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The campus is very beautiful and has a friendly look to it. The library is my favorite place to study because it is a newer building with a large collection of books and quiet places to do homework in. The whole atmosphere of the university is very accepting and diverse which makes it fun with all the unique and different classes they offer along with general ones. The bus system is also very useful and nice to get in and out of the campuses in both Allendale and Grand Rapids.
It feels like home. I was nervous leaving home, but this school is amazing and I have already met great friends.
As one of the biggest non-Big Ten schools in Michigan, Grand Valley definitely delivers the large school feel on a small campus. Some professors are great, some not so much, but that is the case at every university. Courses are challenging and rewarding, and the effort you put in is what you get out. The professor to student ratio is also noteworthy, and in many of the classes, participation was encouraged and beneficial; this is one of GV's biggest strongsuits. The campus food is not to die for, but it isn't repugnant either, and after a while it is easy to find your favorite spot to eat. Dorms are generally good, especially Holton-Hooker, though there isn't a true "college feel" to campus with a lack of picturesque buildings and no college town around it. The academic buildings are in good shape, as are other buildings such as the rec center (very good) and the library (also very good). All in all, Grand Valley is a good place to go to school, and I would recommend it to most.
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Grand Valley State University offers a wonderful mix between a smaller university town feel with the Allendale campus, and a city university feel in the downtown Grand Rapids campus.
Very nice staff. They try to help you succeed in every way possible. They also create a fun extracurricular environment for the students.
After transferring from a larger university to GVSU, it was the best decision I could have made for my college career. Professors here really do care about your learning and success, and are always there if you need something. You do not feel like just another number at this school. Advisors also do their best to ensure your success, and are available for extra resources. Campus is also beautiful! I enjoyed being downtown for the last 2 years, and the opportunities it provides.
Grand Valley was the best decision I have ever made. I love Grand Valley's campus and the surrounding areas as well. The campus and students are super friendly and the student life is so awesome and always active. The amount of clubs Grand Valley offers is insane and there is something for everyone.
The campus is very up to date with technology and buildings. They also offer many undergraduate programs, as well as graduate programs. The scholarships they offer are very generous, including an already low tuition for high quality learning.
The school has great scenery both downtown and in Allendale. The professors are the best in the business and the overall environment at the school is great. Makes me want to cone to school everyday.
Grand Valley State is a wonderful college with a great atmosphere that offers alot of opportunities to it's students. The campus has a lot to do on it and is very close to fun places to go off campus. It offers free bus routes downtown to allow people to go down and enjoy the city. There isn't much of a party scene but if youre into athletics they have a great gym facility.
Need healthier food options. Need some changes in some of the professors. Some professors treat each section they teach differently. They may offer less or more assignments compared to some of their other sections. This isn't fair. Students talk and word gets around quickly that their teacher is changing opportunities from class to class. Overall, great school!
The campus is beautiful an the teachers and staff are almost always very friendly. When I came to Grand Valley I immediately felt like I was at home and it was the place I wanted to spend my first four years of college.
Great school. Has the friendliest professors who are always there to help you succeed. GVSU just needs to make their website more user friendly.
Grand Valley State University has very competitive medical and business programs that they are well known for. They offer tons of activities and clubs for those who are looking to make new friends, get in shape, or simply be more involved. The center of the campus of a clock tower which is where any group has the freedom of speech. Sometimes it is intimidating, but overall pretty cool. The food options could be better on campus, but they are not terrible. The facility for the most part is very friendly and caring towards the students.
Grand Valley allowed me to participate in a variety of activities so easily. I was able to study abroad, go on a medical mission trip abroad, among many other things. I gained relationships in the classroom, as well as outside the classroom. It is a large university with the feeling of attending a small university. It has given me so many unique opportunities that you cannot find elsewhere.
Grand Valley State University is a great school. There are numerous amount of resources at GV. The student body supports each other and everyone feels like a family. The professors are really good and experts in their career. In a time of need, there is always someone to talk to rather the counseling center, friend, advisors, or other staff. The campus I beautiful and clean. The food is okay, could be better. GV also needs to work on diversifying the student body more. Otherwise, it is an awesome school.
I'm currently a student at Grand Valley, and so far it has met all of my expectations. Because it is not a research institution, the professors care about the students and their success.
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I really like how great the campus is, its super welcoming and placed in a goog part of michigan, between Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan
Going there was fun, meeting new faces and over all having fun in class but I felt like there were a few things missing and I have yet to find them.
Enrolled to GVSU for the women, dorms and football. Graduated with a 75k job offer and my love of life (wedding is this summer).
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