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Grantham works with you to get your degree and be ready for the future. My advisor works to ensure I take classes I need and will enjoy.
In my opinion, it was a great online university. Most of the professors were understanding, helpful, and responded in a timely manner. The courses were challenging but not extremely difficult. Thank you Grantham University for the experience I received as an online student.
Grantham offers a really good variety of programs. However be prepared to go through the entire financial aid/admissions by yourself.
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That the professor do help you with your school work or they'll tell you where to go and find what you looking for
So far I am enjoying my time in Grantham University for my first year. I have learned so much from the online courses that I have taken so far. So far, I do not have any recommendations regarding changes that I like to see. I am looking forward to my future online courses.
I loved the fact that they accepted a lot of credits that were transferred from other universities. I only had to do the minimum residency credits and a couple of capstone classes when I transferred.
I was looking for a school to finish my degree that I had started while I was in the military. I researched tons of schools and was looking for a college with great reviews from students, but one that was also very affordable. Grantham University was it. They worked with me to accept as many of my hours from my previous colleges and come up with a plan that would get me to my degree as quickly as possible. I highly recommend Grantham!!!
Grantham is a very good school everything is online but every teacher and advisor is there to help and they try their best to help you finish all courses with no complications.
As far as education, I feel the school is above average. The issues I have had have been with ancillary departments, such as financial aid, and student advisors.
I completed my BS in Multidisciplinary Studies through Grantham University. I loved the ease of the schedule. You have to sign in twice a week to submit your work. You can sign in anytime and submit your work before the date it is due so you can manage your own schedule. The professors are great at communicating with the class and answering any questions you have.
I am a prospective student. I have done my research and read the reviews. Overall this university had a good rating. My experience may not be of the full time student, but when credit is due, credit is due.

If you want an excellent explanation of the admissions requirements, course overview, transfer credit review, and financial aid help this is a good institution to start talking with.

The advisor that I am assigned is well mannered, knowledgeable, and if the question can not be answered it soon will be. Good job!
So far I have been disappointed. Supplemental materials provided for each week frequently do not match the course content for the week. I don't feel I'm getting substantive instructor feedback or communications, not much beyond "good job, this submission met requirements." I am frustrated by having to respond to a certain number of discussion posts, many of which appear to have missed the point of the assignment or contain nothing of significance to address. I hate the fact that I cannot test out of anything and had to spend 8 weeks in a class far below my skill level.
If you are motivated to learn you will do great in this school. They give you all the material and guide you on what you need to learn. Exams are adequately based on material covered. Most instructors are great at feedback and helping you out.
Grantham has done a great job at being flexible. I had taken a class last semester and two weeks into it I decided it wasn't the best for me. I was able to with drawl from the course.
Online courses take just as much work as an in the class course. The advantage to online courses are that the student doesn't have to sit in a class room to learn. They can learn at home.
Getting the students involved with LinkedIn for the first course is a great idea.
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So many courses are available for a student to take, being that I already had credits from Shippensburg University, Grantham was willing to move some of my credits which was a major stress reliever.
The first class I had at Grantham was a class to get myself out in the real word and known so one of our assingments was to create a LinkedIn account, I feel like in the future this will help me a lot because I can always update my information for all the jobs out there to see.
I just recently switched my major, but so far its going great.
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