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the environment at the school is relaxing and quiet as the area is a bit secluded and away from the city. i must say the security service is exceptionally good and teachers play a keen role in assisting their students throughout the semester.
Grambling "Is the place where Everybody is Somebody". The environment is great and the teachers are really there to help you. If you're a minority, especially black, then this is the school for you! The teachers actually take the time out of their busy schedule to have hands on in helping you with whatever you may need. Over 90% of the students that attend graduate and then not only get jobs, but careers. The whole purpose of college is to graduate and do something in the field that you love. The President is really nice and down to earth. All in all, it's a great environment and I wish more people would attend.
I really love that its small, because you can be able to meet new people that you never meet before. It really will force you to meet different types of people.
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Grambling is a very great college. It’s great academically as well as the environment. Although I would like to see some things change. Overall it’s a university I wouldn’t second guess!
My experience at Grambling has been wonderful. This is my first Historical Black College/University and the experience has been amazing. The staff and students has been very welcoming. Also the staff is always available for assistance. The campus size is not to big but also not too small. The community as a whole feels like a family. The encouragement is impeccable. I would suggest anyone to attend. I love it here
This is my first year here and I didn’t know what to expect. However now I believe that Grambling State University is the best HBCU there is. I feel comfortable being here and everyone here is very nice. The professors are nice and they are willing to work with us if we need. The only thing I wish is that our stadium was a little bigger. And that they would blacktop all the roads to the university.
They genuinely care about you and your success at the school and after graduation. They believe your success is their success.
Grambling students are in for an experience. With 24/7 cafe hours, students often find themselves waiting for the employees to bring out food that has no flavor. Academics are sub-par. Student life is what you make it. Being on such a small campus, there is plenty of time to balance school work and parties.
What I love about Grambling is that their hospitality is amazing. They have amazing parties, they also have good food but the lines be too long to something that your waiting to get.
Grambling definitely makes each individual feel important. The campus is very interactive. The 24 hr cafe is wonderful. The campus police need to spend less time conversing with students and need to stay off of social media while on duty. The party scene is cool for the most part. The professors arent all that so if you want a good academic experience register as early as possible.
Love Grambling. Humble people who care about their university. Great part of Louisiana to live in with Ruston just two exits away (3 miles) has restaurants, theaters, gorgeous lakes, parks, and entertainment. 20,000 college students live within a 6 mile radius of GSU between Tech and Grambling. I'm a minority here (white) but the people are nice and usually smile and ask how I like it. So far so good. Its what you make of it. President Gallot, the best leader ever. He is single handedly turning this University around.
Grambling State University is a very good hbcu.the atmosphere is so surreal there on campus.i met a lot of great people and intelligent people on campus.I do still currently go there as we speak so I have a lot more experiences to go trough this semester but as far has I seen it’s been great so far and I love to call that place my second home. academic wise the is ok not the best but you have to pick the right professors and the right courses to suite to be successful just can’t go there and not now what’s going on etc.even know I did praise grambling campus life and all, still be careful who you call your friends there because not everybody is in favor of your best interest
Grambling is very family-oriented there is literally something for everybody so nobody ever feels left out. They are dedicated to your success and making sure that you are comfortable with campus life and your studies.
I love that Grambling State University is a place where everybody is somebody! Everyone is given chances to improve themselves & make something better out of it. I would like to see sororities and fraternities change, every 2 years should be whenever students should be allowed to join.
My experience with Grambling State University has been good, however it could've been better. One thing i would change about Grambling is the communication with the faculty and staff. Its almost impossible to get anyone on the phone or to answer your emails when you're having a problem. Our advisors are hard to get in contact with as well as the professors.
As an incoming freshmen I have visited GSU at least 4 times on high school visits and meeting with Alumni and students. The environment and community is amazing and I was immediately drawn to the campus from my very first visit.
I loved the school sprit and pride the HBCU had. The positive point of view and energy that students, along with teachers had was really encouraging. They acknowledge all their students, and don’t tend to “neglect” another students personal or academic needs based off that person’s financial stability at that moment.
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I like Grambling State because the Professors there they seem to care about their students and I really like to earn a scholarship so I can pay for college
Grambling state University is such a welcoming campus. The People greet you with smiles and don't shy you away with any questions or concerns you approach them with. The campus is beautiful and the environment seems very adaptive.
Grambling is a wonderful HBCU there are so many activities and opportunities. No one is left out. At Grambling it truly feels like home. The professors really care about their students and want to see the best from them.
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