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This school is full of joy and positivity. The campus is a wonderful place to live with tons of opportunities to get involved and build relationships.
I am in my first year at Grand Canyon University (GCU). I am in the online Masters of Christian Counseling in Addictive Disorders program. I am very impressed with GCU and what they stand for - christian values and a strong desire for students to succeed. I have an excellent enrollment specialist who goes the extra mile to make sure all my questions are answered. He spent alot of time showing me how the online system works for my classes. I have a superb instructor in my class. She is so helpful and calls me right back when I have a question to ask her.

I see why GCU is highly accredited. Students are so valued. A faith-based college such as GCU with its values first most to love God and love others really shines through. This will give me a wonderful Christian education. I will apply these learned values and pass them on to people suffering with addiction.

So far I see no negative things relating to the college.

I do rate GCU extremely high.
I applied to GCU About a month ago. For years I yearned to further my education, but had a severe complex about reaching out and asking for the information I needed about attending college. I would request info. Online for various schools and when I would receive a call back, I would freeze up and not answer the phone. GCU has been wonderful to me from the beginning. When I spoke to my enrollment councelor, I knew this was the right option for me and my lifestyle.
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GCU has a diverse community with a welcoming atmosphere. They keep a Christian-based learning environment and strive to provide students with all that they need to succeed.
I LOVE Grand Canyon! I am currently a transfer student here and this is my first year and I am so glad that I chose to come here to finish my college education. All the professors are more that willing to help students out no matter what the issue is and that is one why I love it here. All the students are like a family and look out for each other. I would 10 out of 10 recommend GCU to any one that is looking for a school to go to.
Grand Canyon University goes above and beyond to provide an exciting experience at college while neglecting basic student needs.
I have had an amazing experience with Grand Canyon University so far. The academic counselors and professors are extremely helpful and hardworking and the atmosphere is great. There is an immense amount of school spirit and student pride at GCU. The only change I would enjoy seeing from GCU is starting a football team.
The first time I stepped foot at GCU, I felt so at peace. It was my first time away from my family for college and at no time did I get the urge to go back home. GCU was my new home away from home. Thunderground is the best place on campus!
I have been contemplating going back to school for a few years now. My best friend graduated with her masters degree from GCU in April of 2017 , I was able to visit the campus then. My past experience with colleges has been horrible. However with GCU I had a local representative talking to me within a month. He sat down with me in person and explained to process to me. I start classes in May 2018 at GCU and it has only been 1 month since I made the decision to go back to school.
My experience has exceeded my expectations. The staff has worked diligently over the last few weeks to help me make the right education decision.
Great online program. Everyone is very helpful and dedicated to your success as a student. Your program is tracked closely and carefully. Advisers and instructors are very helpful and will work with you to ensure your success.
Grand Canyon University is a wonderful university however, their admissions counselors need to become more informed on what is required for financial aid with the entire process. The food prices are high but, the food choices are pretty good especially for a college campus. When you are student all the games are free but, the basketball and soccer games you have to enter your credit card information. Overall, my experience has been positive except with the issue on financial aid.
The application and admission process was smooth and expedient. I was assigned both an academic and financial counselor. These individuals assisted me in ensuring all requirements for admission were met. They contacted me by phone or e-mail in a timely manner to notify me of needed information or to answer my questions. There seemed to be an urgency on the part of the counselors to get the appropriate information in place and have me commit to a start date as soon as my file was completed.
The professors and faculty at GCU are motivated to help students succeed whether it be on campus or through the online programs. I could not have picked a better place to pursue my graduate studies while also being able to embody my Christian faith!
What I liked about visiting Grand Canyon University is the atmosphere of the campus. The students and the facility seem as if they actually want to be at the place they are at. The dorms look really nice and they make you feel at home.
Grand Canyon University is a beautiful and sunny campus with a great first year experience. It is a Christian belief based university however they make it clear that they are accepting of everyones beliefs and religions and just use the Christian values with their teachers, faculty, staff, and students. The campus is not located in a very nice neighbor hood for one reason, they want to use the school and loving students to help make the area a better place with local outreach programs. The teachers are all amazing and kind people and the class sizes are perfect for actual learning and growth. The community as a whole is great and the university will go out of it's way to get people involved and make sure they are doing alright. I have had a great first year experience and met some of the best people that make me into a better person as well.
The student body is great. The atmosphere around campus is very welcoming and all the events are made for the students enjoyment. Haven’t had any issues yet.
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There are some positives about the school like the campus, ability to meet new friends, and some professors that care about you as an individual. Mostly though the school is just trying to make as much money as they can and a lot of services are abandoned because of that (parking, dining, housing, career services). There has been almost no effort put into developing the courses and most of the professors are adjuncts with a very high turnover rate. It is virtually impossible to reach the Academic Counselors and they often make mistakes with financial aid, schedule, grades. There is no party scene and dorm rules are absolutely ridiculous creating other issues in the process. I have seen so many individuals who during their time at GCU have completely changed their opinion about it and are very happy to leave. Since I got to work in multiple departments, I understand what the school is all about and how their greed and bureaucratic structure will be their ultimate downfall.
I love the pace. The work load is demanding but not overwhelming. The counselors and advisers are there to assist you every step of the way. Instructors are accessible and approachable. GCU made my anxiety regarding returning to school completely disappear.
Grand Canyon University is an amazing campus with amazing staff. The advisors and professors have your best interest at heart and want to see you succeed in your selected field. They are willing to help in anyway they can. This campus and staff is here to help you find your purpose and will encourage you to grow and find who you are and what you are meant to do.
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