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Very diverse but politically biased to left wing. During my experience here I have noticed the sacrifice for freedom to express ones views for a campus safe environment. Any speech considered hateful towards any other group even if left at a discussion level is not tolerated in the social platform.
Awesome School! Would recommend anyone attending to take courses to transfer to 4 year. Exceptional Staff! Especially STEM fields.
Green River is a small college with a diverse and hardworking student body.
The staff is friendly, the campus is clean and welcoming, and education opportunities are plentiful.
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Green River College is one like no other. I've never been somewhere where everyone got accepted the way they are. No matter where you're from, what your religion is, how you look, sexual preference, goals in life, etc. The campus is small and you easily see people you know by walking around. Professors really know you and care, like about your grades, or if you have difficulties with a certain class. There are a lot of international students from all over the world and there is a big advising team for both domestic and international students who help you any way they can to meet your needs. I live in the campus corner apartments next to the college which is a really nice place to live. They offer clean private bedrooms in a four bedroom, two bathroom apartments. The college also has a great student life office! They organize all sorts of trips on weekends, from hikes in national parks to rock climbing and trips to zoo's or Seattle.
Green River has been a major stepping stone in my educational career. They graciously accepted my admission, years after discontinuing attendance due to hardships of life. The professors have been, and are, both very patient and encouraging while I progress in the college level standards. Green River has taught me a lot about myself I would not have known otherwise. They have a program called TRiO, which has been my main advisory and companion throughout the Associate degree process. Their guidance has relieved me of so much confusion and stress during these critical times. Thanks to Green River, I am now on track to attaining my Bachelors of Business Administration with a major in Accounting.
The college has a hugely diverse community, full of international students from many different parts of the world, and also prides itself on being a very accepting LGTBQ+ community. While it does not have many sports, it does have a strong physical arts programs with things like painting, pottery, and welding. There are a few classes and topics that are missing, mainly along the science lines. For example, I am really interested in Animal science and there is nothing on the topic at my college. Not every class is offered every quarter, and the College also only takes Highschool transcripts from high schools in the school district. They would not accept my Highschool transcript for things like placement even though my highschool was an acredited school by Washington state and many colleges throughout the country.
Green River is an amazing college to attend to. The classes offered are great and the professors are so kind. It is a really good school to get your pre-requisites done at or an amazing school if you are a running start student like me.
Green River is awesome. So beautiful and fresh with all of the trees. The daily grind which is located in the cafeteria is cool too as there is always jazz music playing with a fireplace. It's a great place to hang or study or grab a coffee. Plus, if you don't like being bothered GRCC is great to go to school as people here mind their own business. Unless you are particularly pretty, then the exchange students here like to buy you coffee. ( happened to me 3 times ). Other than that, this place is drama free. The only thing I don't like is that it is hard for me to connect to the WiFi as there is some software that I need to download to access it. Either I'm dumb, or my chromebook is just out of date.
I love all the resources that Green River College provides for their students. If you are struggling in Writing you can go to the Writing Center and tutors will help you improve your writing. If you are struggling in math you can go to the Math Learning Center and tutors will help you one on one and explain each step with you. It is really helpful. When I attend Green River, I feel safe and enjoy the beautiful location in nature. I also appreciate the easy to register for classes system and the grading system. It really relieves stress as a student. The professors are friendly and communicate with their students daily whether you are taking an in class or online class.
The campus is small, but there are a lot of international students. There is a great professor for math. The way how he teaches is really awesome. However, the food on campus is not so good. Moreover, the price for food is really expensive. I do not buy usually. I think there is not enough scholarship for my college. That is one of the reason that I am writing this comment right now.
I really love the teachers. They are very helpful and keep you updated. Sometimes the grading comes in a lot late but overall I really love going here!
Really diverse campus. The staff are supportive and knowledgeable. The campus is beautiful and open. Academics are okay. However, the professors can make their own grading systems and it can throw people off.
Easy to get to. Friendly people. Diverse student population. Great Instructors! Numerous campus maps. Wide variety of classes.
Great Place to go to school! Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Veterans and disabled students are treated with respect and dignity
I really like that there are campus housing apartments where each student has their own bedroom. I don't like that the "non smoking" policy is not clearly defined and applied.
First of all, I love all the trees and fresh air! It's so beautiful! The Green River College community includes many hard-working students seeking to achieve their dreams. One thing I would like to see change is have some of the higher level courses offered more frequently. For example, Green River has stopped offering MATH &173 completely while offering around 15 choices for MATH 97 per quarter. If the college will keep courses such as MATH &173, students will not need to take the course in other colleges.
I feel very comfortable at Green River. The atmosphere is very welcoming. The school is beautiful and there are so many great places to relax and study. Green River offers a wide variety of courses in many different subjects. There is something there for everyone! Some of the professors can be a bit problematic but most of them are really great at what they do and it is clear that they care about the success of their students. I would definitely recommend Green River to anyone!
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I really like the diversity and the open minded people I've met on campus - at least to my experience. It's quite a bummer they only do certain classes once a quarter, very frustrating when the only class I need gets full!
Great college with a beautiful campus. Class sizes are ideal for learning and there are many support services to maximize the efficiency of learning!
The environment, teachers, and all students are very open to learning and providing opportunities to everyone at Green River.
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