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Having received over 100 credits at this College I have much experience in its life and education. Over the several years of my attendance, many new buildings have made there way unto the campus making it an even more beautiful area. The surrounding environment is inspiring as I have taken several walks after having taken stressful exams or to just take a break between studies. The many professors I have had have never disappointed because of the wide array of knowledge I have taken from them. Also, the student life is very eclectic making it easy to find a group of students with similar interests in which flourishing is made easy. I highly recommend the continuation of education in an establishment such as this. You will not regret it.
This is a very liberal and diverse school and community. I love going to school here because of the diverse atmosphere you can make some great friends, but if you are just there for school you can do that too.
Green river is a great schools so many different opportunities and are always including student from other places.
Review Green River Community College
A lot of the professors are not good at their job and do a poor job teaching and running courses. The bookstore is really bad about buying back textbooks, even ones made specifically for the college. Overall, not bad but not great.
Beautiful campus, professors are knowledgeable but administration could use better organization. I applied to the OTA program and it took a long time to get answers back, there were e-mail mix ups and lots of last minute information. It seemed very disorganized. I also showed up to one AP class and there had been a mix up - no teacher had been hired and they had to scramble to find someone to teach the class. The teacher we ended getting was awesome though.
I have had an amazing experience at Green River college. The class sizes are small and the professors know me by name. The science department has terrific instructors.
Green River College is a nice college. It is not too big of a campus but it is larger enough that you feel there's plenty to do. Student Union building is pretty neat, you can relax a bit with your friends on your time off and such.
Filled with a community of diverse students. The diversity brought opportunities to learn more about the cultures around the world. People came from Tanzania, China, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.
I like that they told you what classes were going to be in what quarter and their wise range of times for the classes.
Plenty of great teachers and classes. It's located in a great area. They've been expanding their major options to include BA programs as well. It's a great value for the educational experience. The only downside was parking, ask anyone.
I love Green River College. I feel welcome im every single class and I have teachers that care for me and are willing to help. The students are great and I always feel safe.
The availability overall is good, except sometimes the classes you need aren't there.
The workload can be a lot depending on what you're taking, but overall they're very easy. class discussions within forums are common.
My professors were very knowledgeable and great teachers. Though, there were a couple that I wasn't a fan off, but overall, I liked them!
I definitely learned A LOT more in 2 years of college than 4 years in high school.
Definitely a good college. Always preferred the less urbanized setting, so it was definitely a fit for me. Parking lot wars are absolute hell, so it's best to take classes either really early or in the afternoon! A LOT of international students. It's a good chance to meet new people.
I would rate this school 5 stars, but due to the strike, there was many complications with students and teachers. But the teachers did their best to try and resolve the issue. Other than this minor set back, Green River is a wonderful school with great teachers who truly care for their students. There hasn't been a single class I haven't enjoyed, even online classes!
Review Green River Community College
Pretty campus, but not much rain cover. Not the easiest to navigate. High Asian population. Almo smoking
Applying is easy, but once applied the folks in financial aid are no help
Depends on the teacher what quality education you get.
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