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I have had a great online learning experience. All professors return my emailed questions within 24 hours. Very professional setting!
This is a great school! Caring teachers who take time to actually teach their students. I have learned a lot during the duration of my time at GBC. It is a very professional environment as well as a great place to learn. It is kept very clean. There is lots of people around to answer any questions I may have. Overall it has been a great experience.
I really enjoy the environment at Great Basin! The instructors and academic advisors are really use great. The class rooms are smaller and more interactive. And the library is really a nice quite place to go study or to just catch a small quiet break between classes.
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Great Basin-Pahrump campus is a great campus. All staff including teachers and counselors are all super helpful when needed. It’s an all around friendly environment. Up to date with technology especially with the Registered Nursing program that is offered here. Multiple campuses throughout nevada which is very helpful for those who cannot commute
Staff is very helpful and is willing to help you after hours. Everyone is willing to give you advice and help in any way possible I am so excited to get my degree here.
I attend online courses through Great Basin, so I can't say for the actual campus but everyone that I've had to contact to make sure that I'm getting the best education possible has gone above and beyond.
I liked being able to take my classes online through GBC to allow for more flexibility in the classes.
I really enjoyed my experience at Great Basin College so far. The classes have helped me discover what I really want to do with my education.
Disclaimer: I have not attended the college but I was originally planning to take online classes. My reason for not attending is because of my poor experience during the registration process, which I will go more in-depth about down below.

Simply put, the communication between students and staff is laughable. I filled out the application in April and by July it still had not been "articulated" as they call it. In general, the staff was bad about answering phone calls. I remember attempting to contact one lady numerous times and I left multiple voice messages but I never actually got to talk to her. Even my advisor blew me off! Almost nobody at the school acts like they want your business. The tuition is cheap but, after my experience, it is pretty obvious why. The school just seems so unprofessional and I only recommend it if you do not have the money for a better school; just be prepared for a lot of headaches when applying and registering for classes.
I love Great Basin College! Amazing professors who are willing to help and guide you. I have taken only taken online courses with this college, but the way the professors guide you prevents you from feeling like you are alone or have no assistance. Anytime I have a question or any concerns, the professors are easy to email and respond almost immediately. Another thing people may be afraid of when taking their online courses, is if the work is too hard because you are not face to face. Any professor that I have ever had has provided me with many resources to help me pass their class. I am a full-time student and this is my second year attending Great Basin College and I have never failed a class or had any complaints.
I've had a great experience at Great Basin College. All the teachers I've had really want to help you learn and are always willing to answer any questions. I'm a long distance student and this college makes doing my studies online simple.
It's a pretty good school based on the fact that it's based in Elko, Nevada. I enjoyed the majority of my classes and was impressed with the size of the campus. I would have liked to see some kind of freshman orientation because when I first started there I didn't know about a lot of the available supports, so I was unable to take advantage of them.
I have been going to this college for several semesters now. I go to the Pahrump campus. The academics are good as our the professors. The classes are small and the instructors are readily available to help the students. I don’t like that they are trying to incorporate athletics into the school. This school is to small for any athletic program and this will result in higher tuition for the students. Overall I enjoy my time at the college and am planning on taking more courses there.
The administration is nice, they could have more food options. I love the people I am surrounded with and the teachers teach in such an understanding matter
Great Basin College is a great college to be at. Most people from the surrounding areas come to this college. This college provides many majors and degrees. The only thing I’d love to change is to bring a Dental Hygiene program to this area.
The reason that I love Great Basin College is because it is big enough to have all the resources of a big university, but small enough for the experience to feel personal. Whether it’s one on one guidance with the advisory group or scheduling study sessions in the library, there is always someone to help out.
Great Basin is so welcoming to students who have jobs at all times of day. For me, the online classes available made it so easy to navigate work, life and school. It is on the affordable end as well, the financial aid office is so helpful and will try to find you a grant that can help you. For busy busy people like me, this school really was a good choice.
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Great Basin College is affordable and the Winnemucca branch has an amazing, helpful staff! I love going to school through Great Basin College!
This college is so great! all of the professors are very helpful and very nice. I am a High school student taking the online coarse and I love it.
Great Basin college is great for many reasons but it is definitely not your typical college experience. Great Basin reaches out to all rural Nevada so I was able to move from winnemucca to Elko and stay at the same college which was ideal. It is also very affordable and has many bachelors degree. Well Great Basin does offer many online college classes, I am not able to take most of my upper level teaching classes online which can get very inconvenient. I would like to see a lot more online classes.
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