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I love attending this school and am more than glad I choose a Christian based college. So far I am in my third class to earn my Doctorate of Education degree and feel confident this was the best choice I could have made. Yes, the workload is harder than my Masters... but it is a higher level of education. The teachers are great, the staff is awesome, and it gives me great comfort to know I am at a college that truly lives out what they teach. Great school and well structured. God bless.
Grand Canyon University has been a fantastic experience for me so far! Their campus is extremely safe, something this school is well-known for, but more than anything I love that I can surround myself with other Christians and be able to build my faith up by getting involved. GCU has numerous clubs and events you can attend, and was so welcoming to me the first day I moved in. My classes and professors have been great as well. This university is also continuing to expand, as it's been growing bigger and bigger every year. All in all, this is a great school and I would highly recommend it to others.
Grand Canyon University is a great private school! Even though it is a Christian based school not everyone is religious. The atmosphere is very welcoming and everyone is extremely nice to each other. Since Grand Canyon University is expanding most of the buildings are relatively new, which means nice dorms! Overall, the campus is very friendly and resort-like.
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The admissions counselor, Ryan Thornton, is fantastic! He does a really good job of selling the university, but also makes you feel comfortable about finalizing your college experience.
I chose to attend this University because they had my Major, their tuition was in my budget, and they offered me scholarship money. I also loved the campus and it made me feel like home.
My classes were for the most part fun, interesting and informational however there is a strong christian presence that can hinder ones social connections with other students on campus. When ever I had to speak with a finical advisor I had to wait for over an hour each time, the school also kept switching all of my advisors every semester so I had no constancy with help or follow through. I did however get a lot of hands on experience and had a lot of great teachers that really do care about the students.
This university is totally dedicated to it's students! The staff really care about us individually and have many resources dedicated to our success. I was able to register and start classes with no problems. I love attending this school!
Grand Canyon University has a great student life. I have met and grown precious friendships and have had unique opportunities as a student to further my potential career. However, GCU also had poor structure in advanced classes like physics and OChem in which it is an extreme struggle for all students. There are also professors who do their job poorly and your gpa plummets as a result.
My experience with Grand Canyon is because of the convenience of the online program. I live in Louisiana and I wanted to go back to school but found it difficult because I work a full time job and no other university I looked at had the degree I wanted which is Elementary Education/Special Education. I found that I can get my degree in Special Education and Elementary at the same time without having to go back to get my sped degree. The only think I dislike is having that face to face contact with my instructor. But it works for me.
This place is awful, the academics are terrible and the school only cares about making student life better. Maybe they should focus on academics and making their case as a Christian university more believable because everyone knows that this place is the least Christian, Christian university in America. The students are very immature and it really feels like I'm in high school again.
I enjoyed attending GCU and think it is an awesome school for individuals with Christians values that want to learn in a friendly and inviting environment. The food on campus is great, there are at least to gyms and two pools for student to enjoy. It is a dry campus (no alcohol) so parties are not as common.
What I liked most about GCU was the available resources to help students like myself not fail. Apart from great academic support, this school was really boring. It has a strong religious atmosphere. Students rarely party, or do anything besides bible study sessions.
As an online Doctoral student, I am very excited about the organizational leadership degree. The professors are engaging and informative.
GCU is an excellent choice for college! I have learned a lot and have always had a group of people behind me helping me achieve my dreams and goals! There is always someone to answer questions and concerns. They are professional and courteous! The professors are great and will help you with any needs you have as well. The time it takes for a course is very reasonable as well. I am 100% glad I chose GCU!
Everyone was friendly and the tour guide really gave us an insight to what life on their campus is like.
Grand Canyon University is a wonderful school. The professors are always available for their students. The course work is easy to understand and the information is easily retained. I enjoy being a part of this school. I would encourage anyone to attend this university.
I have not yet started but the school took me on a tour of the university. I struggled in High School. I was faced with many challenges and as a result I ended with a low GPA Grand Canyon University is working with me so that I don't miss out on this opportunity. Going into my Junior year of High School I witnessed my very close friend fall to his death which turned my world upside down. I want to make my friend I lost proud and I want to be successful.
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The atmosphere on campus is the best. People are beyond friendly and there's so much to do. Classes are great, give or take a few professor's. Get involved as much as you can, you won't regret it. If you're trying to avoid the freshmen 15 don't eat qdoba everyday! The school spirit is out of control so bring all your purple/white/silver gear and get ready to lope up!!
This is very great school , the staff and students will help with your journey from start to finish, I was discouraged about school at first but once I got to talking with my advisors and saw how they actively help you find ways to do things you think are impossible
For me, I can tell you that my experience with Grand Canyon University is a dream come true. The people, enroll counselors as well as student advisory, they are there to help you find your purpose of whatever it may be. And whatever you do not understand that will assist you in any way possible. I can tell you that I am in my Senior year, which I will be completing my Bachelor degree by May 27, 2018. I am please and I will be graduating with all honors. I would recommend this school to anyone.
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