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So far I have really enjoyed my professors. They are fair, approachable, and excited about teaching. The admission and administrative aspects have been less than satisfactory.
GTC provided me with ample opportunity to further my education and mature as a student. The curriculum, scheduling, and COST are exemplary. I was able to get my Associate's in less than two year. The credits helped my transfer to SNHU and ALL were accepted. The diversity was a little lacking, in students with disabilities. I myself have autism and had only met one student with Asperger's syndrome. They have a disability center, but it's still hard to make friends.
I think they need more teachers, because I was lost on were to go to class and were to find more info about the class work.
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I enjoyed attending this college. The systems used for online classes, checking grades, registering, checking financial aid,and more were straight forward and easy to use. Every teacher I had provided a detailed class schedule and syllabus which helped me a lot throughout the class.
Just because it's a tech school doesn't mean it's easy. The professors there really make you work for what you get, its not like high school where you will just slide on by. You have to earn your grades.
being that this is my second year at greenville college i have enjoyed attending there. i have had great experiences i can say its a very friendly environment and welcoming. you will make friends very quickly because every one is opened an willing to help you if needed. greenville as changed my perspective on the school because at first i thought it wasn't really that good of school but boy was i wrong. help is all you can get they will help out with anything. but i can say that nothing needs to be changed.
I am very happy with GTC, the professors and teachers are very helpful, they stay over to help you out and are very willing to help you out if you are having any problems inside or outside of college.
I am a high school student who is in a dual-enrollment program which means I get to go to Greenville Tech and take classes along side college students. I feel like Greenville Tech is too easy right now. I have passed all my classes so far with A's and have done very little work for them. I have learned much from my classes but if my teachers were better at managing their time in class I could learn a lot more.
Greenville Technical College is a very practical school. It is great for anyone looking to continue working full time and take college classes. As a student this can be very boring though because there are no opportunities to get involved in campus activities. There are no dorms, and there are very few students. This is not the school for anyone seeking to enjoy campus life while pursuing there degree.
Some of the teachers are great
Few teachers that are terrible (Math)
Homework is reasonable
Campus is safe
Its a pretty good school and the teachers are all high quality. Everyone is always there to help. There is also many resources to help if you are struggling or need a free tutor. There is many activities and clubs that you can join.
Greenville Technical College is the most helpful and resourceful community college for people in Greenville county. It is an second choice for people who can not afford to attend a university or want to enter the workforce immediately. It is a 4 year university compressed into 2 years based on my experience within the classrooms and professors. For as long as I live, I will always recommend this school to people who want fast and affordable education.
Very small school, classes are still challenging, few clubs and extracurriculars. Teachers vary in chillness.
I have had a great experience with Greenville Technical College. They offer a great education at a very affordable rate!
everyone very helpful classes at not huge so its comfortable to learn. ability o take your schedule into consideration. help with future studies
Greenville Technical College is a good school. They have a variety of programs to fit the needs of most people. They have a great program for online courses and the professors are great to work with. The scheduled is flexible, and allows me to work and continue my education. The only complaint I have is about the financial aid department. They are not helpful at all. It's hard to get in touch with anyone in that department and when you do they don't offer much help.
I like how small the school is and easy to navigate around. All of the professors I've had have been super awesome and helpful. The school is also very affordable. The best way to get 2 years of education in if you plan on pursuing a bachelors degree. Also, the school is in the awesome city of Greenville, SC.
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Teachers are great and willing to help. The staff at Greenville Technical College explain anything you need and are always available to answer whatever questions you may have. I've had a great experience at this college and would recommend this college to everyone.
Stay away. That's the only advice you need.

Truly the worst institution ever. Refuses to answer phone calls or to return messages.
Makes a decision without collecting all of the facts.
Ignores common decency in favor of money.
Believes that it is always right - will not make any concession for errors on its part.

STAY AWAY - there is always a better alternative. Take a class online or find an actual college. NOTHING is worth having to deal with this lying, cheating and subpar institution.
Overall the experience has been great. Small and you can get the one on one attention from the professors that you need.
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