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Overall, the school is a great school with so many activities and benefits on-site to enrolled students AND faculty! For a small public, 2 year school, they have a lot of majors and certificates to go for, along with easy college transfer capabilities. Definitely check the school out.

I am currently a student at Greenville Technical College and so far my experience has been excellent over all. The professors were very good and attentive and I have learned a lot in all my classes. I think I will see a great return on what I invested in my education while attending there.
It is currently my 1st year at this school and the people here are extremely kind. I feel different yet so welcomed. I love the diversity here. There are people from all over the world and it is fascinating learning about their cultures when we get the chance to talk.
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the teachers are all very knowledgeable in their respective fields. The classes are accomodating. they offer a multitude of learning options like online and written assigenments. Their tutoring services are better and more extensive than most colleges I know.
I’m in the aircraft maintenance program here at Greenville tech. I love this program and it is held to the highest standard, for the rest of the campus is a different story.
While this will actually be my 1st year attending greenville technical college. I have heard so many great things about this school. I’ve had the pleasure of attending seminars and staying on campus. I found this to be a safe and nurturing environment. The staff and professors are helpful. Everyone was so helpful starting with registration, financial aid, housing and orientation. They tend to go the extra mile to ensure that you know what is expected of you. I’m very excited about starting here for the summer. I plan to make this a positive learning experience.
This is an excellent school to start at before going to a four year school. They have numerous resources for tutoring and academic coaching to help you succedd. The instructors are fabulos
Greenville tech was okay. Some of the teachers are just plain bad. Always check rate my professor. Other students are nice and the school is very accommodating and cheap.
I am extremely satisfied with my decision to attend Greenville Technical College's transfer program. The classes affordable, but still offer enough of a challenge. The teachers and advisors genuinely want to help students succeed.
I am a single mother and I did online school through Greenville tech. At first, it was good but it continually had issues with the calendar, for example, I would turn in my assignments into blackboard and then get told I turned it in late because of the calendar isn't correct and I would lose out on getting a grade. I also had a lot of trouble getting signed up for classes. Every semester I would try and meet up with my counselor after exams and he was the hardest person to get ahold of, he only communicated my email and even then he didn't respond in a timely manner. It would at least take him a week to respond to me.
GTC is a better option for those who work and go to school. The instructors are great and very helpful.
I was able to change from day to night class, with the same instructor, while transitioning into a new job.
They have been very helpful and straightforward in what I need to do in order to become successfully enrolled in the college.
The school is your normal technical college. Nice people, some outstanding professor, and of course some horrendous ones. But overall I'd say its a good buy for the money.
Attending Greenville Tech has been a lifesaver for me. I was outed at my previous school and was expelled 6 months before graduation for being gay. Greenville tech accepted me as one of their own, and I am currently enrolled in their nursing school. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn here.
So far I have really enjoyed my professors. They are fair, approachable, and excited about teaching. The admission and administrative aspects have been less than satisfactory.
GTC provided me with ample opportunity to further my education and mature as a student. The curriculum, scheduling, and COST are exemplary. I was able to get my Associate's in less than two year. The credits helped my transfer to SNHU and ALL were accepted. The diversity was a little lacking, in students with disabilities. I myself have autism and had only met one student with Asperger's syndrome. They have a disability center, but it's still hard to make friends.
I think they need more teachers, because I was lost on were to go to class and were to find more info about the class work.
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I enjoyed attending this college. The systems used for online classes, checking grades, registering, checking financial aid,and more were straight forward and easy to use. Every teacher I had provided a detailed class schedule and syllabus which helped me a lot throughout the class.
Just because it's a tech school doesn't mean it's easy. The professors there really make you work for what you get, its not like high school where you will just slide on by. You have to earn your grades.
being that this is my second year at greenville college i have enjoyed attending there. i have had great experiences i can say its a very friendly environment and welcoming. you will make friends very quickly because every one is opened an willing to help you if needed. greenville as changed my perspective on the school because at first i thought it wasn't really that good of school but boy was i wrong. help is all you can get they will help out with anything. but i can say that nothing needs to be changed.
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