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I really love the area and the Professors are very helpful. I have lived in the area most my life . I am really proud to be a member of the Culinary Arts program and i am equally proud to be on the Culinary Arts Knowledge Bowl Competition team.
I like the campus and the student center. I think we have a very good student life center with alot of fun things to do. We also have a very good library with good desks and couches and everything. The environment is very good as well.
Grayson County College is known for great career departments. My dream is to become a nurse and they have one of the best nursing departments around. Just like every college, it does have its cons. The business department could be more organized to help take care of the students but overall it is a great college.
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The staff at Grayson is amazing and extremely helpful in all situations. It is a great college for taking basics or getting a general degree from. I haven't had a bad class from Grayson yet, and I don't think I ever will.
Great place to go to school. Staff is friendly and helpful. Relaxing atmosphere and great curriculum.
I really enjoy the college and I hope to see more activities and events so I can get to know others.
Its small size is very comforting but I wish there were more school activities to meet other students.
I attended Grayson College for dual credit and throughout my sophomore fall of college. My professors were great with deadlines, expectations, communications etc. I was not involved in student life cause I have a job and did not really have time.
As a incoming freshman I was super nervous to start but Grayson is a great place to start. The professors are wonderful and the student body is friendly
I am currently attending Grayson College. It is a small school, but the opportunities are big. I have enjoyed every single class and every single professor that I have had at the college. They genuinely care about you and your goals. It is affordable. I would recommend Grayson to anyone who is continuing their education.
Overall this was a great community college. The professors were knowledge and went to great lengths to teach the students. I only wish there were more clubs and student activities.
Grayson college...

Man where do I start?? The financial aide office, the administration office, the business office...

This college is the most disorganized college ever. Grayson told me I received maximum financial aide only to take "my money" away from me only a couple of weeks before classes begun. They do not communicate worth a crap. Nobody seems to know what they're doing, EVER. So much needs to change at Grayson College.

I will commend he medical classes. I did participate in the Medical science classes and it is very nice. The professors are great and easy to follow. Very Very Very good on the science end. The CWL building and classes are great as well. They are considered separate from the college and it seems to be working very well for them.
Being accepted into this college is fairly easy. For examples, the online orientation allows the student to complete each step in order. An office official will help with any issues that may come up including, financial aid, scholarships, and classes.Although, I have not been accepted yet. When falls comes around being ready won't be an issue!
I have taken 95% of my college courses through Grayson College. I also graduated with an AAS in Dental Assisting and a 4.0 GPA in the Program. Every professor that I had was very kind, detailed, caring, and helpful to their students. I would highly recommend Grayson College to everyone.
This college has been wonderful. Not only are the prices worth it but I went through the GI Bill (without any clue what to do) and they literally helped me every step of the way.
The professors are very helpful. I love the class size. The amount of online and on campus resources are great!
My college experience as an adult was an adventure for a working mother. I enjoyed my night classes and the professors were exellent. Squeezing in the homework assignments along with my 40 hour work week along with being a mother and wife was a difficult schedule to work with. My classes were a great experience to meet other adults who were experiencing the same troubles as I was. The professors were completely understanding and had admiration towards us for working and taking the night courses.
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Not all classes are always available during each semester (i.e., if you need Spanish I.II in the Fall).
Easy online classes for easy A's. I recommend only taking online classes in the Summer.
They have a few days every semester for finding a future career.
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