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Great Bay is a great community school for those looking to take a few classes or transfer to another school. It is affordable and condensed into one building, which makes getting to know the place very easy. Anyone who isn't sure what they want from college or is looking for a good place to start should take a look at Great Bay
I like that they offer a certificate program for Medical Assisting. It is a short program which is something I can handle doing financially at this stage of the game. I wish they had more information on applying for different scholarships though.
I am an adult student going back to school after 8 years away. Great Bay has done a great job at helping me figure out what classes I've taken in the past will count towards my degree. They have also been great at helping me work my classes around working full time.
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So far I have enjoyed Great Bay Community College. Some classes are tough with homework, but that is expected. All of the professors that I have had have all been very helpful and are very willing to work with you if you have any issues and most are pretty understanding. The campus is nice and there’s a restaurant that cooks your food right in front of you. The food there is very good. Overall I’ve enjoyed my experience so far and it will be upsetting to have to move on.
I like the teachers they are very helpful and understanding that students have other priorities other than school. the staff in one step and other areas of the school are not so helpful as they come off as they dont care as much or are too interested in helping you out.
The classes are good but they do a porr job with helping you find help to pay for college as well as helping you plan your classes
Great Bay is safe and makes all students feel welcome, regardless of background, ethnicity, or age. The campus itself is extremely clean and it is a nice place to learn.
Great Bay is a great community college. They have expanded their sports teams, have a gym and has become more student involved. There are places to relax and place to get involved and do your school work. The teachers I have met are very involved and want you to succeed.
Great school and great helpful staff! Teachers are very helpful. There are a wide variety of programs and class at the fraction of the cost of a university!
Laid back and helpful! Teachers are great, classrooms are small and not too overwhelming and the amount of degrees offered to study with transfer programs and dual study admissions is amazing!
I've had an excellent experience at Great Bay. It's cheap and there are plenty of night classes to work around individual schedules. As a liberal arts major, it's been a little confusing figuring out what I need to have done, and I may have to go back for a fifth semester. I don't really mind, as finishing up my general requirements at GBCC is going to give me a transfer scholarship afterwards as well. Great resources and the staff, from what I've experienced, are more than happy to help with any questions. The teachers I've had have been very knowledgeable, although some have been a bit dry as far as their teaching-style goes. I haven't had a bad experience with other students; everyone seems to be incredibly friendly! Good school to go to if you're not sure what you want to major in and you want to save some money! As far as campus life goes, there are a few clubs and sports, but I haven't joined any.
I've found it to be very flexible. I've worked my class schedule to fit my life outside of school fairly easily, though as a liberal arts student it's much easier than for specific degrees, I imagine.
I generally prefer a classroom setting, but I had an overall positive experience with Great Bay's online courses. The workload is manageable and the courses are well organized. There were a few courses in which the professor/student relationship was lacking a bit. Peer-to-peer interaction is always encouraged.
There are a variety of courses offered in many different subjects. Most every course I've taken was interesting or relevant, and the professors were engaging, intelligent, and considerate. The classes are generally pretty small.
As a liberal arts student, the program is really wide open. There are many different courses to take, with varying subjects, teachers, and styles of learning. Through the program I finally figured out what I wanted to do, after trying different courses.
As far as community colleges are concerned, it's great. It's a good stepping stone for transfer and they offer a variety of degrees and certificates. The people are friendly, the courses are challenging, and they're very accommodating.
Clinical assignments can be difficult because of the long commute, but I am already an hour from the college.
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Classes are similar, but the convenience of them being online is great.
I know that they will help you, and all of the professors are good about giving recommendations.
You can go on to a 4 year college or start your career right away. The school works with other schools to for an easy transfer, and you can also take some of your classes early for the next college.
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