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This is a great school especially if you have obligations during the week. The staff is very friendly and most of the professors answer in a timely manner when you e-mail them questions. Student advisor is very communicative about how classes are going and encouraging. Overall great experience with the school so far plan to have bachelor's late 2019 - early 2020.
I have had nothing but an excellent experience. The faculty advisors are experienced and very professional. If you are looking to go back to school i would highly recommend to attend Grantham University and the university is very affordable.
My experience at Grantham was filled with a lot of support from Professors and other faculty members that really care about students education and future.
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Great online school. All advisors and financial aid are very helpful, keep me up to date, and always help me stay focused and prepared on what's to come next. have recommended the school to everywhere I know! Teachers are also very friendly.
Admission advisor quick to answer any questions an accommodate times I was available. Walk threw on anything I needed help on . Very impressed with school.
It was a great school and I will be finishing my BA in criminal justice as soon as I finish my other degree first.
Grantham has been a wonderful experience for me. I wouldn't be here but because they were so patient and kind Im actually getting through college.
This University is amazing! The professors, staff, and instructors go above and beyond to guide you, and provide the tools needed so you can start or continue your education! I am honored to be part of this University!
This school has been wonderful. I am 48 yes just starting college. I have no job experience (stay at home mom for over twenty-one years) I have also been hearing impaired since I was 15 years old. I never did well in school. The staff and Professors have been so amazing. I'm getting all A's and B's! Due to their patience and help. If it wasn't for Grantham I wouldn't have lasted a week in school. I'm almost done with my first year!
So far I like my classes and instructors. The students are friendly. Advisors are always helpful with keeping up with assignment dates & grades.
Very flexible environment. 100% online learning. Instructors and staff are easy to reach and very responsive to questions or concerns. Classes are similar in rigor and pace to other more reputable schools. Course material is current and relevant. Classes are encouraged to participate in group discussion and collaborate on projects. Discounted tuition for military affiliation. Overall a good experience so far.
I am still enrolled at Grantham University online, but my experience so far has been phenomenal! Everyone I have talked to from financial and education advisers to students and teachers have all been extremely friendly and helpful.
I really enjoy the overall courses and the professors. I like the availability that taking courses online allows you the flesxibility. I wish the school would allow additional financial assistance as FAFSA is not always so helpful for students who are full time
Grantham works with you to get your degree and be ready for the future. My advisor works to ensure I take classes I need and will enjoy.
In my opinion, it was a great online university. Most of the professors were understanding, helpful, and responded in a timely manner. The courses were challenging but not extremely difficult. Thank you Grantham University for the experience I received as an online student.
Grantham offers a really good variety of programs. However be prepared to go through the entire financial aid/admissions by yourself.
That the professor do help you with your school work or they'll tell you where to go and find what you looking for
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So far I am enjoying my time in Grantham University for my first year. I have learned so much from the online courses that I have taken so far. So far, I do not have any recommendations regarding changes that I like to see. I am looking forward to my future online courses.
I loved the fact that they accepted a lot of credits that were transferred from other universities. I only had to do the minimum residency credits and a couple of capstone classes when I transferred.
I was looking for a school to finish my degree that I had started while I was in the military. I researched tons of schools and was looking for a college with great reviews from students, but one that was also very affordable. Grantham University was it. They worked with me to accept as many of my hours from my previous colleges and come up with a plan that would get me to my degree as quickly as possible. I highly recommend Grantham!!!
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