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I enjoy the people at Greensboro College. The facilities are the main problem at Greensboro College. The dorms and food options could use improvement. The area that Greensboro College is in is the perfect place for a college, and even though the school is not as large as many others, the experience you get at Greensboro College is unlike any other. The relationships that students make with other students and professors is unlike any others at bigger schools.
My experience with Greensboro College was awkward, being bi racial, the school does not have enough diversity or cultural awareness programs. I felt lonely and I felt the school did not offer support in these areas
I felt very welcome and at home. I felt I've been going there for years. The food is always good but it doesn't really have much of a variety.
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I graduated recently from Greensboro College and I loved every minute of my time there. Faculty were amazing and the student body outstanding. Within only a few years after leaving I started my own business which has now 'taken-off' and it's all due to my education both in and out of the classroom at Greensboro College. Small, yes...but mighty enough to make me an entrepreneur indeed so ! Thanks Greensboro College !!
I like the small classes. It gives you an opportunity to know your professors.
I do not like the limited club and activities.
This school sucks, it cost to much money to go here and they don't even try to get maintenance to fix anything. Also the cafe food is terrible, its boring, they didn't give us any heat last year for a month and it took three girls passing out for them to get the air on, and the staff here gives you an attitude if you try to transfer to any other school and everyone knows your business. All the dorms are in need of a renovation but they wont do anything about it. My dorm this year is terrible the bathrooms are filthy the faucet doesn't work the heat and air are just unbearable, the shower sucks the water doesn't get hot at all. The WiFi continues to go off and on constantly.Overall Greensboro college is a terrible school, if push comes to shove your better off going to GTCC, at least they are well known and dont cost as much. WHOEVER SAYS THIS IS A GOOD SCHOOL THEY ARE LYING OR IN DENIAL!.
Greensboro college is a very diverse college with great instructors, accepting people, and an amazing campus life with countless opportunities.
Leading up to my senior years, it has gone by really fast and I can not believe that I am almost finished. I am glad that I picked Greensboro college because it ended up being the best thing for me.
I am a first year student here at Greensboro College and so far I have nothing but positive things to tell you. The professors and adults who work here truly dedicate themselves to helping each individual student. Other than all of the help I have received the students and student life is great here on campus!
Greensboro College is a small campus where the students know pretty much everybody. I like how the class room sizes are very small and students get one on one with their professors. The campus is beautiful and their security is fantastic! The only thing I see that I would want changed are the locations of the athletic fields.
Greensboro College is an great school to go to if you like small classes. I choose to go to this school to play basketball, but I also liked the classroom sizes so I can sometimes have one-on-one relations with my professors if needed. It's also located a few minutes before downtown Greensboro, and it's in between UNCG and NC&T so some kind of entertainment is always going on.
I overall like attending Greensboro College. It's a small campus with a close staff/student body. Greensboro College has made my transition from home to college easy with it's small, family atmosphere.
I am in love with Greensboro and can not wait to attend there in the fall. I love the nice people and surrounding city. Great atmosphere.
dont think they have ebough support
everyone is open and happy
Security guards are constantly walking around day and night.
Many of the staff work here and graduated from here. The alumni network is strong. Teachers prepare students for potential careers.
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I am an adult student so I do not participate in sporting events.
Small school means small classes and a lot of one on one help and very responsive to e-mails.
Our campus security is amazing at what they do. Someone stole my laptop a the beginning of the year, and they did everything they could to find it, and they did. They are always on campus, and they engage with the students.
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