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The campus is in a beautiful location but there is not much to do in the surrounding area unless you have a car. Rutland has the widest variety of restaurants/stores in the area but is a good 30 minute drive from campus. There are many hiking and outdoor adventure opportunities but the social life is extremely poor; be prepared for a lot of alone time during the cold months because campus becomes a ghost town aside from students walking to/from classes or the library. The student body is largely made up of cliques but there are many kind and open-minded people as well. However, the professors are amazing and truly care about their students' success.

The dining hall food royally sucks and you are forced to purchase a meal plan. Ridiculously expensive here for what you get. Wonderful memories were made but transferred for the better.
It is a welcoming school with a lot of field based classes. The teachers are very kind and engaged in the class. Many of the office staff and financial aid officers are very helpful.
Green Mountain College has a beautiful campus and so many knowledgeable professors. I thoroughly enjoyed the subject matter of the courses I took, as well as the few extracurricular activities I was involved in.
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You need to know what you're getting into when you apply to GMC. It's a below average academic school, which leans very liberal (it's in that should be known) with not much campus life or commitment to athletics. It's basically like an on campus community college.
Green Mountain College is a beautiful school and is made for adventurous and environmentally consious people.
Green Mountain College has a beautiful campus, great location for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, amazing food in the dining hall, and knowledgeable professors in the classrooms. I couldn't want for much more!
I love my school, the location, the people and the goals and mission of the school. I think that what GMC is doing is very important!
I loved my experience here. The teachers were very interested in helping students individually and going the extra mile to help students who are having trouble. The social scene was great. Everyone can find a group off friends.
If you're studying something you're passionate about professors will help you succeed. If you don't have a clear interest yet it's easy to slack off.
The campus is beautiful, the professors are great and really helpful but it's not enough diversity and people (the student) only go out their way to talk to certain people. I will not be returning
I really like the academics here and how they connect to the environment. However, the school is not very diverse and there's a few issues with administration.
I was part of GMC's online graduate program with a bioregional focus in environmental studies. I really enjoyed this style of learning because I was able to apply the knowledge and skills I was learning to my own home region. I would have liked more engagement by the professors and quickened feedback time due to the abbreviated nature of the courses.
Very impressed with admissions process.
If you're okay with pot-smoking hippies who isolate themselves with alcohol and folk songs by the river, this is the place for you.
The Vermont-esque lifestyle is strong here which is wonderful and often surreal. However, I feel like the college could be better in terms of housing, dining options, and community events.
Four of the five dorm buildings have black mold (or asbestos) in the ceilings, the back stairways are usually dirty and cobwebby, and the floors are uneven.
Security is comprised mostly of students, so there isn't too much foul play or reprimanding.
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For a very small and isolated private liberal arts school, GMC does its best to provide a quality education to its students.
It has started out ok, I have been referred to a couple other online graduates. I will know more for future surveys.
Drugs are used, rooms are busted. It's college: people will drink. It's Vermont, people do smoke weed. You don't have to partake in either. It's still fun to hang out with friends sober. Not everybody is a stoner.
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