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Great Bay Community College Reviews

143 reviews
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I've had an excellent experience at Great Bay. It's cheap and there are plenty of night classes to work around individual schedules. As a liberal arts major, it's been a little confusing figuring out what I need to have done, and I may have to go back for a fifth semester. I don't really mind, as finishing up my general requirements at GBCC is going to give me a transfer scholarship afterwards as well. Great resources and the staff, from what I've experienced, are more than happy to help with any questions. The teachers I've had have been very knowledgeable, although some have been a bit dry as far as their teaching-style goes. I haven't had a bad experience with other students; everyone seems to be incredibly friendly! Good school to go to if you're not sure what you want to major in and you want to save some money! As far as campus life goes, there are a few clubs and sports, but I haven't joined any.
I've found it to be very flexible. I've worked my class schedule to fit my life outside of school fairly easily, though as a liberal arts student it's much easier than for specific degrees, I imagine.
I generally prefer a classroom setting, but I had an overall positive experience with Great Bay's online courses. The workload is manageable and the courses are well organized. There were a few courses in which the professor/student relationship was lacking a bit. Peer-to-peer interaction is always encouraged.
There are a variety of courses offered in many different subjects. Most every course I've taken was interesting or relevant, and the professors were engaging, intelligent, and considerate. The classes are generally pretty small.
As a liberal arts student, the program is really wide open. There are many different courses to take, with varying subjects, teachers, and styles of learning. Through the program I finally figured out what I wanted to do, after trying different courses.
As far as community colleges are concerned, it's great. It's a good stepping stone for transfer and they offer a variety of degrees and certificates. The people are friendly, the courses are challenging, and they're very accommodating.
Clinical assignments can be difficult because of the long commute, but I am already an hour from the college.
Classes are similar, but the convenience of them being online is great.
I know that they will help you, and all of the professors are good about giving recommendations.
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  • Dec 31 2015
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You can go on to a 4 year college or start your career right away. The school works with other schools to for an easy transfer, and you can also take some of your classes early for the next college.
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  • Dec 31 2015
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Professors are caring and helpful. The class sizes are great.
The nursing program is fast paced and you learn a lot, even more than many other schools in the area. It definately makes sure that you will be competent in your career.
It is a great school with numerous programs. The nursing program is great!
It's a decent community college, expectations met
Some classes more challenging than others and the lesser challenging classes are boring....but good for the money!
I have attended Great Bay Community College for 2 years working on my prerequisites. GBCC offers great class schedules which allowed me to be able to work full time and attend classes at night.
The aviation degree is a hefty sum, which is understandable. Great technology given to the hands on activities. A great school to go to if you're going into the medical field of expertise. The scheduling is a bit of a turn off, there is not an option to go part time in the aviation field
I've had the chanc3 to meet with my teachers at certain times when I feel I need it and they always seem happy to help out
I haven't had an online class experience yet so I would be able to accuractely rate.
This school lacks the necessary resources for it's students to thrive. The school is not worth the money. The professors are mediocre and the class schedule is limiting to my work schedule.
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