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The Advisors are amazing, and so are the professors. I feel that the instructors are very knowledgeable and are very engaged with the students. The advisors are very helpful and are most often available for me to speak with.
Great support system to ensure a successful college experience! The counselors are there every step of the way. They work with each student to find an educational path that best fits them as a student. Their online programs are a great way to continue life while still moving on with my higher education.
I love grandcanyon university. They have good staffing. Adrian Stevens is the best. Thankyou for sharing my journey with me.
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Grand Canyon University has been a great school so far to complete my bachelor degree in elementary education. They offer the entire course online which is great because I am a full time employee who is just trying to further my career by gaining the next level of my degree and having a job makes it a bit difficult to complete courses on campus. They also were very thorough before I began classes making sure all of my questions were answered and making sure that I felt comfortable with the online classroom before my classes even started.
Grand Canyon is a super awesome place with tons of amazing people ready to help you with anything. One of my favorite things is that there is so many opportunities for anyone to get involved. If you're the athletic type but not fully committed, there's club sports or intramurals. If athletics aren't your cup of tea then there's loads of other options. Maybe your a gaming type, or like to go on awesome hikes. All of them are great ways to meet some of the amazing people at GCU.
GCU has a great campus environment and allows students plenty of opportunities to get involved with community, church groups, clubs and organizations, sports, and other students! The education is nationally recognized; notably, my personal experience is with the Colangelo College of Business. The college of business was founded by former Phoenix Suns General Manager, Jerry Colangelo.
Grand Canyon University gave me so many different options to succeed. There are no other things that I would change from my time at GCU. The only thing is I wish there was a football team.
I love my school. Going here was the best decision of my life. My guidance counselor is the best. I go to school online and even though its expensive it helps me out. What I would change about the school is the Sunday deadline for the assignments. If you work full time and have kids then this is the school for you. They'll work with you the best way that they can.
Grand Canyon University is completely diverse, not only in the population attending this school, but in the majors you are wanting to be in. I have gained so much knowledge from this school, from the amazing professors and doctors that I have learned from and also the club that I am in for my future career. Grand Canyon University is just expanding more and more every year, bringing in people of all intelligence of different backgrounds. Almost to graduation and I know that my future career as a veterinarian, would pay off from the knowledge I have obtained at GCU.
I love the school, the environment here is fantastic, it is my home away from home. I have made lots of beautiful friends which I hope to keep forever. There are always going to be ups and downs, but as for right now, everyone here is delightful and easy to talk to, and extremely helpful.
What I like about Grand Canyon Universaity is that they are willing to be there and help you out with anything. I love the program and how the online courses are set up. The nice and easy to understand.
It's a very nice campus, and people are kind, but they're online classes are not very well structured.
Short story: Their academics suck & they just want your money.
Long story: I got my BS in marketing at GCU. Overall, the only thing that made GCU worthwhile was the oncampus experience; their academics did not prepare me for a career.
A few years later, I decided to change careers and go into comp science. When I requested info from GCU, the admissions counselor told me I had to enroll now and, feeling pressured, I regretfully chose to go back to GCU.
Each class had major issues. I had a class where literally every student in the course reported the professor to their academic advisers and several of us contacted the dean (who never responded). Beyond academics, my student services counselor was not only unhelpful but a hindrance during my time at GCU.
I've since transferred and, trust me, there are way better options out there. You are going to spend a lot of money at school, spend it somewhere that's going to provide quality services and treat you like a person- not a cash cow.
You blew away great comments and my ratings below two times, when I reached 100 characters- Not nice! Sorry but I don't have time to retype a 3rd time.
A great school! It is a good opportunity for one to learn independently, and it is a great opportunity for one to learn at their own pace.
I love attending Grand Canyon University. The community this school fosters through student leadership, services provided, and caring staff cannot be matched. The atmosphere is welcoming and loving. I was nervous to be so far away from home, coming from Spokane, Washington, but attending Grand Canyon is the best decision I ever made. It is honestly hard not to get plugged in here. The only thing I wish they could improve is the healthy eating options on campus.
I just got accepted to the university, but they're very helpful with everything thus far. They walk you through all the processes of everything and are very quick with letting you know information about the schooling.
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The counselors are very helpful. Taking online classes is easy and hassle free. Christian based school with small graduate class sizes.
I enjoy Grand Canyon University's online degree program. The faculty and staff have made the process of higher learning simple to understand and the program is easy to follow. I am challenged by my courses and feel that I am receiving a quality education. I enjoy the Christian worldview that is part of the curriculum.
What I like about Grand Canyon University is that everyone there is very helpful and kind. There is a lot of student involvement whether that’s school events or working on campus. I like that the campus offers a lot of programs and extracurricular activities. The academics and sports are great! I love attending campus events. The best part about attending this University is that there are so many different people who love the Christian atmosphere here at GCU. It’s so easy to make new friends at life groups and bible study groups. Grand Canyon University offers a lot to students to help them succeed in their future.