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I loved everything I would change nothing the people were nice and the professors were very helpful and when you didn't understand it they will help through all of it.
GRCC is a good college for those who need to start out somewhere to go on their path of pursuing their dreams.
I like Grand Rapids Community College a lot. The thing that I like the most is that it's very close to home. The classes offered are convenient and work with my work schedule. Most of the professors seem to care about the students' progress and want to work with them to excel academically.
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Diverse teachers, students, and overall climate. There are a lot of clubs, organizations, and some sports groups to join. Many available resources. Counselors, financial aid officers, and other administration can be hard to contact.
I am still currently attending GRCC but the thing I love most about this college is that the credits transfer over to larger universities very easily! It’s nice to know that you can obtain an associates degree at a super reasonable cost as well. I wouldn’t really change anything about GRCC! Although the party scene is basically nonexistent that’s honestly a good thing because you’re able to focus on school that much more. The tutor labs that cc has to offer are amazing as well. Grad students and professors are there to help go over materials in class and help you study for big tests! They absolutely rock.
I've been attending Grand Rapids Community College for 3 years. I enjoy receiving a quality education for less. One of my favorite aspects of attending GRCC is the professors. They are understanding, caring, and always willing to help when needed. Having my daughter is hard enough, but GRCC professors are very understanding with it. Another aspect I enjoy is online classes because I've gained knowledge just as I would in class. One thing I would change is having a bigger variety of classes offered at the lakeshore campus.
Grand Rapids Community College strives to prepare its students to go onto larger universities by giving them the best education it possibly can. The faculty is very friendly and there are some classes that seem to be more than just a class. I always feel like I'm getting the attention I need that I wouldn't necessarily get at a larger school. I have had professors take breaks from their lunchtime to explain something to me that I couldn't understand in class. The environment is very friendly and I will always remember the experience I had here as a full- time early enrollment student and, when I officially graduate, a college student.
Grand Rapids Community College is a good place to start one's education. I have mixed reviews on professors, but for the most part have had good experiences. My biggest complaint about GRCC is how difficult it is to get appointments with counselors, and that I have often received different answers on important questions from different advisors/counselors. Communication is not this institution's strong suit, and one must be very careful to read every inch of the fine print. All in all, I am happy that I started my college career here because I believe it has helped me to become more diligent and has saved me thousands of dollars.
Convient location right downtown Grand Rapids. There are lots of parking ramps located on campus along with other parking options off campus. There are GRCC buses that shuttle students around Grand Rapids as well.
GRCC is like any other post-secondary school, in that it is what you make of it. Unlike a fair number of other post-secondary schools, though, GRCC is affordable, and filled to the brim with some of the coolest professors I've ever met.

[Word to the wise, check out their foreign language programs, they're uh-may-zing.]
I am taking two college classes during high school, the professors have made it a great college experience. They did not hold back in giving us the college homework experience, every week and day I come home with homework. All our homework is about 4-5 pages due the following week. Haven't been taught at the campus yet but the gym is exceptional.
I have never been to GRCC yet, I want to attend here. I have never been to GRCC yet, I want to attend here. I heard that there is a lot of students that save money and how it's very easy. I have never been to GRCC yet, I want to attend here.I have never been to GRCC yet, I want to attend here.
Grand Rapids Community College's biggest perk is its prices. You're getting a quality education that you can use to jumpstart your professional life at half the cost of a four-year university. The professors are extremely knowledgeable about the subjects that they teach and strive to make sure their students are as successful as possible.
I love this college. I find it has been so tremendously helpful in my years attending it. The staff is nice, the professors are very educated and they want you to succeed, they're certainly there for YOU.

I would also like to acknowledge the amount of resources that are available at GRCC. So many study areas, computer labs, the food courts and vending machines help a bunch. Not to mention the tutoring is very helpful, especially in advanced courses such as chemistry and biology.
I have had a great experience with the Dental hygiene program at Grand Rapids Community College, however, I would like to see an improvement on the department in the college, such as the financial aid office, academic advisors, and the head of admissions for the programs. They are not a great help while trying to figure out if you are on the right track.
The Good: decently cheap tuition if you live in Kent County, but ONLY if you are on 14 or less credit hours. Good to get rid of some gen eds.

The Bad:
Typical terrible eroding educational institution trying to make a huge profit out of students in whichever way they can. Teachers were very hit-or-miss (some cared about you, others virtually wanted you to bend the knee), academic choices could have been better (meaning more choices), tight quarters in a downtown campus, highway robbery with parking fees, no free parking unless you walk 3 miles one way, and of course, the typical liberal college atmosphere which instantly crushes any conservative students or their opinions, super intolerant when it comes to LBGTQQQQQQQQQQ agenda being crammed down people's throats without a genuine honest dialogue.
I am so happy I moved to grand rapids and started school at the community college. The teachers are nice and helpful. The student are nice as well.
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I am a returning student working on a Second Degree in programming. My experience so far has been good. Grcc offers a range of different programming classes to their students.
The teachers are great! Very insightful but also keep it entertaining. Benefits available: easy parking, transportation around campus during class hours, restaurants on campus, multiple great libraries. It's an overall enlightening experience and I'm glad I chose to attend.
Although I am only in GRCC for dual-enrollment as a high school senior I think my experience with them so far has been great.
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