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I am really enjoying my online classes. It makes it so much easier to take classes at your pace. My advisor is very responsive to my needs and will get back to you within hours of you contacting her.
Granite is a great college, especially for working adults. The programs they offer are programs which the jobs are in high demand. I'm a junior majoring in Technology management. I have a college advisor who checks on my regularly offering his assistance. Granit State College is a awesome school.
Excellent college and the advisors are amazing! They helped me fond a major that was perfect for me and it was one that I never knew was available. The classes that are offered are exactly what I was looking for. I am completing everything online and it is the perfect way to complete my bachelor's degree and I am still able to work full time.
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Granite State College is the perfect college for those who are seeking to work while pursuing a degree. Being able to take my classes online enables me to study and learn at a time that matches my schedule. Not every student prospers in a campus environment and not every student is able to go to college without having to work to pay for it, so Granite State College is an option for students like me.
I really enjoy the opportunity Granite State College has given me to finish my Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management completely online while I work as an Operations Administrator full-time.
Granite State is a good school overall. There are a diverse offering of classes, but they appear to be one a very specific schedule (can only take some during specific semesters even though they are regular classes and not targeted classes). I can't speak to the campus, athletics, or other aspects as I am an online student. The professors I have had so far are all incredibly friendly and well receptive to feedback and communications.
This is a great school to be honest for my time here I have had mostly no issues. The only issues I have come from certain faculty that copy and paste and cookie cut there classes for the next semester.
For the size of the school and the amenities it's great. Perfect for an adult with a full time job,
They work with students to apply degrees to careers
I feel very safe and secure on my campus
I think it's great for the community and the school
The student to teacher ratio makes learning easier and more efficient.
I think the school does a great job by allowing you to meet with a career adviser who will help you sort through your options.
I have been very pleased with all of my professors. They have all been knowledgeable in their fields and provide good life experience to go along with the course work.
I have really enjoyed my time at GSC. From the academic advising to the professors everyone has been very helpful. If you are looking for an affordable way to get your degree this is a school worth looking in to.
It is really too soon to tell I am in my first semester.
Thus far, The professors are knowledgable and helpful. However,r they seem to be carrying a heavy student load so at times it 's hard to contact them.
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this is an online program, no greeks.
Thus the faculty and staff have been very supportive and accesible.
This is an online sports
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