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I liked the diversity and the new dorms they have for the Freshman class. The class ratios are also around 19:1 making an intimate relationship with the teacher and the curriculum.
Just started great support from counselors and instructor only online graduate class.xxccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc
The campus is beautiful and the people there are very welcoming. I recently visited the campus for my second time, and afterward, I fully committed.
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Grand Canyon University is an excellent college which focuses on bettering the generations throughout the years by focusing on academics, faith and religion, being connected in a community, etc. All activities and sporting events are very lively and very fun to participate or watch.
Grand Canyon has facilitated learning in a way that I can complete assignments at home, go to work and school, and have amazing professors that care about their students' progress. The discussion posts create a welcoming community where we can learn from each other and give our own input based on academics, religion, work, and secular life experiences. I would change the counselors who notify students late regarding their FAFSA, courses, and graduation date.
GCU has a beautiful campus and the atmosphere (from the people/students) is very refreshing. GCU makes this city girl feel like she never left home.
Grand Canyon University is the place for you if you are interested in your entire education to be forced into the lens of Evangelical Christianity. My professors have been good for the most part, but as someone who is not a person of faith, it has been difficult to be forced to write papers and discussion questions from the Christian perspective.
I enjoy that Grand Canyon University is an online college. It gives me the opportunity to be home with my daughter and finish school at the same time. I do find that the staff do not respond to you right away. It is difficult to get in contact with administration.
ive only just started enrollment but the experience was awesome. the woman i spoke with very thoroughly answered all my queations and helped me get over my reservations
I moved to Arizona form South Dakota and I absolutely love it here. GCU has an amazing sense of community and everyone here is so nice and friendly. I have easily gotten connected into the extracurriculars and all of my professors are great and helpful. Lope for Life!
What I like about GCU is, the love that have for teaching and helping us students out to understand what’s being taught.
I'm an online student dual enrolling. The process is easy and I did it through my high school. This is easy for students to receive college credit! The teachers are knowledgeable in their field.
Grand Canyon is a wonderful Christian college. The faculty there are always very attentive and there to help. They provide many oppurtunies for the students and have a good sports team. I would recommend the school to those who are new to college and non traditional students
It took awhile for me to be cleared to start, but once I was cleared, I had all the help and resources I needed to start classes and understand the online classroom for GCU.
The teachers are great but the long amount of time it takes to get to talk to an advisor and get class schedules and other stuff worked out is horrible
GCU is an amazing school! Everyone here is so nice and the teachers and students are so willing to help in everyday! I would highly suggest to go to GCU to find your purpose
I can’t say enough great things about Grand Canyon University. They really care about the students well being and what it takes to build a successful student. I have had nothing but great experiences with my professors, counselors and advisors. The academics are amazing and the integrated programs are top notch. As of right now there is nothing I would change about my school. I can’t wait to continue through my journey to gain my bachelors degree.
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Grand Canyon University is a beautiful campus. There are many activities to do on and off campus. The people that attend the university are really nice and welcoming and they have the best food!
The professors are extremely friendly and are always there for you whenever you need assistant! They make break down assignments and make easier to complete, plus the school is expanding!
I have had a wonderful experience at GCU. The Instructors are awesome, the university is huge and has everything a student could want in a school. For instance, eating places, arena, gym, dorms, and their own Chapel to Praise and Worship, also the list goes on... I have learned so much at this university, and am planning to make use of all the knowledge learned in the future! Thank you! Diane :)
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