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I would like to see things updated. For example, in the traditional dorms, there are a lot of things that could be fixed or added. I know it would be difficult, but it would be nice to have at least main rooms air conditioned, and in places around campus drinking fountains will occasionally not work.
Altogether, though, this campus is very nice and I am enjoying my stay here.
This University is a simple but elegant campus. It is very open to all of this students and has great resources available to all of them. I feel very welcome on campus, and in the classrooms.
I am a freshman at GVSU. The academics, facilities, and faculty are the best for the price. Professors are always here to help, facilities, such as the library, are renowned, and the academics are superior. Also, the campus environment is beautiful.
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When I visited Grand Valley State University, I really enjoyed the whole experience of my tour. My tour guide was greeting and kind. The campus is overall big and welcoming. I liked the dorm room they they showed us during my visit there. This is where I feel like home and I want to continue my journey here.
I love GVSU, I have been very involved on campus and have been very happy with my experience here. I met my best friends on campus, and love to be involved. West Michigan is beautiful for recreation and great night life in Grand Rapids. Lots of opportunity at a great school!
Grand Valley offers so many different opportunities that are open to everyone! The atmosphere here makes it incredibly easy to make friends for lifetime and feel like home.
Great school a lot activities to do. But a lot people go home during the weekend. Professors will help you if you need it.
The faculty is very hands-on and helpful. The class sizes are small, except the large lectures, but even those aren’t too big. The campus is easy to get around. I love it.
So far, I've had an okay time at GVSU. College isn't my favorite place ever but it could be worse. The academics are good and the environment is friendly and welcoming.
I feel blessed to have ended up at GVSU there are so many opportunities here that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. There are so many professors that genuinely care about you and your education. There are countless things to be involved in. It's a great school. I wish there were more healthy food options though.
I love the atmosphere on campus, and the professors have never been anything but helpful. The only downside is how much campus shuts down on the weekends
Great environment, staff and students are well rounded people. Lots of availability for student life. The teaching methods in certain classes are a little inefficient but GVSU can’t be the only school like that.
It took time to get adjusted into Grand Valley as a Freshman, but I learned that getting involved was very important. I later on found a niche that brought supportive friends and sense of community, eventually allowing me to find a home at GVSU. Every semester I look forward to do better and am doing better toward graduation. I fell in love with GV from the start and after the ups and downs, I am no different today.
I like the amount of classes and involvement of administration. Campus living is something that I severely regret however.
I love the close atmosphere of students and professors. Everyone is very personable and approachable. Student to teacher ratio is the perfect size where you can really get close with your professor as well as other students. The only thing I would like to see change are more social campus events.
Grand Valley is a great place to study the area of life you want to while being able to meet new people from everywhere, even elsewhere on the planet. There's countless activities and groups to be a part of, and life on campus is very enjoyable regardless of your personality and social life.
Grand Valley has a beautiful campus. The academics there are great, as they offer the honors college. One great thing about GVSU is the people. Everyone there is a kind loving person and the campus is a dafe place to live.
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I've had good professors here and the campus is actually set up in a way the makes sense. Nothing is far away from my dorm room which means I don't have to spend three fourths of my time walking across campus.
I love GVSU! The smaller class sizes really helps me build relationships with professors and other students in my classes. I love that there are two campuses; one in downtown Grand Rapids.
I adore my experience here at GVSU. The faculty is wonderful and diverse. Many of my professors have gone out of their way to be convenient and helpful in course rigor and life issues. The student base is fairly diverse (for the area) both in thought and color. Furthermore, GVSU is a leading school in the nation in being ‘green’ and do a great job to demonstrate the value and practice what they preach.
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