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So far my experience with Great Lakes Institute of Technology (GLIT) has been wonderful. The entire staff is very helpful and all of the professors care so much about the success of the students. It's wonderful!
Quick degree. Atmosphere is welcoming and education is top notch. They keep you on your toes. One semester is 6 weeks, so a lot of information, homework, projects and testing in a small amount of time. Small school with big intentions
I like the small class sizes and that every teacher here needs to be certified in what they are teaching.
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Great Lakes is a very good school. It makes sure you are very informed and interested. The people are excellent and very helpful, guide you slowly yo make sure you understand and need help.
This is one of the best technical schools in Erie. I'm currently attending here for Dental Assisting and the instructors are very dedicated and passionate about what they are doing. I highly recommend this school to anyone insterested.
I think Great lakes is an amazing school. I love that I can go to school for under 2 years and get a degree. I love that the school helps students find jobs after graduation, that just shows me they really care about our futures. However, I think the attendance policy could use some work.
So far my experience a Great Lakes has been amazing. They care so much bout their students ad their education. Students always come first!
It really is like high school schedule. 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Professors do not care about us as much as they care about their "turn out" (average grades, failed kids, reports). It matters more about how they appear than how we appear.
It really depends if hospitals have had bad experiences with students from here than my degree to that hospital is diminished and not valued nearly as much.
It makes me very upset to see new people come in with hope because it will soon be crushed by bullies, teachers, and the lack of stuff they do in school will soon cause them to feel like crap. When your dummy sits in a corner and you can't learn many things due to lack of supplies(working table, dummy, instruments) it kills all the hope, and brings fear. Some teachers are good some are bad it's like high school.
One million dollars, everyone's tuition, so we can't see our grades and have no idea what classes we have or who our teacher is. They have no idea how to treat humans and raise students to be good. They get lucky and have a couple programs that don't make you wanna pack a stranger a lunch and a list of jobs that do NOT need an education. People generally go there so they can still live with their families, not to be a seat warmer and do nothing all day.
i do not take the online classes.
i haven't experienced it yet but i hear they are very good.
career prospects are very good and the main reason i applied.
some of the students do frustrate me, but i don't have to be with most of them all day everyday.
i'm only in my second week so far, but the classes are entertaining and personal.
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it is more training you for your future career, instead of just being book smart to pass classes.
I would definitely choose my school again and recommend it to anyone else looking for the same career path as myself. Although I am new to this school, I enjoy the positive attitude that the teachers have and their eagerness to educate their students.
My school has specific people that are paid to help with externships and job placement. Job placement is very high among our alumni and is one reason I chose this school.
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