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I like the environment at Grossmont College but not much of a social life.
The campus is really nice and I've had some great teachers.
Returning to school in my 30’s I was a bit stand offish. However, professors and students have been great. It’s has been a really great transition.
Oh my dear, Grossmont. First step to move on to University. Great experience. Learn a lot, tough professors. that´s good.
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Campus is amazing and the professors excellent. Athletic part: they have nice tennis courts, and great football and soccer field.
I've only been here for a year so far but I love this school and would never plan on moving. There are great programs on campus that are able to help you with anything. I was enrolled into a peer mentoring program that helped me survive my first year. The campus is also very nice and spacious.
I'm good at theater for acting and costume designing. I'm good at English classes for creative writing and stories. I use to do some acting a lot back high school and the first day of college. When I was kid, I've always wanted to be an actor but I decided to finish them. First martial arts and last acting.
After my first year, Grossmont College has been a learning experience about college life and academics. Professors are very engaging about student academic success. One thing I would recommend changing on campus are more student tutoring opportunities.
Grossmont College is a good place to start, especially for those who could not afford to attend a 4-year university. The campus is clean and nice with much greenery. On the other hand, the recent construction of a new building on campus took over much needed parking spaces, so right now many students have to come in earlier than their scheduled class in order to secure a parking spot.
This was a very easy and accessible college. I loved the diversity of the college and being able to take many different classes. I loved the options for all the classes and the teachers were a big help to the students.
Grossmont College is a good school for students to attend if they are undecided on their major. From my experience all of the professors that I had have been very helpful. The campus is very clean and is a decent size. Grossmont is a very friendly environment and has diversity.
Pros: wide variety of classes, helpful counselors, allied health programs, offers many resources, great professors

Cons: parking is hell during the first couple weeks

While taking classes at Grossmont College, I have never encountered a terrible teacher. All of my professors have been passionate about their jobs and have always attended to any of my classmates' issues. As for the counseling department, the counselors have always gone out of their way to help. Grossmont College offers allied health programs such as Occupational Therapy Assistant or Nursing at a very inexpensive price.
Overall, Grossmont's campus is very nice. The parking is very scarce, especially the first few weeks of each semester. As a science major, the science classes are very impacted and unless you get a good registration date, you probably will have to wait list or wait until next semester to get in.
I appreciate how Grossmont College gives everyone the opportunity to continue their education in order to better their lives.
My first impression of Grossmont college was "wow this campus is huge!" As I learned more information about transferring I realized other universities are ten times bigger. Size does not matter that much in college in my opinion. The professors,the academics, and the students are what truly matter. Grossmont college has wonderful professors. They truly care about you reaching your goals and being successful, they enjoy helping not because they have to but because they want to. The classes at Grossmont have an endless variety, you can accomplish almost anything. If you struggle, Grossmont has free tutoring that helps in any course. They are there for you when you need them. From my experience all the students I have had are all so nice and that makes Grossmont a friendly environment.
This is my first year attending Grossmont as a freshman in college nd so far the professors I have are truly helpful and know exactly how to explain each topic thoroughly with no misunderstandings or confusion. The environment is clean and well organized as well which makes me even more excited to start my journey through college to transfer over to a four year college to pursue my dream I hope comes true which is becoming a veterinarian to help any and every animal I come across with my passion in my heart towards that career.
I m currently student at Grossmont College. This is my first attended college in the USA. The first reason that I picked this college is I drove around and saw the college located on the peaceful area and natural surrounding. I knew that my ability of learning, it supposed to be this college. So far, I never regret myself to study here. I met my ESL professor, She is very kind and talent person; therefore, she makes me enjoy writing class (which I knew everyone hates essay, well same as mine), but she always encourage, help me. She would sit, talk and find the way to help me get through the course. In the end of the course, we still keep in touch. Which she just like the tree that give a best advice to me. I voted for Grossmont college. They care of you and encourage you.
It is a great Community College. I have been able to get into the classes I need and most of the professors were amazing. It is financially the best choice for me too while completing general courses.
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Overall, I've had a wonderful experience at Grossmont College. It is a great place to get an associates degree or your general education done before transferring to university. I have had some of the best professors in my life there, as well as the worst. Even though I've had some bad ones, there were always other options and lots of reviews for the students to give input about professors to the school. I think the student life here is pretty nonexistent, but that's what you see in most community colleges and don't really get until university. Grossmont has definitely prepared me for university and I am looking forward to apply what I've learned here to my education at UCSD.
Grossmont college is a well built Campus here in El Cajon, CA with a vary of diverse and friendly people. New year more tax and interest rates but having such a money friendly college is so helpful to be motivated without the unnecessary stress to continue your education. With having only about 18,618 students enrolled there is more one on one interaction compared going to several other community colleges here in California. Staff and the students have made this Campus such a great experience.
great school with good teachers. financial aid office and the DREAM team are extremely helpful. this school has a lot of good recourses for students that what to continue their education.
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