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The school's social activity is great people are kind and inviting as well as interesting and everyone has very different backgrounds. The students are not the problem at all but the school's office staff. it is extremely hard and time consuming to fulfill needed paper work. the office staff is not organized and often is hard to contact. In order to the the things that you NEED done for registration you have to nag and do pop ups repeatedly. There is an overwhelming amount of stress that you have do deal with as far as the office staff go. Also the building and school services such as wifi, and computer labs. are very behind But other than that the school is great, teachers are caring and students have a plethora of activities to do and people to meet.
The professors and students are very welcoming and the school is very diverse. However the food at the cafeteria can be improved greatly.
Grambling is what you make it. There are teachers that are going to go above and beyond to help you while others are going to expect you get your life together on your own. Find a good support system. Make good friends and stay away from the fake ones, they are everywhere. Go to class and study and you can do great here.
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What I like about Grambling State University is that all the staff members in all departments are willing to help each students with there registrations. Everybody in Grambling is somebody and they make you feel that way. There nothing I feel they need to change. This university is a great university to attend.
My experience at Grambling State University has been absolutely amazing. I've met the most amazing people and the professors are great as well. Attending Grambling State University is one of the greatest decisions I've made so far. There are many great academic programs to become a part of as well as great athletics programs. There's even a place for counseling on campus for students who need someone to talk to. Grambling State University is an HBCU but everyone who attends is very diverse and come from many different backgrounds. Every since I became a student at Grambling State University I feel as if I became a better person because I was surrounded by so many great people.
Being a current student at Grambling State University is one of the best choice I could've ever made in my life. The professors are always willing to give extra help along with the tutoring sessions that is offered. The student life has greatly impacted my life as far as networking. GSU really is a place where everybody is somebody!
Grambling state university is a wonderful college, all the activities are awesome. Many Extra curricular activities, the professors are nice and hard working it's a really great school
I love the atmosphere of being in a HBCU. I grew in the Bay Area, California, where there is tones of diversity, but minorities are often poverty stricken. I love to be around thriving minorities. It gives me hope.
I love that it was diverse and they take care of they own.i love how the dorms are and how that it was fun and people come back even when graduate. I love the food and the different event around campus . My teacher are very helpful and they were nice and cool . Grambling hell they alumni and they help with student jobs and they help with all kinds of things. I love the parties and the homecomjng and different events and even I like spring fest and things.
I am junior at the Grambling State University college located in Grambling, Louisiana. What I love about Grambling, besides it being a HBCU, is that everyone is like family. I was welcomed into the Grambling family in 2016. Grambling falculty and staff help with you when you are down in need and even when you just need someone to talk too. Grambling gave me a chance to better life and love everything they have done to me.
Things that I would love to see change or grow in the Grambling community is the donation to all the sports and broadcasting. We are known for our football team and world fame tiger marching band, however; in the sports industry, being a kinesiology major, I would love for that energy to spread all over our athletics as much as it does for football.
My experience at Grambling as been amazing. I love the fact that everyone is a big family. I would change how some of the professors do not put in grades until it is time for midterms or finals. I feel they should be in before that.
The atmosphere is simply amazing. I love my hbcu! Grambling State University has changed my life completely and I can’t wait to finish & officially become an alumnus of THE Grambling State University.
This was a very interesting experience for me. I am a white student and Grambling is a HBCU so that was a big change for me. The students and teachers were really opening and didn't judge me for being a white student.
Grambling State University is a very closely-knit, family-oriented school. Everyone cares for and looks out for one another. I have learned and achieved so much during my time here. I have become a part of several organizations and made friendships that will last a lifetime. The faculty and staff have big hearts, and we all want nothing more than for our university to continue to prosper. Most of my family attended and graduated from Grambling, so it had been familiar to me my entire life. I am very grateful for my experience here and would absolutely recommend the school to others.
Grambling state university where everybody is somebody and believing is achieving. Students success is the number one priority on Gramblings campus. I’ve had nothing but the best experience while attending Grambling state university.
Grambling State University is a wonderful environment for aspiring individuals to grow in many different fields of interest. The institutions faculty and staff are outstanding and interested in the success of their constituents.
Quality of people who attend Grambling and the local area of Ruston. Great southern charm. People are friendly, Ruston is a peaceful town of about 30,000 people located 3 miles from the GSU campus. Has great food, affordable entertainment for the college scene, and is a beautiful area with trees, lakes, and outdoor rec available. This has been my favorite college campus I've visited in the south and would highly recommend it to any student wanting an affordable education. Its not a Harvard high priced get in debt University, but its good enough to get a degree and attain job opportunities for your future.
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I love Grambling State University's academics , professors, student life, party scene, athletics , and dorm life. Campus wide the university has some working on when it comes to campus safety.
Grambling was the best experience ever for me it taught me how to be a man and a educator the classes we easy and fun there were time I was homesick but the student Life kept me going cause their were thing that kept me busy there was alot of partying but through it all I would do it all over again
Grambling State has come along ways in the past few years for improvements under former Louisiana Senator, now GSU President Rick Gallot. President Gallot was just voted one of the national college top University Presidents and is very deserving. Turning around academics at GSU, getting state approval for a thirty million dollar library now underway, a new student rec center that begins construction this month while adding new tech degrees at GSU and overseas an enrollment surge of over 6 percent going on three years in a row now. GSU has finally become a quality University to attend again for education reasons, and for having a sense of school pride and optimism amongst the student body.
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