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I received my nursing degree from GCU and was happy with the fast track program at the Scottsdale campus. The professors cared about my success and made themselves available if I needed them. The small class size was great and liked that I stayed with the same class members with each semester. I have and will continue to recommend the Scottsdale fast track program to others.
Hello, my name is Jonathan Kimsey I have been attending this University for the past four years and I have had an amazing experience. Since attending this University I have learned a lot about myself from the littlest things to the biggest. The Professor here truly care about seeing you be successful and I have also found that the student advisors will go to great lengths to help you be successful.

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Jonathan Kimsey
The campus is brand new and high end. the programs and teachers are great. The only complaint is the immediate area outside of the campus isn't the safest area.
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All the help I have received has made the process of going back to school very easy. They offer many convenient online classes in order to get a degree.
The online teachers were very knowledgeable and helpful always there to answer question. The classes where very relative to my field of studies. This school is ethnically diverse in multiple ways, I interacted with people from all over the world in different lines of work.
Grand canyon is a well oriented school that focuses on the goal of getting each and every one of their students to the next step. For instance, if you want to become a surgeon, this school will make sure you are on the right path. If you are struggling, they will find a way to contact you and help you stay on the right path. I recommend this school to every one.
My experience with Grand Canyon University has been absolutely amazing. You are singled out as a student, you are an individual. With each class that I have had all of my Professors have reached out to me personally to see how I feel I am doing and to see if I have any questions. Not only are your academic advisers wanting to see you succeed so are the professors.
The classes are fairly easy and they are designed to be successfully completed within the allotted amount of time. If you need disability accommodations the University does provide them.
Incredibly gorgeous campus and even better people. Everyone was very helpful and welcoming. You aren't just a face in a crowd there. Every person has purpose and its an incredible environment.
The community of Grand Canyon University is welcoming. Students and faculty are very friendly. A change would be an increase in the difficulty of academics.
Grand Canyone University is one of the better schools located in Arizona regarding size. GCU academically challenges all of their students while ensuring that every student is involved whether in sports, clubs, or other activities. The campus is beautiful, small enough to not feel like an entire city, but large enough that there is always somewhere to go.
Grand Canyon University is a great school that strives for success from each individual attending there. Not only are they in a rough area, where there is so much violence and poverty. However, they still manage to be a safe environment around campus and make the community better.
I love it here! The rooms are so nice and it is so awesome that you can get an apartment even as a sophomore because many schools that offer them only offer them to juniors or seniors. The food on campus is good but you get sick of it pretty quickly as with any school's food, though. The professors are usually awesome but like with any school, there are some not so good ones. Many are foreign so it can be difficult to understand them, but you get used to it quickly. There are a lot of fines and fees which is very annoying. You get fined for pretty much anything: setting off a firealarm= $500, messing with the thermostat= $500, not being out of the room at the right time for moving out=$50 every hour you're there and every violation for what you can have in the room is $200 each person in the room.
Students are not welcoming. I have been going here for two years, and I still feel like an outsider. GCU is very unorganized and they are more focused on the growth of their school than the students. However, I love how the teachers approach the classroom.
I am an online student and they make learning easy. All classes are scheduled for you and all books are digital so you do not have to worry with ordering each time. Teachers are very helpful and are available to speak with you regularly. I love this school and know that you will to.
My journey so far has been wonderful with GCU. I don't feel that I would like to see anything change, everything is handled very well, from the questions I have to the major I have decided on. I have really enjoyed GCU thus far.
Grand Canyon university is great! The staff is so helpful! When I was applying for college, I was not too sure where to go. I had recently attended UNM, and I dropped out. The staff at GCU made me feel comfortable, and they are always a phone call away. They want what is best for us as students. I love going to college because of the environment!
I visited Grand Canyon University and everyone was so friendly and they all looked kind. The environment was a really happy one and I loved the tall buildings all around. I also loved the various places you can go to to study silently or with a group, there's a lot of space for anyone that wants to be in a lonely place. I also loved the underground bowling place, it was so cool! Especially because you can write on the walls!
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As far as academics are concerned, because I am a part of the College of Fine Arts and Production (which is reasonably small) I get more attention in class then most students in other colleges might. Our typical class size is around 10 students. I do feel that Grand Canyon is unfair in how much tuition and housing costs when they pay their professors next to nothing, but as a student, I feel my money has been well spent. The campus is clean. Party scene is clean and mostly focused around the sporting events, which are always "all out." Dorms are nicely sized. Food options are limited to mostly unhealthy choices, such as faux Asian food and chicken strips, unless you want to overspend on your meal plan for a freshly-made burrito, salad, or wrap. My biggest complaint is how much time and money they have been investing in housing when parking is practically non-existent as it is.
Grand Canyon University has a very awesome and friendly environment. GCU will try their VERY best to help you be successful. The campus is lively and has a lot of school spirit.
I haven't taken any classes on campus yet but I have taken 4 off campus thus far and I absolutely love the curriculum. While on campus though, I feel so happy. There is such a fantastic sense of community and trust. I love it.
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