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I spent 4 years at Grand Canyon University and I don't think I could have picked a better environment for myself the staff and faculty here at Grand canyon are extremely friendly and helpful. Here at Grand Canyon instructors really do care and they do everything possible to see you succeed. Along with that the class room sizes are small which I find to be beneficial because it allows the instructor to get to know the students
They take the time to help and offer a multitude of resources to insure your success but the most important is they are Christian Faith Based.
This is an evolving university that has various of majors, dorms, food and educational facilities located all throughout the campus. This brand new school has good sports teams and the tutoring survices that are offered at the student center are top notch and really do help individuals with their school work. The only downside, this university lacks a football team.
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My experience with the professors and academics at Grand Canyon University was very good. They are very knowledgeable on their subjects and provide very comprehensive lessons, materials, and assignments that promote better learning and understanding of a subject. The online portal that they have at GCU is by far one of the best that I have seen, and is very easy to use and do assignments through. The only thing that I would change about GCU is that they are not very understanding when it comes to housing issues. I had a terrible experience in my dorm, and had to deal with two of my roommates constantly fighting which led to a very hostile environment. When I asked to move rooms because it was making me very uncomfortable, my request was denied and we had to go through roommate counseling.
My experience with Grand Canyon university has been nothing but fantastic. One factor GCU is known for is its community, and everyone on campus is happy to be studying to do what they love and are passionate about, the faculty is amazingly helpful and understanding, and the school offers a ridiculous amount of extracurricular activities that make its students' time there enjoyable. The only complaint I have would be the construction that constantly goes on around numerous parts of the campus, but ultimately seeing the campus grow is worth it and displays that GCU's administration knows what they are doing. I personally cannot wait to go back for this new year of academics, and would highly recommend committing to going to this school!
I am very pleased that I am graduating with my degree. They worked with my schedule and the teachers are very compassionate. I would recommend this college to anyone.
My experience with Grand Canyon University has been amazing. The staff is great and they speak to you with courtesy and respect. I love it.
Being at GCU was one of the best college decisions that I could have ever made. The environment there is so fun and friendly. Staying on the campus makes you feel like you're a part if a family because there is always someone there to to help you in whatever, rather it be an administrator or just a peer.
My experience with GCU has been excellent. I am kept up to date on all deadlines that need to be met. My questions are answered in a timely and accurate fashion.
I love that they are a Christian university, and the instructors are very helpful towards their students.
GCU is a overall decent four year college. My main issue with GCU are the science classes, as they are assigned to irrelevant majors and expect way too much from the student. Despite being in a undesirable part of town, GCU has a pleasant campus and I have always felt safe within it.
I love it that they work around you. They keep in touch with to see how you are doing. I love how they offer online courses. They work around your shedule.
My experience at Grand Canyon University is great. I am doing an online program of study for my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. The application and enrollment process was easy and I received help from the school admissions counselors through every step. The faculty and staff are friendly and helpful and try to make every student feel included and capable of achieving in class. The students that I work with tend to be encouraging and help one another along in the learning process and throughout each course.
I am currently an online student at Grand Canyon University and my experience thus far has been absolutely amazing. The student portal is easy to navigate and the instructors are easy to communicate with. They respond rather quickly. Everyone from the student services counselor to the recruiter are there and willing to help. They made going back to school easy for me. The only thing I wish could be different is gaining access to course materials as soon as I am cleared for that class.
Counselors are great and always check on you to see how well everything is going in your current class. Instructors are great as well and helpful.
This college is great with their online courses. Communicating with counselors was easy at first but now it is hard to get a hold of anyone. It is also difficult to get information from the financial aid department.
Grand Canyon University has a lively and unifying campus life. There are countless activities to take part in and clubs to join in order to meet people with similar interests. It is small enough that you can have a close knit friend group but large enough that you still get the University experience. The classes are well structured and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of my professors. They are always available for extra help and will aid their students as much as they possibly can. The class sizes are small enough that you can develop a relationship with your professor. Overall a great campus life and class dynamic.
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GCU is a great university and I would recommend anyone to go here who is looking for a quality education where the professor, dorms and social life are dependable and far above average.
The classes are small which gives one on one time with teachers if needed. Faculty is invested in and cares for academic and overall wellbeing of students.
I love it, it is awesome. The professors and great and I can easily get answers if I have any. The classroom environment is friendly and every intellectual, we can have clean, fun debates on our belief in any discussion.
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