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Overall, I think that Grand rapids community collge, is a very good school. I think that they are cheap and very friendly. However, I find that beacsue they have so many studenst and not enfough staft that some of the support sstaff like the counsler or fincale aid people are unable to prodive nessary infomation to current students. Dispite that, I think that GRCC is a very good beginning college to go to.
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Grand Rapids Community College was very patient through my dual enrollment journey. I was struggling with some classes and they assured me that i was gonna be okay and I ended up passing.
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Community college is a great option for those who don't want to dig into college debt at a four-year school. GRCC is a great option for those in West Michigan.
It is a well place where you can get your work done. It has a space where you can study. The teachers are overall nice and help you with your work. Since it is a community college their are lots of new faces you will meet.
I went to Grand Rapids community college for Culinary Arts and it was a great experience as i learned so many things and was able to expand my love of cooking.
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Love the campus! Great place to learn in and out of the classroom. GRCC is the perfect place to get your undergraduate requirements. The staff is very helpful and is always willing to help and support your every need.
I took a class through GRCC through their dual enrollment program and it was really good! They were helpful throughout my experience.
My experience so far is excellent. The professors are very one on one. They encourage you to ask questions and get help. The first two weeks are carzy so I would get there early if you want to park on campus. The raider grill has awesome food and anything you are hungry for.
I think GRCC is a great school, it is very cheap and isn't far from where i live. I think its a good school to go to for your first years of school to take your core classes and then transfer to another school if you'd like.
I liked how everyone is mixed and you're able to have an opportunity as long as you try your best. It's really cheap and you can go back to it if needed. Also, they're helpful.
GRCC was a great place. I was able to take classes when I needed to, even in the evening. They were great in getting my transcripts to other colleges as well.
Grand Rapids Community College has been a great experience for me, I was never a great student in high school because I usually felt lost in the crowd with some classes. GRCC classes have helped me come out of my shell and get involved with my classmates. The teachers definitely put an equal amount of focus into each students needs.
Grand Rapids Community College is very diverse! It has great food options and transportation options. Parking can take some time, or even be a little jammed, but there is more than enough space for everyone. The professors are quite nice and patient and try to make sure everything is understood. Also, GRCC is affordable and right in the middle of a diverse city with opportunities for everything.
I have been at Community since 2013, and I just graduated this year. The school is charming and is changing a lot to fit the economy structure by going green and using some solar powered seating outside. The teachers are accommodating and are excellent.
I think there are a few areas where GRCC could step it up, one being communication. This semester I requested some help to found what classes I needed to be in. I waited 3 days before I sent another email asking if it would be better if I called, it then took another 2 days before I got a response (the response didn't even answer my question). I think the professors are very helpful and do care about you as a individual but once you get any higher up you become a number.
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GRCC is in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids and the campus is beautiful. There are many prime locations to study on campus and GRCC offers a ton of resources to take advantage of. The professors are always willing to help and truly want to see you succeed. I love GRCC.
I like the teachers they are very hands on and will sit with u even after class to help u with whatever u have a issue with.
I liked how if you needed help with any class there was always a specific person there to help you. I loved how the teachers would take the time out to help you one on one and not think that it was too much. There were some teachers that I felt didn’t really want to help they just wanted to see you struggle or would pick favorites.
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