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I love this school, this community. Challenging but rewarding in terms of academics. The people you meet will become lifelong friends.
If academics is your priority, Grinnell College is the place.

If any other factors of college life come near or on par with the impact you want to make on your academic education, there are a plethora of other options that will make your experience the best it can be.

And if academics are your priority take advantage of Grinnell's research, MAPS.
You have to be comfortable with the rural, Midwest's environment and climate.
If you're ready to put aside four years of your life attending amazing classes, learning from some of the best professors in their fields, and meeting brilliant students from everywhere around the country and world in a god forsaken, cold and depressing small mid-western town, you've come to the right place!
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I just finished my first semester, and I can confidently say that at Grinnell, the opportunities are endless, and the campus culture is positive and collaborative and justice-oriented. Professors are at the top of their fields, and student dorms/dining is great (Norris needs improvement). There's a very diverse and incredibly talented student population to inspire you and most of the courses are very well-taught.
Amazing academics, opportunity to pursue undergraduate research, professors who are there to teach. I also appreciated the small class sizes and intimate setting. The campus is beautiful and brings many speakers and events to small-town Iowa.
I had a great experience at Grinnell. The students are really interesting and curious. The classes are small, and it is easy to get individual attention .from professors. They make themselves very available. The dining hall is really nice too, with many options for healthy food and treats.
If you’re looking for somewhere with small class sizes, great academics, and a wide range of activities- but don’t feel like dealing with east coast pretentiousness- this may be your place. A great sense of community. The professors will absolutely kill you, but do it with a smile. Whatever your passions arw- you’ll have the ability to follow them.
Attending Grinnell has given me the chance to meet people that I would never have otherwise had the chance to meet. Overall, I would consider Grinnell to be fairly middle of the road when it comes to many things, but the academics are top-notch (in my opinion), and the campus is fairly diverse in terms of its student body population. There are definitely issues with the college as a whole, such as the college's handling of the student union, but overall I believe Grinnell to be a fantastic college.
Wonderful school. All of the students here are sincere and intelligent people. I'm continuously impressed by my peers everytime I go to class. Everyone is hard-working and curious, and no one would struggle to find a like-minded intellectual here.

The professors are notable people who are well known within their respective studies, and they genuinely care about your growth and experience at the school. I used to go to a high school where I felt I learned nothing new day after day. Here, I learn both in and outside of the classroom thanks to all the amazing resources Grinnell offers.

Kids who didn't get into Harvard but got into Grinnell are lucky. This is the school that truly will define you and make you into the well-rounded and intelligent person you may wish to be.
Grinnell College is home to an extremely diverse and welcoming populous. It offers a lot of opportunities to it's students (jobs, sports, majors, etc.) and since it is quite small, it is easy to get to know professors and staff very well.
Incredible place. Every kind of person you could ever imagine is on campus. No pressure to be anyone but yourself. Truly and exceptional college that everyone should feel honored to attend. From athletics to academics there is something for everyone.
Well grinnell in a wonderful place to study in, it is so diverse and you never know who you gonna meet next so i love that about grinnell.
Grinnell College is a place that has allowed me to find who I am as a person, while simultaneously bettering myself through both academics and social interactions. The academics are fantastic, with the professors all being extremly helpful, kind, and encouraging during your time with them. I love the personability that comes with smaller classes, and the sense of community that joins Grinnellians together.
Grinnell offers a great breadth of academic courses, thus allowing students to explore different majors that they may be contemplating. The campus is stunningly beautiful. Student life is improved by creating bonds with the advisers, deans, and peers. Interest groups also keep one inspired while attaining academic goals. Lastly, dorm life, in general, is good including gym, laundry facilities, etc.
Incredible Academics. Every Professor is phenomenal. Whether you pursued sciences or humanities you will have an amazing experience.
Best thing is you can drink if you are under-aged but the scene gets old. The administration pretends to listen to the students but they rarely act. If you are lucky and one of the profs like you they will set you up.
Grinnell is great! There's a very collaborative attitude among the students. The academics are top quality and there are outstanding resources and opportunities. If you're thinking about Grinnell, visit! People here are kind, helpful, and happy, even with the pressure that comes with challenging academics.
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Grinnell College is a great college! Mostly every teacher and faculty member is looking out for you. I love how important academics is to the college and really tries to make decisions based on student opinions.
student community and professors are fantastic, administration cares far more about attracting affluent prospective students with good test scores than the mental health + well-being of the student body
I love Grinnell College. It is in a very small town, but there is always a lot going on. Everyone is wonderful and there are so many academic opportunities that I wouldn't get anywhere else.
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