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Out of the San Diego community colleges, I highly recommend Grossmont as the one worth going to. This college offers more courses than other community colleges, especially for languages. I went here because all Japanese levels are offered here. This also has a transfer program, which I am using. I've received many discounts just from the school store itself, which I've taken advantage of. There are free tutoring programs, and I've gone to the Japanese tutor, who was helpful in my studies.
Grossmont College is a is a place of diversity for students to further their education. The opportunities that each individual is given allows them to become stronger students.
The professors are excellent! I would like to see the quality of the food improve, however. Also, there is always something going on in the center of the college, which keeps things lively, which is especially important right when the semester gets stressful!
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For a community college, this is very affordable, but had everything I needed to transfer. The music, science, and nursing departments were great. It is a pretty large campus.
Grossmont college is a great opportunity to begin one's career choices. Faculty and staff really help students to try and succeed.
I am a freshman in college and this will be my first time attending grossmont. So far the college campus is very nice and clean, educators and staff are willing to help with anything you need and everyone is very kind and helpful. I can't wait to attend this fall.
The campus is beautiful and the classes are easy. I learn a lot without being too challenged, which I consider perfect. The food is really good for a school campus. Since it's not a big university, there's no dorms, not very good athletics, and parties aren't common.
It's small but it's amazing community college and everyone is loving here. The counselors help you a lot when it comes to choosing a major. The business department is great and they help you get into bigger universities. I have enjoyed my time and will be transferring 2018 but so far it has been great to me.
I appreciate all the professor's professionalism. They've all exemplified the standards that Grossmont has to offer. My only issue is my wish for their treatment of the mentally ill to improve. It's not so much the teachers who are at fault, but rather the training that they have no received. There is a misunderstanding between teachers and mentally ill students who struggle with performing simple tasks such as being in class. However, there is a wonderful sense of empathy and hope of understanding that the teachers have. They want to understand, they want to learn, they just lack the training and experience.
Grossmont College is all around a good school, when it comes the the students, the staff and the campus it is all very welcoming
I love this school. I've spent 4 years here looking for my passion and I've found it. Also, the school has done wonders in helping me discover something that I actually want to do rather than something I simply should do since it makes money. Not only that, but I have multiple resources to help me get to where I want to, and they have a plethora of resources to help me pay for my education.
I like that they have options for so many different online classes because due to working full time with some overtime I can't always go onto campus for a class and the online classes I like because I can do them anywhere if needed and even work. I like the campus it is pretty nice and the staff make you feel safe if there is an issue.
Although it is a two year college, most students are here for longer. I had nothing but good experiences here for the four years I attended. The classes are small, the campus is great, the professors are excellent, and I will genuinely miss this school. My only complaint is that there need to be more options for evening classes that don't always interfere or overlap with other courses. There were a few semesters when I was only in two classes because they didn't offer the classes I needed in the evening or if they did, the times all overlapped.
For the most part, the professors at Grossmont want the students to succeed, and give them everything they need to do well in the classes. The campus is very good and easy to get familiar with. The service centers are very helpful and provide students with everything they need.
Grossmont College is a great school. The campus is really nice and you have a lot of tools that will help you pass your classes. But you should choose carefully the professor, some are really though grades and aren't helpful, but you can make it work with all the help that you receive from the school.
Grossmont College has a lot to offer, but you do have to do some digging to find what works for you. I've had amazing teachers that I've taken multiple times over the semesters, and I've had some terrible teachers that made me question Grossmont's credibility. The courses are affordable, and most teachers work with you on getting affordable texts. The campus is nice, and I have made some friends over the years.
At this moment I am in my second year at Grossmont and I have been helped my so many people and teachers. The students there are great and the teachers and counselors are awesome. Helping me find myself, who I am, what I want to do, and who I want to be. Being involved with the school is great!
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Great Professors
Most programs hosted by students
Amazing Campus
Walking distance from most places
A lot of parking space
I have found my comfort in the staff, not necessarily my professors. The counseling this school offers is always there to help. I now work on campus along with attending my classes. My current placement has helped me find more students to connect with and really has helped me get involved in the "college life." I am enjoying this campus so far and look forward to my next year, mostly the commencement of next year ;)
I wasn't impressed with the professors or the campus and advisers. I felt that this school did not help me but discourage me about my intelligence.
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