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GLCC helped set the course of my life in a positive direction. I learned to learn there. The grading scale was challenging and remains so. If you're looking for community college simplicity you won't find it there. But you will find small classes with professors who know your name and are accessible outside the classroom. When I went to graduate school I was fully prepared to think through complex theological issues and felt right at home in classrooms with students from larger, "more prestigious" institutions.

As an alumnus, I am always on the lookout for the best and brightest students. My organization has hired several GLCC alumni and are always on the lookout for sharp intern candidates from GLCC. My wife and I are financial supporters because we believe in GLCC.
The college is developing world-changers. As is any college, it is a little bit of what you make it. However, if you are invested in your education and student life, then GLCC is the place for you. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved and serve in the community and on campus. The professors are interactive with the students and truly care about their well-being and education. The classes thoroughly prepared me for my graduate studies and I could not be more grateful towards the institution.
Passionate professors who prepare adequately, invest, and engage students on a professional and more personal level daily. Not a day has gone by where I haven't seen professors mingling with students around the cafeteria, shooting pool or planing ping pong in the student mall, or conversing with students around campus about classes, ministry, or other personal spiritual matters. The staff is striving to improve the education process and the addition of online learning is a huge asset to the school. The preferred areas of study are Bible Theology, Christian Ministry, and Psychology.
The campus is small and so there is the feeling that everyone knows you and it makes the environment very much like home.
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It's a great place to go if you want a small campus and to meet people fast. Everybody knows everybody and it isn't hard to make friends. There is some drama but there are counselors who are also professors that are willing to meet with you and talk with you.
The professors and student life staff are wonderful and obviously care about each student as an individual (a perk of being a small school). The difficulty with a school this small, however, is that everyone knows everyone's business. As a result, we deal with elevated drama during stressful points in the semester. We also are aware of most of the politics that go into administrative decision-making, which can sometimes be difficult. Overall, I'm glad I chose this school, I just wish that other students understood that the parts they don't like are pretty much the same at other schools; it seems a lot of students are disillusioned. I love this college and wish I could stay longer.
Great Lakes christian College is absolutely amazing! It is a small campus so everyone is friends with everybody. It's like one big family here. Classes and Professors are absolutely amazing and if you want to connect with God and learn more about him i would definitely come here because you can feel that connection. Every professor will somehow intertwine the bible with the work you do. some professors pray before beginning class. the friends you make here are friendds that will stick with you through anything. If you need help in school there are more than enough tutors that are willing to help. Also the Professors are always willing to help you to the best of their abilities
This is an absolutely awful place. It is far, far too expensive both for what it offers and as a stand-alone entity. It it a horribly marketed institution, and many of the staff-members are overworked has-beens. The philosophy class and Life of Christ classes are the most infantalizing and dense classes you can take at this school, and the facilities are just as poor. Every. single. one. of the professors needs to get a refresher course or attend a few conferences to help boost the relevance of their class material. The science and math courses are almost non-existent, and the overall mission of the school is a half-hearted conglomerate of ill-executed and undeveloped plans. If you can survive the mediocrity that characterizes the rest of the school, the music for chapel will surely do you in.
I like the size of the college. With it being small you get help from your professor easily. I also like that the campus has a lot of activities for the school to get together. Great Lakes has a lot of school spirit; everyone goes to athletic events.
The dorms need to be re-done and it is to expensive to not have kitchen capacities.
Fan support is low because their is a lack of school pride and because of the failed connection between the school and its athletes. Their is a big segregation.
Fan support is low because their is a lack of school pride and because of the failed connection between the school and its athletes. Their is a big segregation.
I love the people and the professors, however the administration is awful at considering the students in their decision making and their range in class choices is limited.
The professors are really great and make what you learn stick.
When first coming in, I had high hopes. I witnessed as the majority of the student i came in with vanished as the semesters continued on, and I eventually graduated with 8 of the 120 students i came in with. Some still are stuck taking classes at a slower pace, but the rest disappeared into the woodwork. Many came to realize that you do not need to have a degree to do Christian Ministry, and for most, it is not worth the time or money put into the school, when they train you to become unpaid Sunday School teachers.
No tolerance for breaking the rules! As it should be!
Phenomenal education. Emphasis on being a Christian. Awesome professors who know all about the things they are teaching. Prof's are very professional and personable
The off campus housing isnt bad. The neighborhoods work with the school and the apartments available are inexpensive.
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Labs are okay. I have my own labtop so i dont neccisarrily have to worry about using a computer.
The parking lots are free and nice. Its a small school so noone has to worry about findind a place to park.
This college does not discriminate towards its students. And I appreciate that fact because now I get to meet new and amazing people.
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