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Very poorly run, but okay instructors and pretty campus. Classes don't transfer well to other colleges and universities. Not good prep for university. Low success and graduation rates.
Grays Harbor Community College was really good with being open to ideas and to change. The professors were very supportive and they did their best to give you your moneys worth. The only thing that I would change is making the helpful programs more known.
i havent started just yet,
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i would like to experience more of the nursing asstiants field area .
everything in my school was very good.
at my school , like to learn new and good things.
my career is about nursing , off campus .
this school gets you where you need to be with some good skills.
this school is out going and welling to help others with work that need to be dont and on time . nice teachers come and go when needed ,
This is such a supportive, community-orientated school, and anyone looking to get a successful start in their studies or for a career can totally find that at Grays Harbor College!
Classes are all day and I am unable to work because of it.
Transitioning from high school to grays harbor college has been great. I was worried about how different it might be but there are a lot of aspects that are the same such as how classes are run. I like the freedom I have in college and I can do as I please, it is very fulfilling and makes me feel independent.
All of my teachers are wonderful and do the best job they can helping to make sure nobody is left out or behind. They seem enthusiastic about their jobs and it truly does make it easier to learn.
This quarter I was unable to take one class in the classroom because it was offered at the same time of another class I had to take
I would choose this school again because I was able to do what I needed to do
All the classes I wanted or needed were available to me
There's are no recruiters for employment on campus but there are a lot of transfer fairs
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The online classes are classes people basically take for an easy A. At least that seems to be the attitude on campus. Nothing compares to actually being in the classroom
Being a community college, students are often stuck In high school or are actually in high school still
It was always easy to deal with the financial aid office and they were always willing to answer my many questions where the answer seemed obvious
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