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I have enjoyed my time at Grand View University. The professors helped me feel prepared to continue my education after college. The sports team helped me grow as an individual and mature as an adult.
It's been quite a wonderful experience. My professors are so supportive of my pursuits, no matter what direction they may follow. I feel as though I'm constantly being pushed beyond my boundaries and it's a wonderful thing because growth has been happening.
Grand View University is a great college. I believe they have a nice staff and a beautiful close knit campus. I have spent a year and a semester here and so far I loving my experience here. I am a student athlete and they emphasize the student part since we are here for an education.
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From my first interaction on campus to now in the middle of my junior year, I have felt a sense of community at Grand View that I have never felt anywhere else. Grand View quickly becomes a home. The students, faculty and staff become family. Your major becomes your love. Grand View makes sure that every moment of your experience is memorable. I was scared as a commuter student that I would not feel a part of the community but student life quickly made me feel welcome. Grand View is the best college in my opinion. I would not have hoped to go anywhere else.
Grandview University as a small town feel. The athletic teams are amazing and the professor's really care. The freshman dorm was really hot and it wasn't fit with air conditioning. So be careful. For a liberal arts school it was a decent experience and the president of the University was very hands own and personable. I did not feel like a "number" at Grandview.
I am involved in the music program at Grand View. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, from being a spectator at a sporting event to starting up or joining a club. Getting around in Des Moines is pretty easy too.
Most classes are good; enjoyable. Some professors don't give adequate feedback even when asked. Food is okay; awesome athletic program.
Grand view university is an great school to go to if you like small classes. You can actually talk to your professor 1 on 1 and build an relationship with them. As far as the education it is an college that will challenge you but the teachers are there to help you. It's an nice college,nice campus , but the cafeteria food is not the best.
Going back to school after being out of school for 15 years, I was scared. Des Moines Area Community College made me feel at home. Then attending an university, I didn't think it was possible. The class size are small, teachers work with you one on one, students are very helpful, and the campus itself is beautiful which makes for beautiful people. If they didn't have the faculty and students that they have, I'm not sure where Grand View University would be.
Grandview University is an excellent college for anyone who wants the right blend of a private college, small class sizes, combined with dedicated professors, access to downtown Des Moines and comfortable living conditions. It has an excellent athletics program and offers great scholarships for talented individuals.
I would not recommend the nursing program at Grand View! What a cluster MESS! Unorganized clinicals, Unorganized advising. Terrible experience. We as paying students should not have to know about all the troubles within the program. By the time it gets to us it should be ready to be put into practice. Very frustrated!! Don't choose this school. Huge turn over in staff and no one knows what is going on!
I really enjoyed my first semester at college at Grand View! The teachers got to know me personally and made me feel like I could go to them for help, whether it was for the class or for another class they didn't even teach. I got to know many people on the small campus which made the transition from home so much easier.
Grand View University is a great college if you like small class sizes as well as sports. Grand View focuses a lot on student athletes, but also on those students not involved in sports. If you are coming from a small high school and want to keep you class sizes the same size, this is the school for you. I love the small class sizes because it allows the professors to get to know you, you are not just a number. My biggest class I have had consisted of 30 students. It is a closer knit atmosphere, where you cannot walk to class without seeing someone that you know. I love it here and would recommend this school to anyone that likes the close knit community along with the small class sizes.
We have employer tables on campus a lot and they are always willing to chat with you
I do not participate in sports, however I do use the gym facilities and it is okay.
The school has just created a social work program, which is really great. I wish they offered more electives in order to minor in Women's & Gender Studies.
I love GVU!! It's just a great school with so much diversity, it's amazing. The classes are small and the professor actually knows you. The staff are outstanding. Over summer I had so many questions about my FAFSA and scheduling and the professor was always around and helped me and replied to my email ASAP. The atmosphere at GVU is nothing like I seen before. All the students talk to eachother there isn't cliques at GVU. Everyone knows everyone and they all get along. I'm so happy I chose Grand View to be the school I get my bachelors from!! Class of 2017!!
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We do have an alumni network, which you can learn a lot from. Grand View does provide internships.
The class sizes are small which I love. I am able to speak up, know everyone in class, and get to know my teacher and have them get to know me easily. It makes me feel very comfortable. There are many courses to take at Grand View. The professors are very helpful and nice.
It is very important at gv.
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