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The students are bright, curious, and from a variety of different backgrounds, making Grinnell College an engaging place to live and learn. They are committed to social justice and activism, participating in their courses in a creative and intellectual way that very clearly connects their education to their passions and "real-world" lives. The faculty dedicate a huge amount of time to ensuring their students are receiving the education they need while still reserving time for their own research and writing. However, the administration needs work on the way it communicates with the student body and implements policies, and the location of the college creates a sort of "bubble" that can cause Grinnell to completely absorb the lives of students and faculty.
I came to Grinnell to be challenged academically, and that's what has happened. Inside and outside the classroom, I'm learning things on a daily basis. Grinnell has made me rethink my values, political opinions, and views of the world, while still staying true to myself.

Socially, I've encountered more diversity in the student body than I ever will. While students come from all over, identify themselves and love differently than their classmates and neighbors, as a whole, they are the caring and passionate, and work together to address local and worldwide issues.

Coming to Grinnell, I've found myself and my passions in the classes I've taken, the professors from whom I've learned, and the students I've befriended.
Grinnell is geographically isolated in a way that isn't for everyone. Located in a small town in central Iowa, it's not a college people tend to go to for it's surroundings. While this isn't great for everyone, this also means that people who go here enroll their first years in spite of where it is, not because of it. They're seeking out the specific social and academic environment that it provides, and aren't coming for the surrounding nightlife, or for a huge football program. It shows the most in classes and in the tightly knit campus community, where I've found that people are engaged and willing to learn with and from others. I would go again in a heartbeat.
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Amazing student body. Everyone are phenomenal gems of people. Bright/sharp students, progressive, great proffs who are kind and caring and lots of fantastic opportunities if you can find the time to squeeze them in.
Overall, Grinnell is an amazing place where you have opportunities available to you that may not be available at larger institutions. Because the school is small, it is easy to get to know professors, and other faculty/staff members within a short period of time. Because of this, it is easy to become involved on campus, either that be through conducting research, or hosting your own radio show.
Grinnell is an academic rigorous school with a strong sense of diversity and community. Some people find the location to be a negative based on where its located, but I find it to be a positive. We have students coming from all over the country and world, so its definitely a global school, but there is not only a strong community, but students actively choose to be there. They provide many opportunities on and off campus too for students. Provides great financial aid and resources for all students to take advantage of. Many clubs and organizations to join and many concerts, events, performances and speakers to keep you entertained.
The athletic building is actually quite lovely and offers a variety of machines to all students. We even have our own rock climbing wall, a sauna, and jacuzzi. Except none of this is really used by students who are not athletes. So if you're into physical fitness, you can definitely accomplish that here at Grinnell. Also, the varsity games aren't that well attended, but there is support for the athletes.
The small classroom size is such a plus. You're actually able to be noticed by your professor (which can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are). Also because of the small campus, people actually end up learning each other's names and for the most part you know you can always run into a friend or so at some point.
The alumni network wants to help students find internships and careers after college. The network is close-knit and loves helping each other.
The professors really are passionate about their work and incorporate their studies into the lessons. The professors care about individuals and their well-being.
I rate the safety poorly because a friend and I were raped. The friend chose not to report the student while I did report my rape to the school. The school did not find the respondent guilty. So I now have to walk across campus with him still there. I do not feel safe walking alone and if I were to meet him on campus. The Title IX Office is very supportive while one worker in Student Affairs called me a liar about my rape.
Most of the dormitories do not have air conditioning. Some rooms, such as Clark pit are small.
It really is a great college. My only complaint is that I was raped and the school did not find the respondent guilty. Because of this, the rating of the school went down as I will have to walk across the graduation stage with my rapist.
Grinnell College is definitely diverse for a private liberal arts school but we still have work to do
Alcohol and drug use is relatively prevalent but there is little pressure to partake if you don't want to
I believe that prospects for graduates are very strong. Everyone at Grinnell, including alumni, wants you to succeed.
I love Grinnell and my fellow Grinnellians. I cannot wait to return in the fall.
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I feel safe on campus, we did have some issues last semester with someone recording people while they were showering and a flasher though.
For the most part, the housing isn't exceptional, but many people befriend their neighbors and enjoy themselves. The people are the important part.
I have run track and cross country here and it's been awesome, but the facilities are also very open to non-athletes and they are so nice. It's amazing to have such nice facilities at such a small school.
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