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wonderful HBCU where everybody is somebody. Very diverse. Excellent professors. Students are generally nice/accepting. Good tutoring programs. Great extracurricular activities
I think Grambling is on the right path to returning to their exemplary form. However, there is still much work to do in academics, student affairs and financing. Grambling has a great president but needs more people in leadership authority who can help bring the vision to light. It may help to recruit Grambling Alumni who have experienced and know what the school needs, exactly. I hope to be apart of that team one day. Grambling is a family school, full of legacy's, old and new. It's history supercedes what it is now, in regards to what it should and could be for years to come.

Ciara Owens
Class of #2011
Grambling State University is a great College if you are looking for a family feel. They take you in and treat you like one of their own. I love my crazy college #gramfam for life
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this school is nice, and offers a lot of opportunities. I really see myself going here. the dorm rooms look great, they have a great department revolving around each of my favorite interest, and the campus is nice. no one is a nobody there.
Grambling is an HBCU and an overall great place to study. It has a very active social climate. The school is very supportive of it’s football team and marching band, and there are numerous student organizations that organize student activities. The lecturers make it really easy to learn, and they are super kind. My favorite thing about Grambling is that there is always somone/ organization there to help. There is a career services office that helps with everything career related; from building your resume to assisting with finding internships, to mock interviews ! The area around the university is practically dead. There is nothing to do outside the school. The nearest grocery store is 15 mins (drive) away. This works to your advantage because it makes the environment more conducive to learning . Otherwise, there is a police station, church and fast food express on campus. I would recommend Grambling to anyone who is serious about learning.
After visiting about 6 other Colleges (four being HBCU's), I went on a campus tour of Grambling State University and absolutely fell in love. I started off my tour in the Eddie G. Robinson Museum and got to learn about Grambling's history. I then got to take a walk on the campus viewing all the beautiful historical buildings while learning more about what they have to offer. The feeling I received while being on campus was very welcoming, making me feel at home. The thing that absolutely sold me were the dorms. Unlike other campuses where rooms are so confined, at Grambling, there is room to breath and be comfortable with a range of dorm styles. Overall my experience was wonderful and I look forward to attending.
i loved touring the campus and seeing the beautiful scenery and really amazing students, they all seemed happy and outgoing and i would really like to be apart of that
Grambling is defiantly a place where everybody is somebody! Some cosmetic issues are visible but Grambling is a great place to attend college.
Very nice campus! The food is good. The staff is very helpful. Not much around the campus by way of businesses. But Good learning environment.
The one thing I liked the most about being at Grambling is that everyone is one big family. Everyone is so friendly, if you get lost or have any questions about anything there is always someone to help you.
Coming to Grambling State was the best choice I could ever make. They truly make you feel at home and proud to be apart of gramfam.
From day one, I had nothing but problems with Grambling. The school is outdated and stuck in their way. They care more about the football team then they do actual academics, grades aren't at all important. The teachers never do what they are supposed to but can lie and get away with anything. People are always fighting and yelling. People just go there to party. Going to this ghetto school is a waste of money.
My first year at Grambling was a amazing year. The campus life was great to. There was a lot of activities going on that you never got bored. The professors there were great to me in helping that I got all the work I needed because I was gone for baseball. The baseball season the most exciting part of the school year. I can't wait for next season. This year we were the western division champs and next year I hope to be the SWAC champions. The only thing I think they need to do is upgrade all their facilities and the campus will be a great environment.
My experience at Grambling State University was wonderful. Everybody there is like family. Getting to meet new people there is the best thing because everyone is friendly and we always have stuff going on so we can meet new people. Everything there is fine, the buildings are okay and the only thing that I would change is the road work. The roads are really bad there but when the Spring semester was over, they were working on the road and fixing most of them. They redid our basketball cage on our campus and they are redoing our football stadium as of now.
Grambling State University is a prestigious University where everybody is somebody. Students that attend this University always leave with the knowledge they need to excel. I recommend Grambling State University because it just feels like home!
Grambling State University is a Historically Black University that allows students to achieve academic excellence as well as celebrate African American culture and pride. This university offers many diverse fields of study to a number of students with differing interests. Students are taught in a relatively personal educational environment in order to allow for academic achievement.
They are behind in a lot of areas such as technology, their facilities, staff, advisement and the registration process. They focus too much on football and the band and neglect to put emphasis on the money they put towards academics and their honor students. They do not have many places to accommodate the students needs and over charge for things on campus. Their Financial Aid and advisement is terrible, there are just too many staff members that do not want to do their job and it makes it hard on the students who are trying to get their education. Overall it was not "the HBCU experience" I expected. You spend too much money to attend college in general and to not receive what you deserve out of a college is rediculous.
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My freshman year at Grambling State overall was pretty good. Grambling is a school where just you have to make the best out of it.
I have had a wonderful experience at Grambling so far. The perofessors make sure that you get a well taught lesson and they want the best for their students. The campus is always full of people enjoying themselves and having a good time.
Grambling State University is a great campus to study on because they really do live up to their motto: Where Everybody Is Somebody. The school offers plenty of opportunities for their students to achieve and build themselves up for success post college graduation. They also have plenty of social organizations around campus for the students to get involved in. I has a unique culture that makes everyone within the campus feel at home. The school could add some variety to the meal plans I will say. Its also important to pick your math and science professors wisely. The Mathematics and Science department are filled with foreigners which make it very hard for the students to understand the professors during lectures.
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