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Great Falls College - Montana State University Reviews

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Great Falls College is a very nice University. The professors are all kind and easy to work with. The housing is exceptional and the food is great. The cost is very affordable.
The building is very nice, however the teachers from what I have heard are much more difficult in the Science department then other campuses. Overall it's a great two year university to attend. I wish that they would offer more programs there isn't much diversity of options I wish there was more in heathcare
Great Falls College MSU is a great place to attend school. The environment both in and out of the classroom is wonderful. The professors are nice and work well with the students. There are also many different activities that students can participate in, like clubs and student government. It’s a great school and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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The staff and teachers are very helpful and nice. It was definitely a nice change from my previous college. 2 year schools might be what works best for me!
This college is amazing, all of the Professors want to see us students succeed. At every corner there is a Professor or Tutor sitting down with a student and giving them the tools they need to be successful. It also fits the need for many students. For example a new mother who is going back to school has the option to take her child to the on campus daycare they provide. Or for the student in need of a little extra cash, they offer study-work jobs as well.
The people at Great Falls College MSU have been very helpful! It has been quite awhile since I have been to school and a lot has changed. Everyone that I have asked for help, did their best to answer my questions.

The building has such a calm, comfortable feeling when you walk in.
GFC MSU is a fantastic college, especially for someone entering into the health and medical field. There are also engineering programs offered. The school is a smaller campus, includes a cafe and lots of natural light in the atrium. GFC MSU is also "veteran-friendly" and has a community of vets who carry out events together and have a "Vet Center" complete with computers, printing services, CAC reader/access, and free pizza every Wednesday! The school does not have any athletic teams that I'm aware of. I am unfamiliar with the dorm/housing situation.
My experience with Great Falls College-Montana State University is phenomenal and a extreme life changing experience. The professors I have at the college not only give the information that I need to succeed, but also care that I am retaining the knowledge that is needed to succeed. The college also offers numerous resources that I utilize everyday. The learning capability at Great Falls College-Montana State University is powerful. I have learned more about myself in the first month that I have attended. I adapted to new ways of studying, taking notes, and test taking. I never once before in my life have had the opportunity to learn the way I am learning today.
Great Falls College Montana State University is a good start for high school students. They may not have the whole college experience with dorms and all, but it is a friendly enviornment with good teachers and community members.
I like the small classroom sizes and the increased chances of personally discussing subjects with professors. The professors ensure an education and great learning atmosphere.
Courses are well styled for what you need, cost is far better than a a single year in a 4 year college. Almost all students there have one goal: Get in, get the degree, and move on. No frat parties or anything distracting.
The staff and teachers are all super nice. This school really helps you do everything you can to succeed if you only ask for help.
I started out a year ago seeking to earn my HiSET, and the school's adult education program was amazing and so were the counselors. I earned my HiSET within a couple months and the staff was great about helping me get on the right track to pursue higher education within GFCMSU. I am now working towards my AAS in HIT and owe a great deal of my success to the staff at the college.
I personally do not like this school and I have attended a local community college back in Illinois. MSU cares more about the money they get then about the students that give it to them. The food is okay and environment is basic but nothing what i was hoping for
I have never been to such a state-of-the-art facility. Great Falls, is known for its tradition, age and small town feel. However, the college campus at Great Falls College- MSU is beyond exceptional. The technologies they offer their students to work with makes for an easy transition into the workplace where ever they are employed. Not to mention the staff works very hard to help you with acceptance, payments, classes and tutoring. The professors are professional and well known in their field. I feel confident and happy to be graduating from a program at Great Falls College.
It's always a pretty welcoming place; the students are super nice and your professors are helpful. Everyone wants to see you succeed. It's easy to get the classes you want. They'll make your schedule work and the work load isn't difficult. I'd really like to see more of an investment towards the dorm situation.
Great Falls college is a great 2 year school. Class sizes are small and professors are very available and willing to help in anyway. The facilities are great with a lab wing and academic success center.
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Consistency within and among course. Learning management system is reliable and accessible. Online content is presented in several ways. Learning is independent with instructor support when needed.
Any issue I've had has been quickly and easily resolved. I live out of state so all my interactions have been through email and phone calls. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.
Good consistency within and among courses. Learning management system is accessible and reliable. Based on independent learning with instructor support if needed.
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