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I like that grand rapids community college gives me my education without leaving me with a huge college debt or loans. I have really enjoyed the past two years, attending this college because it is very open and close
A great community college that values diversity. The professors and staff all around are very helpful individuals.
I have had an amazing experience at GRCC! For me, it was super convenient because of location, cost, and being able to work while going to school. Grand Rapids Community College was a great first step into college.
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This is only my first year at GRCC, but I absolutely love it. I was very nervous about starting college and being in a whole new atmosphere but everyone I have come across at school is so welcoming and since beginning there this fall, I have never felt more at home. The staff is invited and excited for you to learn and the students are friendly and it’s a great place to be.
I like my professors so far in nursing school. What I would like to see change is the financial aid staff. GRCC uses students to work orientation and in the financial aid office and because of their lack of training I had to go back and fix a lot of mistakes they made. As I was going back and trying to fix the mistakes they made I was met with a lot of resistance and non-helpful staff members. With that being said, the campus is located downtown Grand Rapids right next to major hospitals and a lot of resources.
Great, helpful professors. Better then some interactions with professors at other local four year colleges.
The music program here is fantastic, and four times cheaper than nearby schools. I love my professors, and having the money to commute and rent independently has totally changed the way I look at day to day life.
Even though GRCC is a small college, it has everything the students need to succeed. They have good computers, good spaces to study, and all sorts of mentoring to help. Downtown is a perfect place to have a college experience; there are some coffee shops a few miles from the campus, and there are police officers around the campus, in fact, the police station is very close to the main building. There can be many confusions in terms of getting your money back, the system is not always at its best, so it's easy for the college to over price the courses, but at the end of the day, they tend to give your money back.
My overall experience with Grand Rapids Community College has been very good. I have taken what I have learned at the college level and applied it to the real world. Without the help and guidance from my professors, advisors, and fellow students I would not of been able to make it onto the dean's list. Grand Rapids Community College has been there for me every step of the way with tutoring, academic counseling, study groups, and career advising. How I would change my college experience would be to have more volunteering opportunity's.
At GRCC I believe it is lacking in community. It is hard for people two become connected when they don't live on campus, are only their a few times a week and leave emendatly after their classes are done. IF GRCC provided cheap housing for students to stay on campus it would create a closer and more loving environment. people would connect more and make life long friendships with classmates.
This school is easy to pay for out of pocket in comparison to big universities. I like that it is downtown and closr to all sorts of local buildings. The main campus has some older buildings and they are beautiful!
GRCC is a great college that is affordable! They offer a variety of fun classes at a fair price and the campus has a sense of respect and belonging.
Friendly Instructors and welcoming environment. There is a beautiful campus in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have enjoyed attending Grand Rapids Community College.
When I graduated high school, I didn’t know where I wanted to attend or what I wanted to major in. Grand Rapids Community College allowed me to take classes for a lower price while I decided what I wanted to do with my life. Because of GRCC I will be getting my associates degree and transferring to a university with no debt.
I enjoyed being in a college in a city I was raised in. The college offers a very diverse environment making it easy to feel accepted in all levels of education. Definitely worth attending the college either as a future graduate or as a transfer student.
Grand Rapids Community College is a wonderful school to start at if you are unsure what you want to study or where you want to go or even if you feel you aren't ready to attend a four year. It's easy to get in to, and scheduling is easy since courses are offered on all days at most times and some even online. Also you can't beat the price; its substantially cheaper than a four year so you aren't wasting money at a school when you don't know what you'll be studying. Being directly downtown Grand Rapids provides many opportunities for food and coffee in between class, along with great on campus food.
This is a good school. A friend recommended me to go to GRCC. I'm glad I applied. Hopes everything will go great for me and others as well. The school is going on the right path. GRCC helps students after college. They will try to find you a job that most fits you. The safety at GRCC are great. The professors are great and very greetings which it makes it more comfortable in school.
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So far I think GRCC is a really good starter school if you plan to transfer. The faculty are very helpful and kind. The academics are as good as any private or bigger university.
Grand rapids community college is one of the best diversity and education schools that help u when u need it and will always support u in any way that will help u successed and further your education. But not just that the also have an great athletics department , an awsome culinary program and they will most likely help u find an job if u where to need it. They have social groups so that u can include your self in off campus actives.
GRCC offers great opportunities for students to join activities and food during finals, offer great study sessions for science degrees which really helps to practice, and provides great resources and information in updates/news in campus, awareness and network.
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