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I like that online courses are available, and renting used text books from the campus bookstore is so affordable. I was unpleasantly surprised when I received my first bill, and found the campus fees were six times the amount listed on the college website.
They are so easy to work with! They listen to what your problems are and they are right there helping you fix them!
Knowledgeable instructors. Great facilities. Diverse community. Staff and faculty were always happy to assist.
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Great environment to learn in as it is a small college. Professor know you by name and you can drop into their office when needed.
the campus is wonderful it feels so natural. they offer some pretty interesting classes but lack in online classes which was the only disappointing thing about the whole school.
I enjoyed being a student here at Greenfield Community College, I loved my classes and many of my professors. It's a beautiful campus and the small classrooms encourage and invite critical thinking!
The supportive staff is phenomenal! They take extra time to answer questions even if it's not during scheduled office hours. The classes are small so I never felt like just a number.
the food is really good and the teachers teach perfectly. They have a good nursing program. cheaper if going as a freshman.
The school works very well with scheduling my classes around when I have to work. I currently have two jobs as well so it's very helpful that they are understanding of my situation. They are careful to not overload me but they also make sure I am getting enough credits so I will graduate on time. They are always on time, and even sometimes early for the meetings that I schedule to set up my classes. The staff is very good at what the do and they have made my college experience so beneficial so far already.
They are very thorough with explanations and information. They make sure I have the necessary skills and knowledge to go into the field of work that I want to. They have been where I am today and their friendliness is refreshing to be around. They have a work study program in which I can get a job of my choosing at the school itself. There are many school-held events in which students are encouraged to get to know each other, as well as the school. Students are encouraged to help each other succeed.
The teachers care about the career I wish to go into. They actually want to see me to succeed and help me to take the steps needed to do so. They are very encouraging to work with and I truly learn a lot while I'm at school. They challenge me so that they, as well as myself, can see what I am capable of.
The staff is very easy to work with. They're very straight-forward and understanding about the school and you can tell that they truly care about you and your education. They don't rush you , they take their time to explain everything to you so that you understand and I appreciate it very much.
The guidance counselor I was given is very approachable and actually has worked in the career that I am pursuing. It's very encouraging to have someone like him working with me because he know what I'm going through and how to get where I want to be with my career. He was very understanding and overall a wonderful person to talk to.
Going to Greenfield Community College has definitely been a blessing in my life. few years back I was at a very hard point in my life and made the irresponsible decision to drop out of college. This school has given me a second chance to reach the goals I have set for myself. The road has not been easy but I am so very grateful for this opportunity. I have proven to myself that I can accomplish the goals I set and I've learned how important second chances are. I'm looking forward to a degree in Criminal Justice so I can help others and show them that there is so much to life.
I have yet to have an issue with any credit transfers. This could also be because I have had the right help with which classes to take specifically for the program I applied for as well as the specific requirements each school I was applying to, needed from me.
Some courses are a bit obnoxious because you have to essentially make up for not being in a classroom with posting a lot in discussion forums, but the convenience that comes with having the freedom to make my own schedule is worth it. Professors are always wiling to meet with you in person and are still just as focused on your success in the online courses as they are in the classroom.
I am going on to get a bachelor's degree in nursing and so I am not quite finished, but what I can say is that throughout my academic career at GCC I have had plenty of hep and guidance as well as the support I have needed at times when making difficult decisions about my future.
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The community is very involved with GCC. There are so many events held at the college and fundraisers to raise money for the college specifically but also for scholarships to be available for more students.

We have a great nursing program and the preparation for employment after graduation, I think, is exceptional.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes at GCC specifically because of the professors. The class sizes are small and so you really get to interact with your peers and the instructors ad engage in thoughtful discussions.

The courses are organized in a way that helps you to think outside the box and apply the things we learn to real life situations. I believe I have become a more well-rounded person because of this community college.
I am a Health Sciences major with an RN(nursing) intent. The schools requirements for applying to nursing programs are what I have been taking the last two years. I believe they have prepared me for the course load I should expect in the coming years and I have been especially grateful for the peer tutoring center that GCC offers. At no cost to me, I have been able to focus on areas of my school work that I needed a little more one on one help with.
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