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Greenville Technical College is a great college to attend for classes at the college or for online classes. All of the people in each office are willing to help you as much as needed; whether it be for financial aid, admissions, or general information about the college.
So far, the college has been very helpful in many different aspects. I have been able to set up my classes very easily, and have been able to choose from many different class options, including online options. Everyone I have met at Greenville Tech is very nice and extremely patient with questions and concerns.
I have just started at GTC, but find the staff very responsive and involved in student success. I received emails with feedback and my guidance counselor even called me to check in with me periodically. You don't find this level of personal attention and responsiveness everywhere, that's for sure!
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I absolutely love GVLTEC. This is the best school I have ever attended every. They offer so many resources and options with a very understanding staff. The school is extremely comfortable and I would recommend anyone looking for a good 2-year college to attend here.
Great professors, everyone really cares and wants you to succeed! There are plenty of resources like the writing and math centers if you need help with work, as well as 1-on-1 tutoring.
Wonderful School to consider. GTC will give you the best opportunity you need to excel in life. You will not be disappointed choosing GTC
Currently enrolled and couldn’t be more excited for the fall. The process of switching here from another school was very smooth thanks to everyone at the school.
I enjoyed my first year of college. I think the campus pointe dorms need to invest in pest control. Greenville Tech needs better math professors. Everytime I got help from a tutoring representative, it was always very helpful.
Personally, I have not attended; however, those who have and enjoyed their time and courses that have taken there.
Advisers are extremely helpful especially if you do not know what career you want to be in. Offers a variety of tutoring for different subjects.
I like greenville tech and how they take there time to make sure you fully understand the advisor sat down with me to maje the best choice not only for current classes but furthering my career and educayion beyond greenville tech and the option i have. I will be the first in my family to continur my education through college and dont havd a doubt 8n ny mind i cant do it thanks to all the encouragement and support they provide. I definetly believe i mad the right decision starting at a local school like greenville tech.
I currently go for Mechatronics and GVT has a stellar program (best in the upstate). Teachers are very caring and push for your best, teach you what you need to know, and work with your outside life which can sometimes be a pain. I appreciate all the hard work and hope to see the program grow more.
Amazing teacher and good selection of academic programs and opportunities, have some very challenging classes but offer amazing tutoring. Beautiful campus just wish that there was more parking spots available per building
The teachers at Greenville Tech are absolutely amazing! They are so caring and are always pushing you to do your best. The classrooms settings can vary in size, but the teacher is always present with all the students. Amazing campus, great faculty.
I have been here for two years now and am hopefully transferring in the fall. I have had a good experience with most of the professors and classes i have taken.
Overall, the school is a great school with so many activities and benefits on-site to enrolled students AND faculty! For a small public, 2 year school, they have a lot of majors and certificates to go for, along with easy college transfer capabilities. Definitely check the school out.

I am currently a student at Greenville Technical College and so far my experience has been excellent over all. The professors were very good and attentive and I have learned a lot in all my classes. I think I will see a great return on what I invested in my education while attending there.
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It is currently my 1st year at this school and the people here are extremely kind. I feel different yet so welcomed. I love the diversity here. There are people from all over the world and it is fascinating learning about their cultures when we get the chance to talk.
the teachers are all very knowledgeable in their respective fields. The classes are accomodating. they offer a multitude of learning options like online and written assigenments. Their tutoring services are better and more extensive than most colleges I know.
I’m in the aircraft maintenance program here at Greenville tech. I love this program and it is held to the highest standard, for the rest of the campus is a different story.
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