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Committed to success of student. Each student has their own staff team for questions and assistance at the school. Online portal was taught thru a 3- day workshop so navigating is easy during class.
Currently working on a computer programming degree through their online program. I feel the online setup is great, much more focused on application projects rather than exams, however i feel that some of the teachers need to be more active in grading and giving feedback to the students, as each class is only 7 weeks, going 1-2 weeks without a grade or getting your questions answered can make things difficult.

Overall I would say overall great program, but feel some of the teachers need to be more involved in the class.
I went to GCU for my Freshman year and I liked it a lot. I met a lot of great friends there, the professors were all helpful and knowledgeable. My only complaint was that the area around the school was not the safest. Otherwise, it was a perfect school to go to. Plenty of sports and activities to attend or participate in.
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Great School! Building an awesome ice hockey program! Campus and students are amazing. Classes offered on campus or online.
I am completely blown away by the entire college experience so far at Grand Canyon University. As an adult student who has been out of school since 1980, they have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and prepare me to be successful. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to further their education.
I'm a freshman. I haven't had the college experience as yet. But I've heard great things about GCU I visited the campus. It's like none other very nice. The dorms are spacious and modern. I'm sure my first year will be grand.
I love the teachers at this school! They go above and beyond to make you feel like family. Campus life is amazing. There is always something going on to get you involved. However, I rated GCU 3 stars because the counseling and leadership faculty are poor. There is a huge lack of communication on the counseling and leadership end. I once was charged a $2000 fee because my counselor did not tell me about a paper I had to turn in. That brings me to my second grievance: GCU throws around fees like you grow money out of your ears. There are so many hidden and surprise fees, especially for the Nursing program. Despite this, i still love my school.
Grand Canyon is a private university, thus you are going to pay a higher tuition than other universities. They have a great education program, which is why I started there. After life got in the way of my original plans, I switched degrees to psychology.
I love this school because of the campus, fun atmosphere, and the opportunities around campus. I also love the suite style dorms. The professors are very hit or miss. I have had some absolutely amazing ones and some that were so bad I dropped the class and took a W. The rule says for dorms and apartments can be quite annoying as they can be quite strict and the RDs are sometimes very strict, think they are way better than you, and don't want to be there. The public Saftey officers are either the sweetest people on earth and honestly there for your safety or very grumpy and looking only to get you in trouble. The food on campus is good but you get sick of it quite quickly because there isn't too many different options. It is also kind of expensive food. The lopes Marta on campus are awesome for some variety but they are also semi over priced. It has its pros and cons but I definitely recommend this school and know many people in all four years and that have graduated that all love it.
Grand Canyon University is where students come to find their purpose. It possesses a sense of hope and wonder for newcomers and a world of experiences for those who have dug through the trenches that come with achieving a quality education. My teachers have been a beacon of hope, providing an exceptional education that will last me a lifetime. Their persistent dedication to education and shaping the minds of the future is incredible. On the other hand, the administration at GCU is dreadful. Other employees do not know their job descriptions let alone what they are paid to do. At GCU I have been harassed, abused, and threatened. My privacy has been violated, my identity has been stolen, and my life has been changed. Making the decision to go to GCU has shaped my life and has provided me with experiences that will stay with me forever. Overall, if I were to do this again, I would always make the decision to go to GCU because the education I am receiving is one in a million.
Grand Canyon University is an amazing accredited school! The student life is lively, the courses are rigorous, the staff/teachers are motivated, the dormitories are inviting, and the school spirit is seeping out of every crevasse and pore. Every walk of life is welcomed at this school, regardless of race, sex or religion, which gives every student a priceless sense of belonging. GCU is a place where thousands of people proudly can call their second home, which is a critical reason why I adore this school so much. The campus offers delicious dining options and easy-to-use meal plans. Additionally, the facilities and buildings at Grand Canyon are consistently being updated and renovated with new additions and better modifications being installed each year. There is always a lot of construction going on, which tends to be annoying, but is truly a good thing because it lets me know that our campus will become even better.
I will be attending GCU this fall. I was invited to the "Discover GCU" trip and loved it. While on campus I could totally see myself attending there. I felt safe and campus and I really enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. I really like the diversity on campus.
Everyone there including all the staff and students were very friendly. The professors wanted to help everyone succeed in their goals and dreams.
I am a true believer of if you want something you have to go for it. Closed mouths don't get fed. I have been going to GCU for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love the support I receive from my academic advisor and teachers. I know without a shadow of doubt that I can count on Kevin. If I have questions, or need anything he is readily available to assist. For me I understand that I am not the only student and that he can't call me every day or even every week BUT if I need to call him I can. I love this school. I've started and stopped school many times and this is the first time that I've had the support I need to get it done. I am so close I can taste it!!!! c/o 2018
Grand Canyon University make their students their number one priority. This is college offer students the best career choice. They treat their students with the up most respect.
The Campus has a strong community atmosphere and is all about serving the students. I love how God and studying the bible is incorporated into everything we do on campus. From basketball games to classes I never once didn't feel welcomed or not apart of the herd. Also, the food on campus is great!
GCU helped me to get what I wanted with my degree. The best part of GCU is the people that work there. Professors really care about the students. I really felt like my education was personalized.
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I chose Grand Canyon University due to the online convenience factor. I received my associates degree from a local college. Working full time and going to school was becoming over whelming. I like that I am about to graduate GCU feeling prepared to lead a classroom. I would like to have more communication with advisers and financial officers, especially due to the fact that I am not on campus.
Great teachers who care for student's and their success. There is an abundance of activities (intramural sports, clubs, college athletics, outdoor rec, art shows, music/theater, ministires) for students to get involved in and make lasting friendships with other students.
They are very helpful and walk you through the whole enrollment process . The admitions Councelor checked on me after I had my twins and even remembered their names after being out for a year.
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