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Grand View University is a great place to go to school. It is a small, private college giving students the opportunity to make close relationships with everyone on campus. The class sizes are small allowing students to have more of a one-on-one with professors. This is a great places to make long lasting friends and prepare you for your future.
This university gives what a person would expect from their university. The education is good. Depending on a student's major they may have great professors, but other majors have professors that only care about receiving tenure. Also most of what the student receives is not worth the cost of the university.
I'm an incoming freshman and the orientation was just simply amazing. An a little fun fact I'm from Carrollton and the students and staff made me feel I wasn't that far from home. So it makes more excited to start my education in late August but the more I think about the less I can contain my emotions of excitement. Hehehe😁
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Went there for a college visit and the tour wasn't all that good. Admissions workers are rude and have nothing better to do in their lives. They also spelled my name wrong.
I like the growth I experienced. Both in what I saw at the school and within myself. As a young adult on your own for the first time being self managed was an exciting and faith tested journey for me. I learned a lot about my personality. The one on one personal time you get with a school that small was amazing. However, when I was there it was a college. But around graduation time it began to grow immensely in size and bells and whistles. Now it offers and competes with the big name schools all day.
As I finished my first year here last month, everything has been great. The environment you are in is great, the people you meet is great, and the professors are great. Yes there are always the few in between that aren’t awesome but past that everyone at Grandview is pushing for success and it just makes you want to keep going and push through also. The only thing I would change about Grandview is to maybe expand the campus a bit more because the school is growing quite a bit and a few more dorms would never hurt a school.
I think that Grand View is awesome because I have had a great experience, and very cool professors. The facilities are really nice, and the tour guides were friendly when I arrived on campus. Overall, I've had a great experience at Grand View University. Go Vikings!
Overall it's a great school, but there are a few setbacks that you learn about once you've spent time here. But I wouldn't trade my experience here for anything because I have met so many great people here.
I would like say the best thing about Grand View are the professors and other staff members. Every one of the professors that I have come across have been very helpful and what stands out the most is that they want everyone to succeed.
Overall, the college is very nice and they have a lot of food and lounge areas. The faculty and students are very friendly and love to socialize with others. The only problem is that some of the professors at Grand View University don't have experience in the areas that I am studying. Some of the professors here don't know how to run technology at all and some of them do. The older professors have a different way of teaching their classes and they are very vague with their assignment and class project details. When you ask them questions about their classes they can't really give you an answer that will help you. I think that they need to hire professors with more in field experience in certain subjects so that students will have more of a connection and idea about what they want to do in the future.
Grand View University is a great place to start your college experience. This school overs opportunities that will benefit your future career goals. Grand View also offers great one on one attention.
It's an overall nice school with welcoming t
Professors and teachers. Most are very understanding of student struggles, and are more than willing to work with a student if they need help.
The school was very small, so it created a great atmosphere. The classes were very easy as well. The only bad thing was that the cost was very expensive and I do not think that the cost is worth the education. Many people consider the school to be a low status school as well
I haven’t had the best experience with the service from people in the offices but the over all feel and reaction from the rest of the campus has been good. Most of the faculty such as professors are good so far that i’ve met but the most frustrating is being dismissed by the people in the financial aid office and other people in the aid office.
I loved all the professors. Their expectations and support are right on point for adult learners! Always treated as an equal.
Grandview University is a very welcoming University with a wealth of community service. Grandview is a small private college with the right class sizes and professors who care and make sure you achieve your goals/dreams! I choose Grandview for their diverse population and course offerings and a plus the campus is beautiful! I developed so much, and was involved with four campus organizations. And President Henning is a hands on President. I could go on about Grandview it was my best choice and excellent learning environment. I would invite everyone to take a campus tour to West Des Moines to visit GrandView University!
Grand view university is a beautiful campus full of interesting new people. Although I have not committed, I feel strongly about having it as one of my top choices. I really like their track and field program which is something I hope to pursue in college.
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Professors are great, staff is great! Benefit is small class sizes. Downside is lack of diversity. There are less than 1% faculty of color.
I have enjoyed my time at Grand View University. The professors helped me feel prepared to continue my education after college. The sports team helped me grow as an individual and mature as an adult.
It's been quite a wonderful experience. My professors are so supportive of my pursuits, no matter what direction they may follow. I feel as though I'm constantly being pushed beyond my boundaries and it's a wonderful thing because growth has been happening.
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