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I like the Christian community we have at school, the chapels in the morning and Vesper worship nights are awesome. All the school staffs are so welcoming and helpful when you need them. The food is very healthy for a school in my opinion. The backroom is amazing we have a lot of talented people who can sing and do other stuff too. People are very friendly and nice. There is a big community of international students. The campus is small but very pretty. The sport teams are very good if you are into sports. The activities are awesome usually there is a lot of free food,games and music playing. We have different association that you can participate such as Mosaic, International Club, and others. We got intramurals activities which are pretty cool too. The dorms are pretty cozy and comfortable. The classes are decently hard depending on the major.
I love Greenville University. Being a no traditional student was something I was very nervous about. However, when I got there everyone was so nice, welcoming and loving. I was able to stand out in the classroom, engage with my professors, and show my talents off to the student body. Everything we learned is Christ centered and I just love that about this school. Who would’ve thought that I would meet so many people running for Christ in one small institution was a blessing beyond compare. My experience here has been the best, and every year gets better and better. God has really met me in this place and it has made me a stronger believer in the Lord our God. When the president of the school knows you by well as your professors, that’s how you know God is in the midst of this. No school can compare to what Greenville has to offer. We are not just a number, they genuinely care about us and our future.
Greenville University makes you feel at home. The campus is full of kind-hearted people who are willing to help. While visiting Greenville, the staff and coaches always go the extra step to make you comfortable and will go out of there way to match any need you might have.
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Greenville has been a great experience overall. The professors are approachable and really care about my success. There are several opportunities for student involvement in diverse areas like missions, sports and jobs.

I would like to have better communication from the business office. Sometimes they are slow responding to my inquiries or want to pass them off on someone else. For the most part my experience has be excellent. I have made lifetime friends and am building a foundation for what I expect to be a great future.
family town great learning east enrollment professors are always there small class size beautiful grounds very diverse culture and welcomes all cultures and international students
Greenville is a great place for students to get a base in many different areas of expertise. I am a music student and the music program here is incredible. It is always evolving with the times and is up to date. While at some other schools are stuck in the mindset of only classical style music degrees, Greenville offers a variety of music degrees from audio engineering to music education. Greenville also has a fantastic pre-med program.
Greenville, yes, is in the middle of corn fields in southern Illinois. But our campus contains such diversity that you run into people different than you all the time. Campus activities promote integration of all students, from athletes to bookish types, from African American students to South Korean students.
The one thing that many people are weary about is the lifestyle statement, which prohibits many of the 'typical college' activities (smoking, drinking, sex on campus, etc). As an RA, my interactions with the lifestyle statement have given me a broad perspective of the pros and cons of having such an agreement. As a Christian community I think it is imperative that we hold our students to a wholesome standard. However, for those students who do not practice Christianity, I have seen isolation and exclusion on occasion.
Overall, I love Greenville and am content with my choice for my educational advancement.
Greenville has been a great place to grow spiritually and intellectually. It has been an excellent place to try new things and stretch my mind and imagination. I have met amazing people and had amazing experiences!
I love Greenville University. The word you will hear the most on campus is community and that perfectly suits Greenville. It has quickly became my second home.
Greenville is a great Christian college. It offers so many opportunities for you to earn your degree. I was a full time working mom while attending classes full time thanks to Greenville's UTEP program. I earned my BS Elementary Education with a 4.0 GPA!
Overall I love Greenville. The kids are friendly the teachers are great and if you are looking for a place that makes you feel at home this is the place to be!
Greenville College is kind of a hit or miss school. I came here to get an education and expand my horizons. There is an abundance of down your throat rules and guidelines they insist/force everyone to follow. It's no where near the college experience I was expecting/wanting.
I chose Greenville College because of their Christian affiliation. Ever since I got to campus, my faith has grown and grown. The professors integrate the Bible and their faith into their classes.
What stood out most to me in Greenville College was how attent and aware the professors were. They are genuinely interested in their student's education and are always open to receive students during their office hours. Their patience, kindness and energy to answer student's questions whenever they didn't understand class material is truly encouraging.
Greenville also has a tightly knit community that is always teeming with on campus activities. The town may be small, but the school makes up for it with it's various activities.
The only drawback is the on campus cafeteria. The food is not always the best, and one can find themselves tired of eating the same thing over and over.
I am enrolled in a graduate online program. I feel there is very little feeling of a group: discussions are stilted and rarely go beyond answer the professor's pre-set questions and then writing a simple or trite response (two response are usually required for each discussion). Some key material is not included in the program at all.
A Great atmosphere! The school is small enough that its easy to get to know your professors and fellow students. Its also large enough to offer many different extra curricular activities and sports. The student life is a great experience, and you learn the true meaning of the word community here!
Greenville College is a great place to be immersed in a true Christian community. At Greenville College, students are encouraged to be their true selves. While the college has great academics and professors who know their students on a personal level, the college also does a fantastic job at integrating faith into academics, athletics, and extra-curriculars.
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I am in an online graduate program. I find the low level of peer interaction really disappointing. The LMS is arcane, but the staff are helpful in navigating it. The professors vary. My current professor has not answered any of the four e-mails I have sent her. On one assignment she gave me a very low grade, with no explanation as to why, even though my peers commented very positively about my input.

Some professors realize that all the students in the class are already professionals in the field and adjust their assignments, but some give assignments that do not adjust for this key factor.
I came from a small school, so Greenville College (GC) seemed a little daunting at first. However, as I progressed through the semesters, I found great friends, teachers, and teammates who I greatly appreciate. The teachers that I have had are great. They know what they are talking about and have experience in their field. In addition, I like the community GC has. It is small enough, so you can know many people but big enough that one may not see everyone everyday. I would like to see a new food provider. The current one has been lacking as of late. Furthermore, I would like to see more classes offered. I say this in reference to the language classes. They only offer French and Spanish, so expanding this area would be great. Also, if they had more diverse classes that would cover General Education requirements, this would make it more interesting to learn basic skills that make us well-rounded individuals.
I am a transfer at Greenville. Don't do it. This college is awful, everyone behaves as if they are part of a cult. No individual thought. I attended for an entire semester and wished I could transfer almost immediately. I am a Christian so I went into it with the thought of it could not be that bad, i was wrong. Everyone there, or at least the mass majority do not want to have any individual thought or concepts beyond what they believe with their faith. As an Art major that I feel is very important, and if you are an Art or Digital Media major the classes they have me in, I feel like I already achieved the skill level I am at before taking these courses and they were a waste of my time, the teachers for the drawing course at least gave no criticism and it was very disheartening toward my feelings about my education.
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