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Small campus and class sizes. Friendly instructors. Convenient location. The supports in place are helpful for new students. The counseling department is difficult to get an initial appointment with, but then they are very helpful at making sure you have a strong plan for success.
counseling is rough. better off doing it on your own. generally good staff of professors. welcoming and fun environment on campus.
I had an overall good experience at Grossmont College. The only downfall about the school is the lack of classes. A majority of the course fill up quickly when registration starts and it becomes very difficult to get the classes a student needs that will work well with their schedule.
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I have been very pleased with the class selection and professors. The campus is welcoming for all ages.
So far my experience at Grossmont College has been pretty great. The professors usually teach at other University's, such as SDSU and UCSD. It's great to have these professors that teach at acclaimed university's, and be able to receive the same kind of education at a community college, that people are paying a lot more money at 4 year universities. In my opinion, that is the best part about Grossmont College, the intimate classroom sizes, with amazing professors.
The professors are great! I would say high ratings on the course subjects taught. However, they have a horrible counseling/financial aid department. The counselors are not well trained. You get more help through a student ran peer system or through other resources, such as the office that tests you for learning disabilities. A man I met there is very sensitive to your needs and guides you with real people referrals that he trusts. They do have great talks there though. The food is pricey. I question how they use their money there... bathrooms are almost always dirty and smell.
I like the cafeteria area, the big campus, and the people around the campus itself are quite friendly in my opinion. They offer a great wide variety of classes, and sports you can take to earn credits.
I like how the teachers are actually very helpful and try to see students do better. The counselors and financial aid office is very helpful as well.
The best community college one could ask for. Professors are great, all very dedicated to their work and their students. Perfect for a transfer student looking for an affordable two year college.
My experience at Grossmont has been nothing but a great one! The professors I have had, have been great and are more than willing to help in any way they can towards ones success!! I highly recommend this campus!
Love this school. Teachers are super helpful, tutoring is always available. There are so many resources. Classes are cheaper than a uni class; half of the time, your professor teaches at a 4-year and here. The professors and admin really want you to succeed. I feel right at home. We have a big issue with parking right now because of construction, but it's being dealt with.
The college has a mix of jaded and passionate instructors. The financial aid office is horrible. They provided me with financial aid and then took it back after I had spent it. I had to fork up $1000.00, or they would place an academic hold on me. It was terrible.
It is a nice campus , everyone is nice and it is somewhat diverse. There is a lot of tutors for every department or subject you might need help with. There is a great cafeteria, cafe and bookstore that offers okay food choices.
So far the college has been great. The teachers seem like those that are excited to teach the students and make sure that they are understanding the content of the lectures. The atmosphere of the school is also really good since everyone seems to be nice and willing to help if needed.
My experience at Grossmont was very enjoyable and much more affordable than spending my first to years of college at an university. I like that Grossmont has many different class times for whatever class you need, which allows students to balance their workload as they see fit. One thing that I had an issue with were the counselors. Although there are a few good counselors at Grossmont, the bulk of the counselors sent me in circles trying to figure out if I was on the right track to graduation and transferring to an university. Overall, I would recommend Grossmont to people who are looking to achieve an Associate's Degree or save some money while preparing to go to universities.
The campus is small, very clean, its nestled up next to a mountain and Mission Trails park, there is lots of parking and its just a short ride to get to a few different fast food places. Its about 20 minutes away from downtown San Diego and the beaches. The school is small enough to where you can make friends easily and see them often, but big enough to where you can meet your daily step count if classes are placed far enough apart. The professors I've had so far have been awesome! It's a very god place to get your general education and start your degree.
Personally, the diversity in Grossmont College really makes it stand out as one of the top colleges in the community. The respectful behavior for all attending students and validating every individual's values are marvelous.
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it was very well organized. I recently went on a campus visit in regards of football and everything was set for the players to enjoy the campus. seating was arranged and the athletes were fed. also they made sure everyone was giving the important paper work they needed if they had any more questions
Great campus for new college students. It is a very welcoming place to be. Teachers are very helpful. Many resources are available to all students.
My experience at Grossmont College has been alright. One thing is that there are students of all ages and it's harder to make friends due to it not having dorms. The professors do their jobs well and get the necessary material to students.The campus is very small and about as big as my high school. The nursing department is very beautiful and it really stands out. The campus is diverse with different age and races. The student life and campus food is not worth good so I rarely spend extra time on campus unless I'm studying in between classes. Counselors don't spend much time genuinely helping you. Overall, it is a community college so i didn't expect it to be amazing. I am getting what I need from the college to pursue my education but pratically nothing else.
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