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Grand Valley State University Reviews

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Grand Valley is a great return on investment for any student. The campus has fantastic academic and athletic programs as well as excellent professors. It's a great mix between having the resources of a larger school without feeling overwhelmed.
My time at Grand Valley was amazing. Great professors, great sports/intramural facilities, extremely nice buildings, great food options, great social life opportunities, and lots of clubs you can join. Best 4 years of my life.
GVSU is a very welcoming university that has a variety of majors. The only ‘scary’ part is that both the downtown and Allendale campuses are very large. Making it confusing to find building and the correct classroom! The plus side to a larger campus is the beautiful views throughout the changing seasons! My favorite from my first semester was fall because all of the trees were different fall color leaves!
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Grand Valley State University is an excellent school and by far one of the best decisions i have ever made. I get so excited talking about Grand Valley whenever someone asks about it. There are so many opportunities for students to get involved, like Greek Life, intramural sport teams, and clubs for any and all majors! The campus takes 10 to 15 minutes to walk across so everything is in a very convenient location. Also Grand Valley prides itself on being named one of the country's most environmentally responsible colleges by The Princeton Review. Everyone i have talked to that has went to Grand Valley says it is one of the best universities in the state of Michigan. I am proud to be a student at Grand Valley and I cannot wait for what the future brings me because of my decision of going to Grand Valley State University.
I am a second year student at Grand Valley and I love it. There are so many opportunities for each and every student. I have enriching classes, amazing professors, supportive friends and students, hundreds of clubs and activities to enduldge in, and all together a great community to be apart of. I truly feel like a Laker for Life. I only wish they would help students who struggle financially more.
I liked how updated most buildings were, however some classrooms could use and update on there teaching tools.
Grand Valley is an amazing place to learn and have a social life. There are endless organizations to join or to create your own. The professors are usually very helpful and there are friends for any type of person here at GV.
Grand Valley State University is a very welcoming and pretty diverse school they pride themselves on being all-inclusive. This diversity is shown not only in the students but in the staff who make it their personal mission to accept everyone not just because its a written rule, but because its apart of their moral code
I love how much they help you. It's a beautiful campus and easy to navigate. The professors are very knowledgeable and eager to help. The library is beautiful. The food options are vast. It's a quick bus ride to the nearest town and there are loads of place to go to. It's also a quick bus ride to Grand Rapids which has even more options.
Grand Valley State University is a beautiful school with endless resources and tools to help a student succeed. Whether you are in downtown Grand Rapids or in Allendale, you will be sure to find a peaceful study place to get in the zone and crank out your work. Professors work extra hard to ensure all students succeed and receive the grades that they deserve by going the extra mile to meet during office hours, or even outside of office hours. Don't be fooled, attending Grand Valley is not a walk in the park, but if you are willing to take measures to ensure your own success, you will be provided with the help that you need in order to get there.
Grand Valley is really good at making everyone feel as though they are part of something. Everyone is so accepting and you always feel very safe on campus.
Professors explain material more and tutoring center have a better ratio of tutors per students. Also would like to see more of a variety of options for meal plans and more options for the dining card.
I absolutely love Grand Valley. The people are welcoming, the courses are challenging, and the professors are very helpful. The campus is the perfect size: small enough to walk everywhere, but big enough to always have something to do.
It's the perfect size school and an incredible campus with amazing professors who you can get to know because of the smaller classroom sizes.
Grand Valley State University is an amazing college that holds endless possibilities for its students. There is never a student left out and many programs are there to help out students in need. The price is reasonable for the quality of the education people are receiving. It beautiful campus helps students to take there mind off the stress they are facing in a difficult time in their life . There is nothing I would change about campus life because it is ai joy and privilege to attend such a overall amazing college.
I love Grand Valley's beautiful campus and caring professors. There are tons of awesome clubs and organizations so there is definitely something that caters to everyone. I would love to see more diversity among the student body as well as the staff.
I like the school overall, but some things could be better. Every school has some subpar teachers, so that's not a big deal. It's not a very diverse school; it is mainly white. I have not been to their parties and I do not live in the dorms, so I gave it a N/A answer.
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I am an elementary ed major. I found the campus to be great. Close enough to Grand Rapids for bigger city activities but away from the crime to feel safe.

Bussing is all over campus but you can walk anywhere and have plenty of time to make class.

Friendly campus and very diverse and open minded.
The campus is very beautiful and has a friendly look to it. The library is my favorite place to study because it is a newer building with a large collection of books and quiet places to do homework in. The whole atmosphere of the university is very accepting and diverse which makes it fun with all the unique and different classes they offer along with general ones. The bus system is also very useful and nice to get in and out of the campuses in both Allendale and Grand Rapids.
It feels like home. I was nervous leaving home, but this school is amazing and I have already met great friends.
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