are friendly and welcoming.
Great academics and learning environment. Also a great culture, close and Christian. There are a lot of organizations and activities to be involved in on campus.
Grove City College is a beautiful campus. I have enjoyed the small-campus experience, the focus on Christianity, and the quality academics. A majority of the professors are very caring people and are willing to help you succeed.One aspect I have especially disliked has been the hours of operation for dinning locations.
I love Grove City College because they make me feel like part of the Grove City family. The professors really care about students. They make you think about topics that are meaningful to them. Class discussions are thought provoking. There is always a student or professor to talk things through with. The campus is beautiful and offers a wide variety of activities. Some of my best friends have come through playing IM sports and trying new activities. I have cherished my time at Grove City College. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to work hard and above all learn a lot.
Grove City College is a great school if you are looking for a Christian education that is academically rigorous.
A great place for Christian students! Grove City College is a special place where many students are involved in campus life and get a great education. Most students say they've grown significantly in their relationship with God during their time on campus. Engineering, education, sciences, Biblical studies, and music are some of the college's strongest majors. They don't offer nursing as a bachelor's degree, so some students have gone to other schools who want to pursue that. There are over 50 student clubs and organizations for students to join, and most students are involved in multiple groups! It's a pretty active campus with numerous activities offered every day on campus. IM sports are a big hit, especially for high school athletes who love their sport but decide not to play that sport on Varsity in college.
I have loved my experience at Grove City College so far. There is no end to the on- and off-campus activities to get involved in and the students and faculty are all extremely friendly and eager to help you out.
There is a stereotype that Grove City doesn't party. However, this is false. If your looking for parties at Grove City, getting involved in Greek life is really the only way to find them. If going Greek life isn't your thing, Slippery Rock University is a 9 minute drive down the road, and there are parties every weekend there.
Parties are really chill and lowkey. There are only a few bars to go to if your over 21
Everyone is white and conservative
You'll never find drugs on campus unless you really look for them.
Professors care a lot and the classes are generally interesting.
A degree from Grove City College is really valuable and employers will never overlook you
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The school, and entire town for that matter is really safe.
The dorms are just typical dorms. They really have nothing that you wouldn't find at other colleges. RA's are strict
Depending on what organization you join, you will end up having different experiences. Learn the stereotypes each of them have because they're pretty accurate, and choose the one that fits your personality the best.
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