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Grand Rapids Community College has been a great experience for me, I was never a great student in high school because I usually felt lost in the crowd with some classes. GRCC classes have helped me come out of my shell and get involved with my classmates. The teachers definitely put an equal amount of focus into each students needs.
Grand Rapids Community College is very diverse! It has great food options and transportation options. Parking can take some time, or even be a little jammed, but there is more than enough space for everyone. The professors are quite nice and patient and try to make sure everything is understood. Also, GRCC is affordable and right in the middle of a diverse city with opportunities for everything.
I have been at Community since 2013, and I just graduated this year. The school is charming and is changing a lot to fit the economy structure by going green and using some solar powered seating outside. The teachers are accommodating and are excellent.
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I think there are a few areas where GRCC could step it up, one being communication. This semester I requested some help to found what classes I needed to be in. I waited 3 days before I sent another email asking if it would be better if I called, it then took another 2 days before I got a response (the response didn't even answer my question). I think the professors are very helpful and do care about you as a individual but once you get any higher up you become a number.
GRCC is in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids and the campus is beautiful. There are many prime locations to study on campus and GRCC offers a ton of resources to take advantage of. The professors are always willing to help and truly want to see you succeed. I love GRCC.
I like the teachers they are very hands on and will sit with u even after class to help u with whatever u have a issue with.
I liked how if you needed help with any class there was always a specific person there to help you. I loved how the teachers would take the time out to help you one on one and not think that it was too much. There were some teachers that I felt didn’t really want to help they just wanted to see you struggle or would pick favorites.
You get a great education at GRCC. Instructors are very supportive and helpful. I highly recommend GRCC.
Grand Rapids Community College was not my initial first choice, but it became it after attending a semester here. The classes sizes are small and personal, and you really get to know your professor. The ability to work on campus was a great bonus, and the community within GRCC is great once you discover the hidden gems.
What I like most about Grand Rapids Community College is the professors. Although there are some that do poorly at teaching their designated classes, the majority of professors care about their students. They are professional at delivering their lectures, and they also try to make the classroom environment a comfortable and engaging place to be in. On a different note, two aspects of the college that could be changed are the campus and security. In my opinion, it is not as lively or eye-catching as other college campuses. The panhandlers and lobbyists both significantly worsen the situation. As far as safety goes, there should be higher security, since anybody in Grand Rapids can easily walk onto campus grounds with a concealed weapon and hurt a student. Overall, GRCC is considered "average" to me.
I started at GRCC in 2015 due to my low GPA in high school. I am a young African American male who did not take high school serious due to athletics. My main focus in high school was sports and that hurt me in the long run. I started out in remedial classes at GRCC and have worked my way up from a 2.0 GPA to a 2.7 cumulative. I am currently in my 3rd year at GRCC and I am confident my GPA will continue to grow. I am currently playing basketball at GRCC and I fully understand the importance of getting and education, in other words being a student first, and an athlete second. In all, GRCC is a great starting place. Love the location and most of the professors do a great job. Once you know the direction you are headed they are more helpful. There are connections and opportunities if you seek them out. The cost is affordable and the education is superb.
The professors are available for questions in online courses. The students on campus are helpful and kind.
I like that grand rapids community college gives me my education without leaving me with a huge college debt or loans. I have really enjoyed the past two years, attending this college because it is very open and close
A great community college that values diversity. The professors and staff all around are very helpful individuals.
I have had an amazing experience at GRCC! For me, it was super convenient because of location, cost, and being able to work while going to school. Grand Rapids Community College was a great first step into college.
This is only my first year at GRCC, but I absolutely love it. I was very nervous about starting college and being in a whole new atmosphere but everyone I have come across at school is so welcoming and since beginning there this fall, I have never felt more at home. The staff is invited and excited for you to learn and the students are friendly and it’s a great place to be.
I like my professors so far in nursing school. What I would like to see change is the financial aid staff. GRCC uses students to work orientation and in the financial aid office and because of their lack of training I had to go back and fix a lot of mistakes they made. As I was going back and trying to fix the mistakes they made I was met with a lot of resistance and non-helpful staff members. With that being said, the campus is located downtown Grand Rapids right next to major hospitals and a lot of resources.
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Great, helpful professors. Better then some interactions with professors at other local four year colleges.
The music program here is fantastic, and four times cheaper than nearby schools. I love my professors, and having the money to commute and rent independently has totally changed the way I look at day to day life.
Even though GRCC is a small college, it has everything the students need to succeed. They have good computers, good spaces to study, and all sorts of mentoring to help. Downtown is a perfect place to have a college experience; there are some coffee shops a few miles from the campus, and there are police officers around the campus, in fact, the police station is very close to the main building. There can be many confusions in terms of getting your money back, the system is not always at its best, so it's easy for the college to over price the courses, but at the end of the day, they tend to give your money back.
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