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I am a true believer of if you want something you have to go for it. Closed mouths don't get fed. I have been going to GCU for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love the support I receive from my academic advisor and teachers. I know without a shadow of doubt that I can count on Kevin. If I have questions, or need anything he is readily available to assist. For me I understand that I am not the only student and that he can't call me every day or even every week BUT if I need to call him I can. I love this school. I've started and stopped school many times and this is the first time that I've had the support I need to get it done. I am so close I can taste it!!!! c/o 2018
Grand Canyon University make their students their number one priority. This is college offer students the best career choice. They treat their students with the up most respect.
The Campus has a strong community atmosphere and is all about serving the students. I love how God and studying the bible is incorporated into everything we do on campus. From basketball games to classes I never once didn't feel welcomed or not apart of the herd. Also, the food on campus is great!
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GCU helped me to get what I wanted with my degree. The best part of GCU is the people that work there. Professors really care about the students. I really felt like my education was personalized.
I chose Grand Canyon University due to the online convenience factor. I received my associates degree from a local college. Working full time and going to school was becoming over whelming. I like that I am about to graduate GCU feeling prepared to lead a classroom. I would like to have more communication with advisers and financial officers, especially due to the fact that I am not on campus.
Great teachers who care for student's and their success. There is an abundance of activities (intramural sports, clubs, college athletics, outdoor rec, art shows, music/theater, ministires) for students to get involved in and make lasting friendships with other students.
They are very helpful and walk you through the whole enrollment process . The admitions Councelor checked on me after I had my twins and even remembered their names after being out for a year.
I currently attend Grand Canyon University. So far I have had an excellent experience at the school. The university provides students with a Christian based community experience and education that is unique to all who attend the campus. Over the past 5 years the school has experienced growth in finances, attendance, and building structures. The university provides students with a way to grow closer to God while learning needed skills for their desired jobs after graduating. As the school continues to grow I believe that they should focus more on student engagement, affordable tuition, more student jobs on and off campus, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.
Grand Canyon University is a welcoming community. The students, professors, and administrators are very welcoming and nice. The academic rigor is challenging and accepted among students.
I love the instructors and atmosphere. The college focuses its energy on making more productive citizens.
I am an online student, so I don't know much about party scene, campus or housing. However I can say that the counselors are very invested in you and how you are doing. It was great to have an enviornment where I could talk about or reference the Bible or my beliefs without the worry of having someone attack me for what I said. The fist class I had online a teacher had a bible verse after their name on the announcement page. It was so great to be able to see this in a school environment.
Grand Canyon University offers me not only an exceptional academic location, but also a strong faith based atmosphere. I not only will grow mentally at GCU but spiritually as well. Go Lopes!
My freshman year at Grand Canyon University was an amazing experience. They offered tons of help and gave me all resources I needed to succeed in my class. I enjoy the environment very much and the university itself. I hope that in the future that they continue to expand and offer more online classes as well as other degress. It was an amazing freshman year experince.
Grand Canyon University is a well established school that always puts the students first. My first year experience is one that I will never forget. The professors were great, the classroom sizes were perfect and the amount of homework wasn't as much as I was expecting. It being a Christian based college, there was a perfect community where it was easy to make friends and express your faith. I highly recommend this school to anyone that is looking.
GCU is a great university. I am enjoying every minute of my educational journey. I have the best SSA anyone could EVER have. I took responsibility and accountability of my online education and GCU provided the tools and resources for me to be successful. Love being a Lope!
Wonderful campus, both dorms and apartments close to classrooms. Heat is intense in the summer but dry heat. Religion is important but it's your choice on how to worship.
I am an online student in my Jr. year. I have wanted to go back to school for a long time, and one of the counselors said I would have all the support I needed. She was right! The professors there are awesome and the support system had given me the chance to be confident and get the grades I need for law school. I just wate to say I am so happy I made the decision to go with GCU. Thanks to all of staff and your support!-Sheri
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GCU focuses too much on expanding and building but they need to focus more on their students. SSA's are a MAJOR problem because there isn't enough of them and most of them do not know what they are talking about. Talk to any student and they will tell you how frustrating they are. They are super disorganized and inconsistent with responding to their emails. On top of that they are students going to school and trying to help everyone else just so GCU pays for their schooling..They need real employees who are willing to devote their time to students who can answer all the questions effectively.
There are many ways to stay involved and the education is amazing. The classes really do push you to be the best you can be.
I am currently a student at Grand Canyon. The education is pretty good for the most part. Sometimes the finances and advisors can be difficult. The environment and christian emphasis are great .
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