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I love the "small-town" feel of the college and of Grove City itself. At GCC, the student body more resembles the town Mayberry from the "Andy Griffith Show" than it does a rigorous academic institution. Yet, Grove City College is not lacking in stringent academics! The college's professors know how to push students to work hard and reach their full potential while not allowing them to become overwhelmed.
While I am only going into my second year, I thoroughly enjoyed my freshman year at Grove City. The professors are fantastic and the classes are interesting and rewarding. It being a smaller campus heightens the experience, as students won't get so lost in the crowd compared to other larger campuses. Similar to high school, there will definitely be some sort of activity that you can get involved with that will help to transition and stay connected.
I love the fact that walking to class you could say hi to at least 5 people that you know. Other schools you’re lucky if you see one person you genuinely know on your commute to class. Everybody is so friendly and no matter who you are or what background you come from you will always fit in.
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Grove City College has prepared me so well for my future profession while also providing an environment where excellent friendships and community are present. GCC professors take an active interest in the welfare of students, are immensely knowledgeable about their given fields of study, and are approachable. A kind student body exists at Grove City College, with students frequently greeting each other on the sidewalk, even if they are not acquainted. Attending Grove City College was one of the best decisions of my life.
As a Junior at Grove City College, I have been presented with many opportunities to succeed as a student and as a future professional. Independent research and a stellar placement program have aided me through real world experiences and the knowledge of how to impress future employers with hard work and an impressive resume.
It's an excellent college with great opportunities for students of all backgrounds! The food is good too!
I am the third sibling in my family to attend Grove City College and have been looking forward to attending for years. Throughout the years of visits, family events, and ceremonies for my older siblings, my appreciation for the college has only grown. In comparison to my current college (where I am transferring from), Grove City is a place where real learning, growth, and academic success are common.
Grove City is a very challenging school but they're also very good at preparing students for careers and graduate school. Great student culture, good professors, great student-to-teacher ratio, many opportunities for students to get involved in a wide variety of activities around a beautiful campus.
My college experience has been great! The classes are challenging but rewarding, the professors take time to make sure you understand the material and provide help if you don't. Residence life is welcoming and active and I feel right at home after just a few months. If I were to change anything, it would be the food options, the food isn't bad, there's just not a ton of variety. Other than that, all facilities are top notch.
Grove City College boasts a central emphasis on the Christian life and worldview. The beautiful campus is enough to make any lover of beautiful historical architecture stand in awe and admiration. The professors are engaging, intelligent, and extremely accommodating. The food is superb! The students are thoughtful, responsible, and mature in most cases. In addition, the students for the most part prefer to engage one another in conversation rather than absorb themselves in their devices. Overall this College is the perfect place for someone who wants superb education, good friends, good food, and more, all for a very reasonable price.
Small community and personal teaching make Grove City an optimal college choice. In addition friendly openminded learning environment Grove City's philosophy to spread light pervades throughout the alumni in the future.
I appreciate the excellent courses and professors at Grove City College, as well as the welcoming atmosphere. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with my experience at the college, and would suggest it to friends.
The people are amazing. The campus is beautiful. However, some teachers are unhelpful or unwilling to aid students in their pursuit of a better understanding of a subject or material.
My experience so far has been extremely eye opening!! College is MUCH harder than high school. GCC is Ivy League compatible so the first part of my first semester I struggled very badly! They are high quality and expect much from their students. The professors are wonderful and are encouraging and helpful. The campus is beautiful and very easy to maneuver. I play football and the coach is interested in my spiritual life and academics above football, however, he focuses on doing one's best in everything you put your hand to do! Building your life "Brick by brick". I would recommend GCC to everyone, However, be prepared to study, IT IS NOT EASY!
Academics in the sciences are challenging and you will need to devote your time to studying. Not really a great school for meeting people as everyone has their own cliques and what not. just like high school all over again.
Grove City College is a fantastic school with a Christ-centered education which prepares young students to face a secular world with a strong faith. Personally, I love the student life on campus, there is always something fun to do or see. I hope you all go out to see the play The Music Man on November 10th!
I am on the process of applying to this college. I had an interview with the Administration Department Director/PDSO, it was a pleasant interview, she was very delightful, very kind and friendly. I had a whole bunch of problems about the application, the financial aid and the scholarships. The staffs answered all my questions very patiently. Grove City College has a very strong academic program as well as their faith in Christ. This school is the 1st on my college choices list. It is a great school!
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Love this school! I would recommend it to anyone! I can't wait to spend the rest of my college career there!
Grove City is a historically Presbyterian college that is open to Catholics and Anglicans as well. It is a religiously inclusive college and provides a small community that is comfortable.
Grove City is a beautiful little private Christian college. The professors truly care and invest in their students and President McNulty is a wonderful, encouraging presence. The school is proud of its rigorous academics and firm faith, and although largely conservative, provides outlets and opportunities for all individuals in an environment that promotes love and dedication.
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