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I personally enjoyed the online interaction with my classmates as well as my instructors. What I loved the most about attending GCU, was the ease of completing my work at my own pace. I definitely recommend Grand Canyon University for working or stay at home individuals whom what to further their academic careers.
Everyone there is excited to help you become a future lope. I got in contact with my admission counselor right away and he helped me find the right path on classes that I wanted to take. It's great that I can go to a college that not only supports my beliefs but is also affordable and has a great atmosphere.
I love the campus life. The only thing that I would like to see changed is to add more healthy food options on campus.
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grand canyon is a beautiful university with lots of students. it is a great to be with lots of activities
My experience at Grand Canyon University was amazing. The people and even the professors are amazing and super respectful and caring. The community throughout the campus is great as well. The basketball games are a blast, the learning lounge center is a great aspect to gcu, and the gcbc (coffee shop) is the best coffee shop I have ever been to. I strongly advise to all high school seniors, and people looking into college to go to gcu because it is such an amazing experience.
I find that the advisers, instructors, counselors, tutors, and other students are all very friendly and helpful. It is a welcoming and warm community. There is not much precedence for international students, like myself, which can cause issues. Fees are quite steep.
As a current online student of GCU, I have to say that I love how attentive and responsive my student advisers are. I have one that handles my financial and enrollment side and another that handles the personal side who checks up on me every week to see how things are going. Even the teachers are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed as a student and make your way in the world.
I think this school is great for students who do not want a huge campus; the campus is big enough to not feel confined but it isn't ginormous. There are many friendly people here and it definitely feels safe on campus despite being in not the best area. The majority of the professors are also very friendly and helpful.
It’s all online and I can work on my schooling from home. I can also work full time and build my life, while perusing my education in the career field I want to go into
Private university education for public school price, can't beat that!! Instructors are amazing and classes are manageable, even online while working full time.
what i like about grand canyon university is the rooms and food and the classes there the one thing i would like to see change is the rooms and classes.
Grand Canyon University has one unique school to attend. It's a nice campus along with their professors to help students to achieve towards their education. As a GCU student, I really enjoy my study by providing internships that can help you get into the workforce. Also, I did enjoy a couple of leisure activities like playing in the swimming pool, bowling, playing arcade games, and watching college sports. The best part about attending to Grand Canyon University is the annual tuition that is really affordable. In addition, almost all the fees in GCU are free like Registration Application, financial aid fee, technology, and many more. Lastly, GCU offers a variety of scholarships oh high school students which indeed help me a lot that make not have to pay any debt or payments. Overall, I really love Grand Canyon University is affordable for professor and students are friendly to make GCU the best campus to study and having fun at the same time.
I enjoy the freedom they offer with online degrees and courses that are well setup. The only issue I have had so far is communication on purchasing books before a class had started but the teacher was flexible and allowed us extra time for our first assignment.
The faculty is very nice and the classes are challenging and very informative. Everyone that I have talked to except a few professors have been very nice and informative about what needs to be done in class. The faculty make me feel like a person and not a paycheck.
I really enjoy being enrolled at Grand Canyon University. Since it is a smaller private school, class sizes are pretty small and because of this the professors are very responsive. The only negative thing that I have to say about Grand Canyon University is that the school is rapidly expanding and because of this thousands of students are added every year. The Student Service Counselors are doing their best to keep up with it all but they can be kind of hard to get a hold of.
I am impressed by the professors at GCU. They seem to go above and beyond to get to know you and help you on your way. It is a friendly environment and they urge you to communicate with fellow classmates. I enjoy the small class sizes because of the individual attention you get from your proffesors.
I do not like the way they handle your loans. I constantly have holds or messages regarding payments because of the disbursement amounts not being enough to cover my classes. Each time a disbursement is made it puts marks on my credit which I worked hard to build. I received a loan for $3,600.00 for my first 3 classes. My Pell grant covered over half of my classes but my financial adviser only disbursed half of what was left of the balance. I have not seen my other awarded scholarships applied yet either. This is a constant struggle and I feel like I never get a response when I mention tuition.
The system is easy to follow and keep up with . Your adviser works with you every step of the way and checks in regularly. They are willing to help with anything in their power and actually care about your success. The classes have useful knowledge that is actually usable in the field.
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Grand Canyon is a great college who has a host of staff and student. Who show and share their concern in assisting you achieve your goals. this school has many resources and I would recogmind anyone to join it for a college degree. One thing I really like about the college is that I am able to share my christian experience and I hope look forward to visiting the college one day.
When I started classes at GCU (online) I felt like I had great support team and it was easy to reach out when I needed to. About the beginning of the third year that support was gone. Two name specifically Renee Ryder and Jennifer Brown (Student Service Counselors) were gone. They were great by the way! I do not know where they went and probably never will. I started being contacted by my current Student Service Counselor and there has been very little help or direction provided by this person. I have not heard from a Student financial Advisor in at least a year. I have read several review and have found other students who have experienced this. I am in my fourth year and am struggling to get through this. Giving up is not a choice as that is not in my worth ethic. Financing may be what puts thing on hold. Please do your homework! I thought I did, but up until the this year when I was so heavily invested it turned for the worst.
My program of study is a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and I am an online student. I am going on my second year and I really love it! The Professors, counselors, and other support staff have been very helpful and kind. My experience at Grand Canyon University has been one of empowerment, knowledge, and challenge as I am 55 years old and never dreamed I could accomplish academic success.
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