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I have not yet started but the school took me on a tour of the university. I struggled in High School. I was faced with many challenges and as a result I ended with a low GPA Grand Canyon University is working with me so that I don't miss out on this opportunity. Going into my Junior year of High School I witnessed my very close friend fall to his death which turned my world upside down. I want to make my friend I lost proud and I want to be successful.
The atmosphere on campus is the best. People are beyond friendly and there's so much to do. Classes are great, give or take a few professor's. Get involved as much as you can, you won't regret it. If you're trying to avoid the freshmen 15 don't eat qdoba everyday! The school spirit is out of control so bring all your purple/white/silver gear and get ready to lope up!!
This is very great school , the staff and students will help with your journey from start to finish, I was discouraged about school at first but once I got to talking with my advisors and saw how they actively help you find ways to do things you think are impossible
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For me, I can tell you that my experience with Grand Canyon University is a dream come true. The people, enroll counselors as well as student advisory, they are there to help you find your purpose of whatever it may be. And whatever you do not understand that will assist you in any way possible. I can tell you that I am in my Senior year, which I will be completing my Bachelor degree by May 27, 2018. I am please and I will be graduating with all honors. I would recommend this school to anyone.
Grand Canyon has been an easy school to attend. The guidance it provides its students is exceptional. The online counseling program has been very informative and I feel it is getting me ready for my future career choice.
I absolutely love Grand Canyon University. The campus is a great community, the students and professors are friendly, and I have greatly enjoyed my time on this campus. It is a welcoming place and every student will enjoy this university.
I am completing my RN-BSN degree for nursing through Grand Canyon University Pheonix online. I really enjoy this program. The professors are extremely helpful and the students are even helpful as well. Everything is online and you work independently in your freetime. Sometimes there are group projects due but everything is explained before the course. I hesitantly went into the program wondering how I can work full time and go to school full time, but with this program it is possible. I really enjoy the classes and have learned alot. If I continue to get my masters, I would only want to complete it through Grand Canyon again since I have enjoyed that much. I can not say enough good things about the program. If I had to recommend one program to anyone, this would be it.
GCU is a very special school. It is in a very poor neighborhood, but you don't feel that way when you are on campus. Everything is clean, the campus is well protected, and the school spirit is electric. Amongst the huge diversity on this rapidly-expanding campus, the student life is amazing and never fails to get people plugged in and feel valued. There are plenty of ways to give back to the community, join various student-led organizations, or attend a thrilling sports event on home turf (not to mention the nursing program, which is top notch...seriously). This school shows much promise for the future. Just look at the amazing alumni that come out of this place!
I'm currently a student at GCU and have loved being here. The campus culture and academics pair very well together and you truly get the best of both worlds at this school. So far, all over my class assignments have been dealt with using an online classroom called LoudCloud which is unlike anything I have ever used before. This has eliminated the use of paper and has helped keep me very organized and up-to-date with all of my classes. There has also been a ton of things to do on campus. There are tons of clubs to get involved in and you can always find tons of people playing some sort of sport up until the campus lights get turned off. It's been great here so far and I'm looking forward to the rest of the year!
It was amazing. Being able to discuss topics pertaining to your major with others who just like you are busy individuals having to work and make a living but yet still want to obtain their degree for a better future. Also being able to get a hold of the professors by phone is another amazing thing as well.
Grand Canyon University is an open environment which is enjoyable and safe. Although there are some awkward moments between passing by and housing options the life there is pretty amazing.
I honestly love this college this is the most fun and interactive college that i have ever visited and i cant wait to further my knowledge here.
Just started my Masters program in May and so far I have been happy with the class schedule and my instructors.
The online programs offered at GCU are great. The instructors are very caring, take the time to help you understand the information, and provide great feedback on the assignments and discussions to help advance the learner's abilities.
Grand Canyon University is a wonderful college to attend. The dorm rooms are great, and the campus life is fantastic. GCU is a great college to attend because of their affordability and how they want the best from you and for you.
GCU is like no other school. Once you walk on campus you can immediately feel a change in the energy. although there is 10,000 students on campus it feels like one big family. Living on campus is really fun and it is easy to make friends because everyone is very down to earth and willing to go the extra mile. There is so much support for each student to succeed in school whether it is academically or spiritually. If a student is struggling in a class professors are always willing to help and we offer free tutoring for most classes in the learning lounge. Overall the school is amazing, the only reason I am giving it four stars instead of five is because getting a job on campus is really hard so i recommend going off campus if you are in need of a job.
My first year as a college freshman was unbelievable. This school offered so many activities to help meet new people as well as academics. They offer a lot of study sessions where you can seek help with homework and projects. As a sophomore in college now, I would like to see a lot more people being involved with more activities; overall, everyone is super nice and friendly.
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Grand Canyon University is a beautiful campus. I think they focus too much on the display of their university and not much on the academic part. There are some professors that do a poor job and don't really care much, but there are a handle full of good professors. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved and be a part of something. Overall it is a good experience.
I attended Grand Canyon from 2012 to 2015. I graduated with a degree in education. The classes were hands on, and for the most part, I had good professors. The academics were not very challenging, but I still feel like I learned what I needed to. I was able to get a job two months after graduating. Over all, good experience.
So far, I'm in love with GCU. Everyone, students/professors, are very friendly. Even the online classes are comforting. My instructors were actively involved with my work. They helped me whenever I needed assistance on my assignments.
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