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The reason that I love Great Basin College is because it is big enough to have all the resources of a big university, but small enough for the experience to feel personal. Whether it’s one on one guidance with the advisory group or scheduling study sessions in the library, there is always someone to help out.
Great Basin is so welcoming to students who have jobs at all times of day. For me, the online classes available made it so easy to navigate work, life and school. It is on the affordable end as well, the financial aid office is so helpful and will try to find you a grant that can help you. For busy busy people like me, this school really was a good choice.
Great Basin College is affordable and the Winnemucca branch has an amazing, helpful staff! I love going to school through Great Basin College!
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This college is so great! all of the professors are very helpful and very nice. I am a High school student taking the online coarse and I love it.
Great Basin college is great for many reasons but it is definitely not your typical college experience. Great Basin reaches out to all rural Nevada so I was able to move from winnemucca to Elko and stay at the same college which was ideal. It is also very affordable and has many bachelors degree. Well Great Basin does offer many online college classes, I am not able to take most of my upper level teaching classes online which can get very inconvenient. I would like to see a lot more online classes.
I love that they offer so may different majors. I would like to see some requirements to get into some classes change.
I am a transfer student that recently started at great basin college. the enrollment process was really hard and resubmitting documents for financial aid was very time consuming but once classes started online everything was great. I like the online learning environment.
Studying at Great Basin College has been a wonderful experience thus far. GBC has an excellent variety of classes, instruction times, and modes of instructions. GBC has allowed me to be flexible in my school, making it more enjoyable and less of a hassle, making it possible for me to work full-time as well as be a full-time student! This community college has also been easy on my bank account. I'm able to pay for college, the bills, and have a little extra for me. Two thumbs up!
Love this college! Its a small scale school so its easy to be involved and get the help you need. All staff is friendly and willing to guide you down the right road.
The student to professor ratio allowed for some very customized learning experiences. The professors are involved and aware of their students. The overall feel of the college is that learning is the most important thing and the grade itself is second. Great college for those that enjoy being active in their learning.
I like that courses are affordable. I would like to see the online course change in a way that gives students more knowledge. The online course are pretty simple.
Very affordable. Great instructors and programs. Classes are small which makes it easier to get to know your instructor and the instructor to get to know you.
I enjoy being a part of GBC. From the staff to meeting new people every week. Being involved at my college gives me an opportunity to experience every situation every student has. This was not my first choice but I am glad I chose this college because it was the right choice and I do not regret it.
The diesel program is great. It's a very hands on fast pace program that gives you the tools you need to Excell in this field. You learn all the fundamentals you need inot a short amount of time for a great price
Learning new stuff is always helpful, nothing to do with what I'm going to do in the field of choice, but good knowledge.
This schoolt is good for the most part, I take on line classes, my current professor is very helpful, gives me tips on how to better my self and makes the learning experience enjoyable. As for my previous professors, not so much, one of them just kept on piling lectures after lectures and not really all involved, and the one along side with the same professor just made it very confusing with all the unnecessary extra apps we had to download to do our assignments. But that's over with, and I'm enjoying my previous professor.
I want to work so i can earn money and having online classes can help me be flexible with work but also get the college education that i need.
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The online programs are pretty easy. If you dont have time to go on campus than online classes are great to look into
The programs help you pursue by getting into an internship program or even a job.
The class sizes are about 30 students
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